Big Luxury Watch With Classic Design And Fashion Elements

Trends are changing rapidly, even if the wardrobe is so colorful, every day people get up and still have a headache about which one to wear, which is an unsolvable problem. Today, why not change your perspective on fashion-pick a fashion watch and let it bring out your unique personality and extraordinary taste. Today, on the basis of continuing the classic design style, many international big names have played fashion cards. Fashion elements such as colored diamonds, leopard prints, and even graffiti in Europe and the United States have come together to strike a bright spark.

Franck Muller Sakura watch
Symbolizes the fleeting beauty of the cherry blossoms, which has given poets and painters unlimited creative inspiration for centuries. The spring of cherry blossoms every year is not only the season expected by the Japanese, but the enthusiasm for the cherry trees has spread to all over the world. Franck Muller inspired watch creation with this theme. The rectangular case is covered with black and the whole is inlaid with black diamonds. This mysterious design is extremely exquisite. Ivory scales and hands contrast the black appearance, with transparent enamel coating and cherry and cherry blossom patterns at 6 o’clock as decoration. Wearing such a stylish watch, you will surely become the focus of everyone.

MILUS Merea Three Seconds Hollowback Jewellery Watch
The three-second hand jump-back function is a good play of Milex. It is commendable that after the modification of ETA2892, a set of jump-back modules was added in the middle of the movement, which is a completely self-developed system. Generally, similar functions do not allow the jumping hand to move clockwise. To achieve this visual balance, winding springs are connected under the three seconds hands and driven by a special gear. In addition, it is very fun to watch the pointer dial back for a moment. The three jumping seconds hands point to 6, 10, and 2 o’clock, and each step starts at 6 o’clock for 20 seconds. Each second hand is connected smoothly. If the connection is delayed during this process, the travel time will be greatly affected. As the brand pays more attention to women’s styles, various decorative techniques are interspersed among them. Set with black and white diamonds from the dial to the lugs, the cumulative weight of 1.3 carats, this exaggerated setting is dazzling. The hollowed-out dial can be seen by hand-carved plywood, which contrasts with the natural color of the shell. The strap uses black pearl fish skin, and the special texture feels comfortable. The most important thing is that even if you wear it for a long time, you can’t see the wrinkles on the strap. This watch has a name related to the constellation. The name Merea is derived from the whale, and women who like to play are worth trying.

Kunlun: Bubble Royal Flush
Holding a flush flush composed of big cards, he is invincible at all times. Kunlun’s heart-shaped flush flush Bubble Royal Flush watch symbolizes the player’s love of playing cards. The chic arched sapphire crystal surface brings this invincible luck to the wearer, expecting players to be invincible on the table and attackable. The currency symbol on the big three-pin balance hammer reminds the player of the purpose of this thing. Polished stainless steel case, specially designed to reduce reflections to keep the brand on hand. The watch has a stainless steel case with an automatic movement. If there is only one winner, I believe it is the Bubble Royal Flush watch!

Aunt Chanel: White J12 Ceramic Watch
With the pursuit of precision high-tech watchmaking technology, Chanel is also integrating fashion elements into professional sports watches. As far as appearance is concerned, the smooth surface of ceramics is comfortable and comfortable, and can withstand the friction of hard materials even during sports. It is the most suitable fashion watch for sports. The case, 48 watch sections and butterfly clasp are made of scratch-resistant white high-tech precision ceramics. The watchmaker added white pigment particles to the original high-tech precision ceramics, showing a milky gloss, just like polar white. The raised white panel glows with pearl, making it more pure and flawless. It is difficult to define whether the J12 watch is the most beautiful timepiece in fashion? Or is it the most fashionable work in timepieces?

