Simple Is To Meet The Recommendations Of Three Bauhaus Style Watches

The word comes from German Bauhaus, which is roughly the modernist style. Simplicity is satisfaction, which is the best definition of the Bauhaus style. Pursuing design simplicity and emphasizing practical functions is the first priority. In fact, the simple style is always the money that table friends talk about, not showy and tasteful. Watch House editors recommend three simple watches today, watch friends who like Bauhaus style must not miss it.


Watch Series: TANGOMAT
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: horse leather
Case diameter: 38.5 mm
Domestic public price: 25100
Watch details: is more. This sentence is true. Just like this watch from Chopard, on the simple and clean dial, 12 Roman numerals show the classic and elegant style, leaving only the hour and minute hands as a timing tool, giving people unlimited reverie. The Chopard logo at the top of the watch adds brand charm to the watch, combined with a simple stainless steel case and a comfortable alligator leather strap, make this elegant and minimalist watch.

Summary: Simplicity is contentment. In this age of routines and city halls, it is extremely important to keep a copy of innocence and simplicity. The same is true of watches. Leaving the simple style on the dial gives people room for imagination, which is infinite satisfaction. If you like simple and practical watches, then it is absolutely right to consider the three watches recommended by the editor of the watch home today.

At This Time, Iwc Presents The Most Beautiful Moon Phases In Mid-autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn in August, Haoyue Linbo, Swiss watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen IWC watch with a classic masterpiece Portuguese perpetual calendar watch, invites the bright moon, express autumn thoughts, and share the most beautiful moon phase with wise tasters.

 IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar Watch IW503203

 IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar IW502307

      IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar IW502306

 Another full moon is coming! The moon, this beautiful planet with magical charm, always brings people endless romance and reverie. The moonlight is like washing, toasting to invite the bright moon, and looking down at the wrist, you can see the magical night sky with rare stars. This wonderful feeling is created by the charming and timeless work-the sophisticated, intricate and precise IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar watch. This watch is equipped with a 7-day IWC IWC-made large-scale movement. In addition to the date, week, month, and four-digit year display, it also has an original moon phase profit and loss display in the northern and southern hemispheres. The phases of the moon observed in the southern hemisphere—reciprocal reflections—are mutually interesting, and the auxiliary countdown dial can be used to accurately read the remaining days of the next full moon. In each lunar revolution cycle, it differs from the actual change of the moon by only 12 seconds. Its platinum model (model IW503203) uses a very beautiful color combination, which is more attractive to watch lovers and stargazing enthusiasts: the dark blue dial is equipped with a background disk that is also dark blue, with a rhodium-plated moon phase indicator disk Reproduce the change in the moon’s profit and loss. In the red gold model (model IW503202), the warm tones of the case and the black dial create a pleasing viewing effect.

 The Portuguese Perpetual Calendar Model 5023 is also equipped with a moon phase display function, which displays the constantly changing magical night sky between the square inches of the dial. Surrounded by glittering stars, the moon slowly rises from below the semicircular background on the left, appears to be a full moon when it reaches the center, and then gradually disappears from the right. After careful calculation by IWC design engineers, the moon phase display function and the actual profit and loss cycle of the moon only accumulate an error of 1 day every 577.5 years. The deviation between the two is so small that no one has yet noticed it. This elegant and advanced timepiece is also almost perfect. It has a perpetual calendar, a four-digit year display window, and a Pellaton winding system with a 7-day power reserve and a power reserve display. The model 5023 is available in three styles: a platinum case with a silver dial; a red gold case with a silver dial, a blue background with a red gold plated moon pattern; and the other model is slightly understated, with a white gold case With a dark blue-gray dial decorated with radial sunburst and rhodium-plated embedded numerals. The case diameter is 44.2 mm.

Beijing Watch Successfully Participated In The 23rd Shenzhen Clock & Watch Fair

From June 28th to July 1st, 2012, Beipiao participated in the 23rd China (Shenzhen) International Watch and Clock Exhibition held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, and achieved complete success.
     Shenzhen International Watch & Clock Fair is the largest professional exhibition of watches and jewellery in China. It is the world’s third largest watch and clock exhibition after Basel Watch and Hong Kong Watch and Clock Fair. At the four-day exhibition, Beibei exhibited more than a hundred watches, including more than a dozen new designs and dozens of new products created in 2012, such as ‘Rujia DY’ large calendar moon phase 18K gold watch , ‘Flu Shouxi’ double barrel spring time enamel gold watch, ‘Impression Beijing’ series composite craft enamel watch, ‘Through’ series tourbillon watch, ‘Black Swan’ diamond inlaid tourbillon watch, etc. It shows the advanced watchmaking techniques such as enamel, gold carving, hollowing out, precious metal and jewelry setting that Beibei has mastered, showing the “Chinese style” cultural creativity and brand characteristics that Beijing Watch has consistently adhered to. During the exhibition, a unique, complex and wonderfully crafted watch has always attracted many viewers. The Beijing watch booth with “Tiantan” as the main design and “China Red” as the main color has been called the most Chinese-style booth by the media, becoming the best background for people to take pictures

At the 2012 Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair, the Beijing watch booth was crowded. At the 2012 Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair, the Beijing watch booth was crowded. At the 2012 Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair, the Beijing watch booth was busy.

Lady 8 Flower Elegant 8-flower Rhyme Harmonious Beauty

The first ‘automatic doll’ female watch launched in the eighteenth century by Jacques Dro – Elegant 8-Flower (Lady 8 Flower) came out in the spring of 2015. As a leader in the field of luxury watchmaking, the brand perfectly presents outstanding watchmaking technology and superb decoration technology on the exquisite enamel butterfly wings of its dial. Today, the elegant 8-flower rhyme re-emerges the charm of jewelry. With the lotus-shaped automatic device, the dreamy idyllic free spirit and soul are subtly integrated into the mechanical miracle. The unique flower rhyme watch is hand-crafted by Jacques DeRoche’s art workshop in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, which showcases the brand’s renowned artisan skills.

Under the mirror surface of the sapphire crystal dome is a beautifully carved beautiful lotus flower. The exquisite craftsmanship is dazzling: just touch the side button, the lotus flower can be opened and closed at will. Driven by, the petals on the white mother-of-pearl bloom slowly, and the picture is quiet and bright. Femininity and poetry are also the fascinating qualities of elegant 8-flower rhyme: the two circular dials overlap to form the ‘8’, which symbolizes endlessness and auspiciousness in Asian culture; the balance wheel that creates the elegant fan surface also shines. Breathtaking.

   In contrast to the simple and natural elements, the elegant 8-flower rhyme is also exquisite at the technical level: the 38-hour power reserve and micro-mechanical configuration perfectly inherit the style of Jacques de Rouge automatic machinery. The unremitting efforts for the ultimate perfection have made this watch an elegant performance: the timepiece is driven by two different movements, one is a mechanically wound movement indicating the normal time, and the other is a polished lotus petal that bends inwardly. Emotional fluctuations bloom freely.

   The blue stainless steel hands above the dial fit perfectly with the curved mirror. The high-arched sapphire decorative glass and the diamond-studded ring further reflect the noble quality and magic charm of the entire watch.

   Elegance 8-Flower Rhyme brings an outstanding dreamy experience, as if telling a mysterious story about dance, performance, art, travel and dreams. As a representative of top luxury products, this unique watch will be launched in white and red gold this year, with a limited edition of 8 pieces, symbolizing 8 kinds of happiness, 8 eternal chapters waiting to be written …—- ** *

F.P.Journe Will Hold ‘steel Time’ Watch Collection Exhibition In New York

FP Journe will display its collection from the mid-19th century to the late 19th century at The Forbes Galleries on Fifth Avenue in New York from April 21 to September 15, 2012. Bronze clock.
Following the exhibitions in Geneva and Tokyo, the Steel Time exhibition will be held at the newly refurbished Forbes Galleries at 62 Fifth Avenue in New York, displaying a large number of bronze clocks and historical classics – wonderful displays of 200 pieces from 1850 to Clocks from 1910. Each piece has its own unique style and technique, but they can be seen in the watches produced today.
The steel industry was one of the greatest adventures of the 19th century. Mass production began in 1845 and steel was used in the construction of railways, bridges and towers. As steel prices fell, it replaced the use of iron in most industries. The Brooklyn Bridge built in 1885 was the first steel bridge in the world, and the Eiffel Tower was completed in 1889. Steel age. Metals have become familiar and widely accepted by the general public, and fashion has spread to all walks of life, including the watch industry.