Chinese Culture Four ‘dragon’ Tables In Different Times

Dragon, as an ancient cultural totem with a history of 5,000 years in China, as the head of all beasts in ancient legends, and as a symbol of Chinese emperors, it is highly condensed by the strong people of the Chinese people. spirit. Dragon Totem is also one of the typical Chinese elements that are popular in the fashion industry. It catches up with this year’s auspicious Dragon Year and takes stock of the most distinguished ‘Dragon’ watches of different eras.
Tatar people say that imagination is the most terrible, it has no bounds and no boundaries. For example, there are no dragons in this world, and there are many people portrayed. The imagination gives it an amazing image and legend, so it becomes a fairy in the word, and everyone would rather trust it.
Hublot China Dragon Watch
The dragon is an ancient cultural totem with a history of 5,000 years in China. It is the head of all beasts in ancient legends and spirits. It is a symbol of Chinese emperors and embodies the strong national spirit of the Chinese people.
Pocket watch decorated with western dragon
龙 In ancient Chinese legends, the dragon is the meaning of 褒. The dragon is an auspicious and magical animal that is said to be able to rain and punish demons and monsters. In feudal society, the dragon is a symbol of the emperor, such as ‘True Dragon Emperor’, ‘Dragon Robe’, ‘Dragon Bed’ and so on. There are many Chinese idioms for ‘dragon’, such as ‘Dragon and Phoenix Dance’, ‘Dragon and Phoenix Show Cheung’, ‘Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger’, ‘Drawing the Finish of the Dragon’, ‘Living Dragons and Living Tigers’, and ‘Climbing Dragons and Phoenixes’. The descendants of Yan Huang proudly called themselves ‘the heirs of the dragon.’
Dior Ulan Bator Fantasia in Paradise Fantasia Series
Chinese and Western cultures are very different. Westerners’ associations and views on the ‘dragon’ are completely different from the Chinese. ‘Dragon’ is a derogatory word in the West and a symbol of evil. English words with dragon: the Old Dragon Satan, the devil; dragonish dragon-like, fierce, and harsh; Sow dragon’s teeth sow seeds of discord or destruction. In Western mythology, dragon is a scary demon. In the biblical story, dragon is the embodiment of evil. Satan, the demon who opposes God, is called the ‘big dragon.’ The saints of Christ also take pride in killing dragons.
Cartier Dragon Watch
Nine Dragons culture also extends to the field of watches and clocks. More than 3,000 years ago, our ancestors first invented the two kinds of timers, the ‘Turkwey’ and the ‘Japanese rule’, made of earth and stone, and became one of the earliest countries in the world to invent timers. Slowly, the timer slowly followed the influx of European horological culture. Not only was it a timing machine, it also became a work of art that the royals were competing to collect. The first foreign clock in history was shipped to China in 1582 and dedicated to Governor Chen Rui on December 27 of the same year. In 1601, Father Matteo came to China and paid tribute to an iron bell with a driving pendant. The Chinese emperor has always been called the Tianlong alive, a thing that the royal family loves. It is inevitable to decorate the dragon pattern to express its rights and wealth. There are also many foreign clocks that are specifically targeted at the Asian market, especially those with enamel art and carving art with dragon patterns created to pay tribute to China. Since then, it can be seen that the decorative culture of dragon patterns on clocks has a long history.

Mature And Refined, Showing German Style

The three watches exhibited at the Baselworld 2012 are classics that combine technology and art perfectly. PanoReserve interprets the perfect combination of maturity and refinement. The dial is asymmetrical. The red gold model uses a silver dial, a larger case and a fine bezel, which highlights the true essence of perfect art. The hour and minute hands are off-center, and the red-gold hands, hour markers, and small seconds dial are carefully deployed.

   Just below the four o’clock on the warm silver dial is Glashütte’s unique large date display. The elegant power reserve indicator on the dial has also attracted the attention of countless connoisseurs. Glashütte’s large date and power reserve are marked in German, which subtly reflects Glashütte’s superb watchmaking craftsmanship, and is truly a successor of the Saxon factory with a history of more than 165 years.

   Both PanoReserve watches have a polished and striped stainless steel case for a new visual effect.
   One of them uses a warm silver dial with the hour scale in the hour / minute dial, a large date display with white text on a black background, and a power reserve display area with blue steel hands.
Another stainless steel model is equipped with a gray ruthenium dial, white gold hands, nickel hour markers, and a large date display on a gray background with white letters under the power reserve display.