Watches in the F.P. Journe gunmetal collection

Bronze clocks were developed shortly after the war of 1870, depicting a new type of clock that is equally and interestingly charming! There is a considerable price difference between stainless steel and gold watches, which allows stainless steel clocks to circulate freely from the effects of heavy taxes. Watches and clocks were thus promoted to all levels of society and led to the birth of proletarian clocks and watches. The product has also been greatly encouraged by the growing French metal industry and has developed new methods of steel production and processing.
Bronze clocks are designed in various styles, sometimes with a simple case, and sometimes with two gold-plated metal trims on the bezel and the edge of the case back. The dial can be white or colored enamel, simply marked with the word Regulateur, or digitally embellished with a round carved dial with various colors of enamel trim. This method is often used to decorate locomotives, ships or automobiles. Depending on the price, some are equipped with more complex movements with chronograph, alarm, spring mechanism and other functions that can provide world time indication, watchmakers have created many popular steel clocks.

Watches in the F.P. Journe gunmetal collection

Over the years, François-Paul Journe, a passionate and knowledgeable collector, has collected this extraordinary collection of bronze clocks. He is a privileged guardian of this historical heritage and is very proud to be at Forbes Galleries. The gallery shares this unique collection with the American public. The exhibition is also supported by the NAWCC (National Watch Museum) in Columbia.
The Steel Time exhibition will be held from April 21st to September 15th, 2012, from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm at The Forbes Galleries, 62 Fifth Avenue, 10016, New York. Phone: 212-206-5548. F.P. Journe will also publish a book on ‘STEEL TIME’. Journe F.P. journe will continue the exhibition with a book called Steel Time, written by two distinguished experts, Jean Claude Sabrier and Georges Rigot. More than 300 pages of Steel Time are very fascinating, covering the source of these works, some even dating back to the 17th century, people rarely see the watchmaking quality of precious metal clocks in such a vivid and complete way.
The book, prefaced by François-Paul Journe, introduces the only steel watch in the FP Journe-Invenit et Fecit series. Only the steel case makes the Sonnerie Souveraine grand sounder crystal-clear. Otherwise, the brand only uses platinum Or gold makes a noble and elegant case, and all movements are also made of 18K rose gold.
The English limited edition of the book is autographed by F.P. Journe and sells for $ 250. It is available at the F.P.Journe store in New York at 721 Madison Avenue, 10016, New York. Tel: +1 (212) 6445918
You can also visit the F.P. Journe store in New York to listen to the most beautiful and exciting tunes of Grande Sonnerie Grandson watch. The store is located at 721 Madison Avenue, 10016 New York, phone: +1 (212) 64459188.
Original source: F.P.Journe

Chopin Imperiale Tourbillon Full Set Tourbillon

I would like to ask who among the many female watches in Basel this year is the flower queen. In my opinion, Chopard’s Imperiale Tourbillon Full Set Tourbillon is well deserved? Not only because she is luxuriously set with various gems, but also because she has accomplished the perfect fusion of jewellery and watch technology. First of all, the 18K white gold case, I ca n’t wait to combine all the gem-setting techniques with tens of thousands of envious eyes: bright-cut diamonds of different sizes are scattered on the dial with snowflake-setting methods-it is said that this magical technique is almost lost The point opening gives the beautiful flower frame a minute of tourbillon full appearance. The 12-point semi-circular power reserve display window, with a gradient of different chromaticity amethysts on the outer edge to indicate the power surplus and deficiency, and the trapezoid-cut diamond on the inner circle of the semi-circle cleverly create a radial sun pattern. The outer ring of the face plate starts at 6 o’clock and is surrounded by trapezoidal cut diamonds that are gradually widened toward 12 o’clock. Bezel and body sides are paved with large baguette-cut diamonds. Strap and lugs are set with baguette-cut and oval egg-cut diamonds. The platinum crown is meticulously set with baguette and drop-shaped diamonds. Even the tourbillon bridge is fixed with 4 screws inlaid with amethyst on the top! It is definitely not just to show how magnificent her appearance is (although she is absolutely deserved), because each skill has demonstrated the extraordinary accomplishments of the jewelry family. Xiuwai naturally also has to be wise. The LUC 02.14-L. (4T2I) manual winding movement follows a strict watchmaking tradition. The bridge bridges are decorated with exquisite Côtes de Genève and hand-chamfering. The exquisite craftsmanship has earned the Geneva mark. Certified. Also worth noting is the patented Quattro ™ technology: four barrels stacked in two groups and then connected in series, ensuring that the watch operates independently for more than 9 days (216 hours) and maintains accurate travel time. With a frequency of 28,800 vibrations / hour, this tourbillon watch also meets all the demanding requirements of the Swiss Official Observatory Certification (COSC). With this beautiful watch alone, who can question Chopard’s leading position in women’s complication watches!

Introduction To Panerai Composite Material Watch Pam386

You can think of it as a PAM312 that has been repackaged in appearance. That’s right, the PAM386 uses the same P9000 series self-winding movement as the 312, and has all the features of the Luminor Marina 1950 series Panerai watch.
 The Luminor 1950 case of this watch and the bridge protector to protect the winding crown are made of Panerai’s patented composite material, Panerai Composite. Ceramic materials are produced by ceramicizing aluminum through electrochemical process. Panerai Composite is lighter than ceramic but at the same time harder than steel.

 The rustic large brown dial adopts the classic “sandwich” structure with a hollowed-out design, sandwiching the middle layer coated with Super-LumiNova luminous material with two identical layers, displaying fluorescent numbers and hour scales. The thickness of the watch and its superb readability at night reflect the typical Panerai style. Dial with anti-reflective sapphire crystal. The diameter is 44mm, and the waterproof function is still 300m.

 Through the sapphire-sapphire crystal glass at the bottom of the watch, you can see the simple-winding P9000 automatic mechanical movement. The movement is a small three-hand design, the second hand is located at 9 o’clock, and a calendar window is provided at 3 o’clock. Movement diameter 31mm, thickness 7.9mm, 28 stone, 197 parts. The shock frequency is 28800vph. The power reserve is provided by two barrels connected in series and a balance wheel that can be wound in both directions.

Chengdu ‘watch’ City Global Attention

On July 27th, Longines’ first direct-operated store in the southwestern region of Longines, a famous Swiss watchmaker, opened in Chengdu. Raffles City’s direct-operated store was also unveiled. At the same time, Longines Hengli Chengdu Vientiane City shop. Longines Vice President Li Long and Longines Ambassador Guo Fucheng witnessed the grand opening ceremony and unveiled the week-long ‘Longines Elegant New Products Tour’ prelude, Compaq series and a number of 2013 Basel watch exhibition models debuted in China Will be presented to Chengdu watch enthusiasts.

Chengdu famous watch stores repeatedly hit the global sales crown

I opened two stores a day, showing the confidence of the Longines brand in the Chengdu market. ‘Our world’s top-selling specialty store is in Chengdu!’ Li Li broke the reason for attaching importance to the Chengdu market in a few words. ‘I can tell you for sure that every Longines boutique in Chengdu sells well. Currently, it is the best-selling in China. It is the Chengdu Hengdeli store, and the Wangfujing Longines counter is the fifth in the country, and the overall sales of Chengdu ranks the top five in the country. ‘Li Li praised Chengdu’s watch market. In fact, at the 2013 Basel International Watch Fair, Longines Global President Huo Keno said that Chengdu Hendri’s Longines store had once reached the top spot in the world.

Speaking of Longines opening the first direct-selling store in the southwest of Chengdu, Li Li was confident. ‘Before opening a new store, we will observe regional sales for a period of time. We will only approve the opening when we confirm that there is room in this market to open new stores. Longines has now entered a stage of rapid development in China. In the past ten years, brand awareness and sales have greatly improved. Our strategic plan is to open directly-operated stores in 10 cities in China. Currently, Seven have been opened and Chengdu is one of them. ‘

In fact, not only Longines, but mid-range watches have always performed well in the Chengdu market. Mid-end brands such as Radar and Movado have achieved the global ‘monthly sales crown’, which is a fact worthy of great attention. Yu Hongzhang, deputy general manager of Chengdu Hengdeli Watch & Clock Co., told reporters that these first sales in the world basically occurred after the brand held the event. It is not an accident that the single-month impact on the world’s number one. ”He also said frankly, because China’s current boutique market is developing well, the number one specialty store in China is basically the first in the world.