   The center of PanoReserve is decorated with 48 jewels, manually wound movement 65-01, and a power reserve of 42 hours. Opening the sapphire crystal case, it is striking the double gooseneck fine-tuned movement, hand-engraved balance plate and threaded balance.
   Three-quarters cleats with traditional Glashütte threads are engraved with threaded gold sleeves and blue screws. The new PanoReserve comes with a black or brown Louisiana alligator leather strap; colors and decorations vary.

Rado True Radiance Phospho Watch Won The 2018 Good Design Award

(Switzerland Linno-2018) A few days ago, Swiss watch brand RADO won the second award of this year, which once again proved the brand’s leading position in the design field. This time, the brand won the coveted 2018 Australian Good Design Award for many brands with its True Phospho watch. This watch was jointly created by RADO and Swiss design studio Big-Game. A creative pin.

RADO Swiss Radar True Phospho watch wins 2018 Good Design Award

   In the competition of product design category, RADO True Rhodium Phospho watch has undergone rigorous evaluation in terms of design, innovation and influence.

   RADO Swiss Radar classic series True True series is made of the brand’s signature material high-tech ceramics, this material has made RADO Swiss Radar famous. RADO collaborates with six well-known international designers, with the theme of lightness and simplicity, to inject their personal vision into this popular collection. The design concept of the True Phospho luminous watch launched by RADO and Swiss design studio Big-Game is focused on simplifying complexity.

RADO Swiss Radar True Series Phospho Luminous Watch
   This award-winning watch, the RADO True Series Phospho luminous watch, uses a 40mm black matte high-tech ceramic case, which complements the bracelet design style, highlighting the minimalist style with distinctive brand characteristics. The black copper dial is perforated to show a hollowed-out effect, allowing the high-quality movement below it to release its dazzling charm. It is a modern interpretation of the traditional hollowed-out watch design. The perforation treatment also makes it possible to use the watch’s luminous scale. The gap is filled with Super-LumiNova luminous material, which creates a charming geometric outline. In addition, the hour and minute hands are embellished with Super-LumiNova, while the second hand is completely covered with Super-LumiNova.

    This watch is limited to 1,003 pieces, of which 1,000 are sold to consumers, while the other three are collected by three Big-Game designers.

   ‘RADO is proud to partner with Big-Game and win the prestigious Australian Good Design Award for its True Phospho watch. We are committed to doing our best to provide high-quality design, this time We are proud that our watches have won another important international award, ‘said Mr. Matthias Breschan, RADO Global CEO.
RADO Swiss Radar True Series Phospho Luminous Watch

Model 734.0101.3.019

Movement: 11 ½ ETA C07.631, automatic mechanical movement, 25 stone, 3 needles, power reserve up to 80 hours
Oscillating weight coated with Super-LumiNova
Case: black matte high-tech ceramic material, one-piece case
Sandblasted black PVD-coated titanium case back with sapphire glass and black dot metal treatment
Black matte high-tech ceramic crown
Double-sided anti-glare curved sapphire glass
Water resistance 5 bar (50 m)
Special engraving on the caseback: LIMITED EDITION BY BIG-GAME ONE OUT OF 1003 (BIG-GAME design works limited to 1003 pieces)
Dial: black matte, perforated design, Super-LumiNova
Black Matt Dial
Swingable anchor-shaped logo with Super-LumiNova luminous coating
‘Rado’ and ‘Automatic’ logos coated with Super-LumiNova
Hands: black matte with Super-LumiNova
Black Matte Seconds with Super-LumiNova
Bracelet: Three-row black matte high-tech ceramic
Titanium Tri-Fold Clasp
Case size: 40.1 x 47.3 x 10.5 (width x length x height unit: mm)

Blancpain Repurchases A Watch Owned By Marilyn Monroe For $ 225,000

Blancpain repurchased a Blancpain watch that Marilyn Monroe once owned for $ 225,000 and brought it back to Switzerland, its country of origin.

   From November 19th to 20th, 2016, Julian Auctions auctioned a number of personal and commemorative items related to Marilyn Monroe in Los Angeles, including this Art Deco diamond watch.

   According to the auction catalogue, the watch’s platinum case is engraved with ‘KO 900 Plat 100 Irid’ and the movement is engraved with ‘Blancpain Rayville Watch Co.’, estimated at $ 80-120,000.