亨 Henry World Watch Center, located on the first floor of Vientiane City, has experienced unfavorable factors such as slow economic growth, road construction affecting people flow, and relatively biased locations, and business has not improved. But after opening the well-known Longines and signing a new Breitling counter for spokesperson David Beckham, the business has improved significantly. It is understood that Longines sells around 50 of them here every month, which is the ‘top pillar’ of the store, while other high-end sales such as Girard Perregaux, Glashütte, Athens and others are unsatisfactory.

Mid-end brand watch Sichuan market has huge potential

The good performance of the Chengdu watch market not only attracted traditional watch brands, but some new mid-end ‘faces’ in the Chinese market also targeted the Sichuan market. Last week, Aletta, one of the founders of Swiss watch brand Frederique Constant, made a special trip to Chengdu to inspect the market and discuss new stores. She revealed that although Chengdu has just opened a store and currently only has four small counters, sales are still considerable. ‘Our price point and self-produced movements are core competitiveness. Compared to those group-operated brands, we have not quickly seized the market advantage, but we believe that the advantages of the brand can gradually emerge. We are also very optimistic about the Chengdu market ‘And some other mid-priced watches, such as Mingshi and Raymond Weil, have also racked their brains to find a suitable place to open a shop in Chengdu and seize a place. ‘The high-end bowl watch market in the Northeast is better, and Chengdu and the entire Sichuan market are well-known in the country for mid-end watch sales!’ Yu Hongzhang told reporters that this is also the case in the Chengdu Hengdeli watch industry, although The sales of other brands are good, but they are not eye-catching on the national sales list. Henderly’s mid-end brand sales are very good, so it is well-known among dealers in the national watch market. Because of the market’s sales situation, many brands have a strong interest in the Sichuan market. ‘With the acceleration of China’s urbanization construction, many rural populations have entered cities and towns, so we plan to choose some cities with relatively high GDP and large populations to open specialty stores. Currently, we have opened stores in Mianyang and Yinzhou. Consumers in second-tier cities already know the Longines brand, but they have not given them the opportunity to spend. ‘Li Li has clearly stated his plans for the large-scale expansion of the Sichuan market. Tissot, which belongs to the same group, has already been deployed in secondary cities. Mianyang and Deyang are important markets for Tissot. Omega, which has a relatively high positioning, has been seeking opportunities in the Sichuan secondary market to open stores. ‘After all, the Sichuan market is big, and our task next year is to open a store in a secondary city in Sichuan.’ The manager of the Chengdu Hengli World Watch Center also revealed to reporters their determination to expand the secondary market.

Of course, with the expansion of the Sichuan watch market, better services are needed to support it. Directly facing consumers through direct-operated stores, being a true retail service provider, rather than being a wholesaler, is a strategic choice for brands to open direct-operated stores. Li Li said, ‘Through retail, we can work out a more standard and complete process, improve the items including image, service, dress, greetings, watch display and after-sales service, etc., and communicate with Chinese distributors to work together Improve brand quality. ‘Li Li’s point of view is almost the consensus of the watch industry. Not long ago, when another watch giant Omega opened a direct store in Chengdu, Okehua, the global president, also mentioned this point of view.