   Marilyn Monroe once said, ‘Diamonds are women’s best friends.’ But in fact, she doesn’t have much jewelry. Mr. Mark Hayek, President and CEO of Blancpain said, ‘I am very pleased to repurchase this special timepiece, which was once owned by the most influential star in the United States. Where it was made. ‘

Cleaving Waves And Cutting Waves The Legendary History Of The Marine Astronomical Clock

Without accurate timing equipment, the ocean may still be a vast unexplored water area. So how do watchmaking and navigation meet? ‘Free man, you will always love the sea!’-This line of verses from Charles Baudelaire’s ‘Man and the Sea’ is of special significance to horology. Without a precise method of measuring time, navigators will never be able to open up new routes away from pirate gatherings and dangerous coastlines. From the mid-18th century, Marine Chronometers and Deck Watches promoted the discovery of ‘new’ continents and Pacific island civilizations, enabling scientists to add the final land to the world map.
   In 1707, a British fleet suffered a shipwreck in the Isles of Scilly, four ships sank and nearly 2,000 crew members were killed. In 1714, the British Parliament passed the Longitude Act and set up a prize of 20,000 pounds (equivalent to 17 million pounds today), seeking a practical method of maritime positioning of ships (within 30 miles). Subsequent claims came out endlessly, but one was more luxurious than the other, so that the most outstanding minds began to doubt whether there were other forms of implementation besides astronomical instruments.

Athens Nautical Astronomical Clock, 1939
Long live British
   Astronomy is a well-respected science. Watchmakers, including George Graham (1673-1751), believed that the answer to the question of ‘longitude’ must be found from the sky and stars, and necessary with the help of complex tables and abacus Calculation. Unexpectedly, John Harrison (1693-1776), a carpenter without formal watchmaking education, overturned existing theories. In the early 1730s, John Harrison created the H1 navigation clock, proving that accurate timekeeping is an effective way to locate at sea.
   The nautical clock (especially H4) made by John Harrison proved its worth, but also reflected the lack of manufacturing of other clocks, that is, it can only be built by hand, one at a time. In 1769, another watchmaker, Lakham Kendall, imitated the H4 to produce the K1; in 1772, the latter sailed with Captain Cook for the second time. However, replicating John Harrison’s nautical clock is complex and time-consuming. Want to equip all ocean-going ships with accurate timepieces. Only hope that visionary watchmakers can develop a more replicable mechanism and more suitable for Mass-production escapement, and its travel time accuracy cannot be lower than the observatory’s specification clock.

Arnold Frodsham pocket watch
Start slowly
   John Arnold (1736-1799) and Thomas Enshaw (1749-1829) in the UK, Julien (1686-1759) and Pierre (1717-1785) of the Leroy brothers in Paris, and Ferdinand Burr in Switzerland Tehud is dedicated to the development of accurate and reliable timing instruments. Encouraged by the Longitude Commission and Royal Astronomer Neville Muskillin (1732-1811 proposed the method of measuring the longitude by observing the moon), the production of British timepieces began to move towards small scale. Even so, by the beginning of the 20th century, many ships sailing along the coastline and even distant the high seas were not equipped with reliable timing instruments. Most of them still used the nautical calendar and monthly distance to rely on daily observations to reasonably estimate the position at sea.
   Some officials on military and merchant ships carry timepieces with them, making comparative measurements with the help of sextants and mathematical calculations. In the second half of the 19th century, the rise and development of the Industrial Revolution drove the demand for raw materials and ocean-going ships. This prompted shipowners to equip ships with reliable timing equipment so that the captain could accurately locate at sea and add extra protection for the valuable cargo being transported.