Six Passionate Chronograph Recommendations

Whether you are a professional white-collar worker from 9 to 5, or a freelancer who is used to fighting at midnight, or an elite business person who has to be a ‘flying man’ for more than 20 days every month, you You need to give yourself a reason to get out of your home right away, let the pores tightened due to work relax, and release all your passion. Wait! Do n’t forget to wear a chronograph before going out with sportswear … TAG Heuer CARRERA CALIBRE 1887 chronograph
In 1963, Jack Heuer, son of Charles Edouard Heuer, set out to develop a new chronograph specifically designed for riders and racing enthusiasts. It meets the needs of driving wear: an easy-to-read dial and shock resistance Waterproof case. The name of the CARRERA watch is derived from the legendary Carrera Pan American Road Race in the 1950s. Since then, the creation of CARRERA watches has been inspired by passionate motorsport.
TAG Heuer CARRERA CALIBRE 1887 chronograph is equipped with TAG Heuer’s first all-in-one column-wheel chronograph movement, which is independently produced by TAG Heuer watch factory, with a power reserve of 50 hours. An 18K rose gold case with a silver or grey dial for a restrained elegance. The simple and tough lines and the large 41 mm diameter dial with a gray or black alligator leather strap make this watch stand out from many chronographs and shine. The chronograph hour hand at 6 o’clock, the chronograph minute hand at 12 o’clock, and the balanced and symmetrical center chronograph dial design bring classic timekeeping style. Hand-embedded faceted hour markers, three-dimensional and exquisite, show the brand’s high pursuit of detail. Equipped with a precise speedometer, the chronograph dial with hour, minute and small seconds hands inherits the classic racing style. This chronograph is perfect for those who are looking for high-end tastes and who love high-paced lifestyles. Longines Heritage 1942 chronograph
Since Longines Longines watches were founded in Saint-Imier, Switzerland in 1832, Longines watches with the flying wing hourglass as its logo have always maintained the tradition of elegance and high performance. With its 180 years of accumulated skills, Longines has gradually established close ties with the sports world, contributing its own know-how to sports events (such as tennis open, alpine ski gymnastics, archery). At the 2012 Baselworld Watch Show, Longines released a retro-inspired 1942 heritage series chronograph.
40mm round stainless steel case with classic design, smooth lines and automatic winding column-wheel chronograph movement. There are 9 Arabic numerals on the black lacquered dial. The missing 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions are replaced by 30-minute timers, 12-hour timers and small seconds. Balanced and symmetrical 30-minute timer and small seconds dial show classic design style. The minute circle of the extremely delicate railway track and the speedometer scale around the edge of the dial demonstrate Longines’s pursuit of detail and exquisite craftsmanship. Equipped with a self-winding column-wheel chronograph movement, movement L688.2 (ETA A08.L01), with 27 gems, a swing frequency of 28,800 VPH (4Hz) per hour, and a 54-hour power reserve. The transparent sapphire chassis witnesses the precise movement of the movement, and the black hand-stitched crocodile leather strap shows the noble elegance. RoRolex Cosmograph Daytona Chronograph
Speaking of chronographs, I have to mention the ‘legendary watch’ in the Rolex family series-Daytona. Daytona, specially developed for professional riders, first appeared in 63 in 1963 and quickly became a symbol of racing watches. The unique patented chronograph mechanical structure speeds up the outer ring of the speed scale. While driving the chronograph, it has also become the unique logo of Daytona and even one of Rolex’s popular images.
Accuracy is the most important requirement of a driver’s chronograph. This cosmograph Daytona chronograph is accurate to 1/8 second with short-distance timing function. The speedometer scale on the outer ring reads real-time speed data after driving a certain distance to make the timing more reliable and accurate. The silver-toned stainless steel bezel with an outer scale scale tachymeter is strong and elegant. What makes this watch even more unique is the crisp sound of a ‘da’. Rolex’s high-tech spring allows the finger to press the button and you can hear a crisp ‘click’ when you start the real-time timer. Those who seek speed and elegance need a unique chronograph. May wish to store this chronograph with powerful functions, heavy design and elegance, and can also bring wonderful listening enjoyment. The Rolex 4130 chronograph movement, sapphire crystal, oyster strap, water-resistant to 100 meters, and outstanding performance at a glance. Vacheron Constantin horizontal and vertical series chronograph
256The 256-year-old Vacheron Constantin interprets its superb watchmaking skills and long tradition of hand-made watchmaking with the ‘Maltese Cross’. Since it was first awarded the Geneva Seal in 1901, Vacheron Constantin has followed the rigorous conditions for the manufacture of exceptional timepieces, creating works that are flawless in aesthetic appearance and mechanical construction. At the 2012 Basel watch exhibition, in addition to the diving watch shines, with the advent of summer, the chronograph watch is also unwilling to lonely, and have launched their latest design styles