Hamilton Nautical Astronomical Clock Limited Edition
Industrial Age
   Prior to the advent of long-range weather forecasts and satellite navigation, captains often traveled with the tried-and-tested marine astronomical clock. From the mid-19th century, more and more ships drifted across the sea, bringing tea, cotton, precious metals and spices to new markets. The market demand for marine astronomical clocks exceeded the actual supply. Shipowners are willing to contribute generously to precise timepieces to ensure that the investment is safely landed, and many watchmakers are happy to meet this demand. Swiss watchmaker Ulysse Nardin (1823-1876) was one of them, and soon he challenged his British counterparts at a lower price. In the 1850s, Thomas Moser’s creations were famous for their quality among dozens of British nautical astronomical clock watchmakers.
   Although still regarded as a model for the industry, not all creations come from individuals (such as Ulysse Nardin or Thomas Moser); industrial companies also have a say. During World War II, American manufacturer Hamilton supplied a large number of marine astronomical clocks to the military (8,902 seats in the US Navy; 1,500 seats in the Maritime Commission; 500 seats in the US Air Force). Wempe, Viking, Gub and Cordes from Glashütte supply the German Navy; L. Leroy, Breguet, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Dodane and Auricoste supply the French Navy; Dent, Thomas Mercer and Arnold & Frodsham supply the British Navy. Brands such as Zenith and Omega also provided precision timing equipment to the Allies. The classic design of the Athenian watch was cleverly copied by Soviet watchmakers. It is said that only experts can distinguish the Swiss movement (the balance diamond is a diamond) from the former Soviet Union. The difference between the movement (the balance diamond is red synthetic sapphire).

Leroy Observatoire Chronometer
Perpetual tradition
   The cost is more affordable, the timing is more accurate, and it is more in line with Navy specifications. The electromechanical equipment (including L. Leroy) that appeared in the 1950s marked the beginning of the end of the traditional marine astronomical clock, although there are still many high-quality products on the market. Subsequently, the advent of radio direction finding gave a fatal blow to traditional marine timing and positioning instruments. Nevertheless, the sailors still carried the marine astronomical clock and sextant to the sea. These instruments were carefully preserved and have remained in value for decades.
   In fact, real seafarers know that once the ship’s inertial navigation system, the marine astronomical clock and sextant can be used to mark any place in the ocean. Unfortunately, no professional manufacturer has yet launched a marine astronomical clock with a sesame chain system and a pawl escapement (the most efficient freestyle escapement). If sailing enthusiasts are eager to relive the experience of their predecessors, they must switch to the products of the former Soviet Union, which are relatively easy to obtain and in good maintenance; or search for military instruments from the 1850s to the early 1960s, but these are out of repair for many years and are no longer suitable Nautical applications. Finally, in the face of global conflicts, naval forces that do not have their own positioning systems still call for the instruments of the past, which is back to the problem of oversupply. Fortunately or unfortunately, any quartz watch is capable today!

Audemars Piguet Joins Hands With The Stars To Shine At The 66th Tony Awards

The 66th Tony Awards (the Anthony Perry Awards) was held recently at the Beacon Theater in New York. Audemars Piguet has been the theme sponsor for four consecutive years, and has joined many stars on the red carpet.
Elizabeth Davis
    That night, Elizabeth Davis, who was nominated for best supporting actress in a lead role in the musical ‘Once’, and Max Von Essen and ‘The Rock Age’ who are currently performing the remake of ‘Evita’ on Broadway Constantine Maroulis (Rock of Ages) all wore Audemars Piguet wrists to express themselves. Davis wore a royal oak rose gold self-winding watch set with 40 round diamonds, matching her elegant dress. Max Von Essen attended the Royal Oak Stainless Steel Automatic winding watch, and Constantine Maroulis chose the Royal Oak rose gold chronograph with Royal Oak cufflinks.
Max Von Essen
Constantine Maroulis
About Tony Awards:
    This annual award is the highest honor award on Broadway in the United States. Founded by the American Theatre Association in 1947, it is named after the late actress and producer Anthony Perry, and is designed to praise Broadway. Outstanding performers in theatre and musicals. The awards include Best Drama, Best Musical, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Adapted Musical Screenplay. In addition, the awards include Best Actor, Best Director, Best Music, Best Choreography, Best Set and Best Costume.

Blue And Silver Meet Lange 1815 Chronograph Watch Tasting

Lange 1815 CHRONOGRAPH with its unique white 18K gold watch and blue numbers and pulsometer scales, exudes unique charm. Ferdinando Adolf Lange led Saxony as the hub of German precision watchmaking in the 19th century. To celebrate its 200th anniversary, the brand launched this special edition chronograph this year.