表 The strap designed with the image of a sail rising from the sea is masculine and dynamic-this is also the unique design of Vacheron Constantin’s vertical and horizontal series of chronographs. The exquisite hand-finished diamond cuts on the silver-white dial show Vacheron Constantin’s high-level handmade craftsmanship. 40-hour power reserve, self-winding chronograph movement, and a three-dimensional stainless steel bezel that not only looks like a gear, but also looks like a rudder in the hands of a voyager, guiding people to face the waves in the vast sea. Screw-down crown with built-in anti-magnetic function, up to 25,000 A / m, to ensure accurate timing. Equipped with a small second hand, calendar display window, 30-minute and 12-hour timer, water-resistant to 15 meters, let you enjoy sea and land sports fun.全新 Roger Dubuis new chronograph La Monégasque series
Founded in 1995, Roger Dubuis Watch Factory is too young compared to other centuries-old watchmaking brands, but with its strong individuality and distinctive characteristics, each watch has conquered the world with bold modern design. The eyes of all watch connoisseurs. Strict technology and high quality guarantees make the ‘new fledgling’ Roger Dubuis watch engraved with the Geneva mark that symbolizes high-quality clocks. Of course, Roger Dubuis is also one of the brands with the Geneva mark on all products in the industry today.
The new La Monégasque series consists of 8 models. This chronograph has smooth case lines and detailed rhodium plating to make the surface more dazzling. The black satin chassis in the middle of the case and the polished silver satin face on the outside are distinctive and unique in style, showing boldness. The surface design, which looks like a roulette, is like being in a Monte Carlo casino and indulging in the luxury aristocratic life. Black bezel with striking red scales, bold color innovation. The 30-minute timer at 3 o’clock and the small seconds counter at 9 o’clock have a symmetrical design, demonstrating the style of a classic chronograph. The new self-designed RD680 self-winding movement has a power reserve of 48 hours, is engraved with the Geneva mark, is waterproof to 50 meters, and comes with a crocodile belt and a steel folding buckle. Such an avant-garde bold, elegant and timeless chronograph is the elegant choice for elegant men. Breitling TRANSOCEAN CHRONOGRAPH UNITIME
In the 1950s and 1960s, Breitling witnessed the prosperity of the world’s aviation industry and long-distance travel across the oceans. It launched a complication watch called ‘Unitime’. This watch with ‘World Standard Time’ immediately became a collector. In the bag. This ‘World Standard Time’ watch, equipped with Breitling’s new self-developed movement, was once again popular with collectors as soon as it was launched. The refined world map chassis conveys the brand’s pursuit of details with simple lines and is highly recognizable.
This rose gold case with luxury cowhide or crocodile leather strap allows business travelers to enjoy VIP luxury on the plane. The unique dual-disk device allows the watch to continuously display the time in 24 time zones of the world at the same time. When the wearer needs to change the time zone, just pull the crown gently and rotate forward or backward to adjust the time in hours. The city disc and the 24-hour disc are automatically adjusted together, and the calendar can also be adjusted to the local date in both directions. The operation is easy, simple and smooth. This watch also has the choice of city names in different languages ​​to meet the needs of business travelers in different regions and nationalities. What Chinese consumers like most is its all-Chinese time zone bezel for Chinese consumers. It can be seen that Breitling is deeply loved and pursued by Chinese consumers. All Chinese time zone watches are not limited editions. Chinese consumers who need overseas business trips may wish to order one that can be used as a collectible and meet the needs of work.

Iwc In Schaffhausen Opens Boutique In Dubai Mall

On August 22, 2013, Swiss luxury watch maker Schaffhausen IWC opened a brand new boutique in a shopping mall in Dubai. This shopping center is currently one of the largest and most high-end shopping centers in the world. Of course, IWC Schaffhausen is an upgraded boutique that also reflects the connotation of the brand with extreme luxury, and everything has been based on the principle of user experience.

 Indifferently, according to the Watch House, as far as the Schaffhausen IWC brand itself is concerned, this boutique has a different meaning, focusing on the user experience, in order to provide better and more humane services. This is also the brand’s promise when opening a boutique. We will look forward to more visitors and watch enthusiasts coming into our store and invite them to experience the spirit and watchmaking concept conveyed by IWC Schaffhausen.

 From this point of view, Schaffhausen IWC is ready to start from various details to increase the user experience. For example, in the decoration of the store, the fresh and bright floor-to-ceiling windows make the overall feel bright and extraordinary. The special wooden display and leather seats are highlighted. The brand’s dignity also creates a warm and peaceful atmosphere.

 With such a careful layout and design, I believe that more people will walk into the store and understand the spirit and connotation of Schaffhausen IWC, which is a great relief for the brand.

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