   Since 2010, 1815 CHRONOGRAPH has become an example of a combination of classic design and cutting-edge technology. Arabic numerals on the dial and minutes on the train track are reminiscent of Lange’s charming pocket watch. The combination of blue and silver creates an elegant temperament, and the precision movement highlights Lange’s excellent watchmaking tradition, which is thrilling.
   Watch House Watch Special Report team will continue to send you the freshest and most up-to-date watch information. If you want to know more about the 2015 Hong Kong Watch Fair, please pay attention to the report topic of ‘Watches and Miracles’.

China’s Tomorrow’s Opera Star Comes To Verona Domingo World Opera Vocal Contest Welcomes Its 20th Birthday (1993 – 2013)

From August 19th to 25th, 2013, the 21st Domingo World Opera Vocal Competition (Operalia) presented by Rolex was successfully held at the Verona Philharmonic Theater in Italy. The history of Operalia has left an unforgettable trail. As an anniversary, this year’s competition featured a strong contestant (a total of 12 contestants reached the final, only 10 in previous years), and a dedicated and masterful jury (a total of 14 judges from the world’s most prestigious music) (In the previous year, it was 12th place), plus the surprising result of the competition: Chinese low baritone Li Ao stood out and won the championship, making it a world-renowned heavyweight music event.

Chinese Low Baritone Li Aoyong Wins the Laureate
   ‘Operalia is an Olympic event in the opera world. Singers from all over the world compete here, fight hard, and finally win. The fresh vitality and blood shine with the passion and joy of life, all of which prove the opera career It will last forever, evergreen. ‘
                                     ——Plácido Domingo

Message from founder Domingo

Winners of the 21st Domingo World Opera Vocal Competition
Winners of 2013

The Culturarte Prize
The prize is $ 10,000. Courtesy of Guillermo and Bertita Martínez. Picked by Belarusian tenor Vladimir Dmitruk (age 26).

The Don Plácido Domingo, Sr., Zarzuela Prize
The prize is $ 10,000. Picked by American tenor singer Benjamin Bliss (age 27).

The Pepita Embil Domingo Zarzuela Prize
The prize is $ 10,000. Picked by Korean soprano singer Hae Ji Chang (29 years old).

Two Birgit Nilsson Prizes (Wagner-Strauss Repertory)
The prize money is $ 15,000 each. It was picked by British alto singer Claudia Huckle (31) and American soprano singer Tracy Cox (27).

Third prize two
The prize money is $ 10,000 each. They were picked by American soprano singer Kathryn Lewek (30 years old) and American tenor singer Zach Borichevsky (29 years old).

Second prize two
The prize money is $ 20,000 each. They were picked by French soprano singer Julie Fuchs (29 years old) and Italian baritone singer Simone Piazzola (28 years old).

First prize two
The prize money is $ 30,000 each. It was picked by Russian soprano singer Aida Garifullina (25 years old) and Chinese low baritone singer Li Ao (25 years old).

Two Most Popular Audience Awards
Each received a watch from Rolex. Picked by American soprano singer Kathryn Lewek (age 30) and Italian baritone singer Simone Piazzola (age 28).
Program list
Vladimir Dmitruk, tenor (Belarus)
P. I. Cajkovskij Evgenij Onegin Kuda, kuda udalilis

Mirella Bunoaica, Soprano (Romania)
V. Bellini I Puritani Qui la voce

Julie Fuchs, Soprano (France)
G. Rossini Le Comte Ory En proie à la tristesse

Claudia Huckle, Alto (UK)
R. Wagner Das Rheingold Weiche, Wotan, weiche

Irina Churilova, Soprano (Russia)
G. Verdi La forza del destino Pace, pace

Zach Borichevsky, tenor (USA)
J. F. Halévy La Juive Rachel, quand du Seigneur

Hae Ji Chang, Soprano (Korea)
G. Verdi Rigoletto Caro nome

Aida Garifullina, Soprano (Russia)
V. Bellini I Capuleti e i Montecchi Oh! Quante volte ti chiedo

Simone Piazzola, baritone (Italy)
G. Verdi Don Carlo Io morrò, ma lieto in core

Kathryn Lewek, Soprano (US)
G. Donizetti Lucia di Lammermoor Regnava nel silenzio

Tracy Cox, Soprano (USA)
G. Verdi Un Ballo in maschera Morrò, ma prima in grazia

Li Ao, Soprano (China)
S. Rachmaninov Aleko Ves tabor spit

Zarzuela part

Zach Borichevsky, Tenor (USA)
P. Luna La pícara molinera Pajarin, tú que vuelas

Hae Ji Chang, Soprano (Korea)
M. Nieto y G. Giménez El barbero de Sevilla Me llaman la primorosa

Benjamin Bliss, Tenor (US)
J. Guerrero Los gavilanes Flor roja

Diego Silva, Tenor (Mexico)
P. Sorozábal La tabernera del puerto No puede ser

Praise to Operalia, Ensemble
Placido Domingo Jr.
Rolex and Domingo World Opera Vocal Competition

   The Domingo World Opera Vocal Contest was founded in 1993 by Mr. Placido Domingo, a famous international tenor. As one of the most outstanding performing artists in opera history, Mr. Domingo has been a Rolex brand spokesman since 1982. He is not only a legend in the music industry, but also a generous and enthusiastic mentor, and has always given his full support to talented young artists. Mr. Domingo’s idea of ​​hosting this annual event stems from his early experience as a professional singer. He is well aware that artistic newcomers need professional artistic education opportunities, and he is looking forward to showcasing their talents. This event not only provides support and opportunities for young singers in the above two aspects, but also further helps them gain worldwide recognition. This is due to the high reputation of the event and the continuous support of Mr. Domingo for the winners.
   By presenting the Domingo World Opera Vocal Contest, Swiss watch leader Rolex continues to fulfill its commitment to art. Rolex continues to support those talented individuals and institutions that share our values ​​and are constantly striving for perfection and excellence. Mr. Placido Domingo and the World Opera Vocal Contest that he devoted to his heart have perfectly interpreted these spirits and can establish a close cooperative relationship with them. Rolex is proud of it.
   Over the past 20 years, this talented and unique competition has become a major event in the global music industry. The success of the event year after year is due to Mr. Domingo for his enthusiasm, generosity and dedication. The new generation of singers participating in the contest, like the competition itself, are fully committed to excellence, personal achievements and creative talents, which are in line with the characteristics of Rolex.

OPERALIA 2014…. Meet in Los Angeles!

Remembrance Of The Opening Celebration Of Patek Philippe Yuandi Peacock Watch

In October, Patek Philippe’s Shanghai store was relocated to the Bund, and it was unveiled as a ‘Maison Patek Philippe’. As a dedication to the Patek Philippe Source House, a special month-long “source house special timing exhibition” was presented, displaying a total of 23 precision timepieces, which are unique art treasures. Patek Philippe Opening Ceremony Watch Peacock Watch
The rose gold “Peacock” watch features a filigree enamel and pink mother-of-pearl dial. The filigree enamel peacock on the dial is drawn from 60 cm long gold wire, 12 opaque or translucent enamel colors and enamel colors. The second fire takes 45 hours. Rose gold willow leaf hands, bezel and lugs set with 113 diamonds (about 0.8 carats), pin buckle set with 29 diamonds (about 0.22 carats); satin strap for soft and comfortable wearing; powered by Caliber 240 Provided by a self-winding movement; a sapphire crystal caseback, enjoying the elegant movement of a precision movement. Limited edition.
The white gold ‘Peacock’ watch uses a filigree enamel and Tahiti black mother-of-pearl dial. The dial is painted with 60 cm gold threads and 15 opaque or translucent enamel colors and colors. It took up to 45 hours to complete the colorful, noble and beautiful peacock pattern. Platinum dagger pointer. Dark blue alligator strap with pin buckle. Power is provided by the Caliber 240 ultra-thin self-winding movement. Sapphire who crystal through the cover. Limited edition.

Watches Elements