Month: June 2010

Zodiac Watch Is Not Worth Buying

With the growth of the Chinese economy and the rise in consumption levels, many international brands have launched products made specifically for China. Watches are no exception. Zodiac watches are the watches produced by the brand for the Chinese market. Products, in recent years most brands will launch the corresponding year of the zodiac watch every year.

Jacques de roman zodiac watch

   There are twelve Chinese zodiac signs in China. They are the twelve animals in China and the twelve places that dominate the year of human birth, including rats, cows, tigers, rabbits, dragons, snakes, horses, sheep, monkeys, chickens, dogs, and pigs. Vietnam also has zodiac signs. The difference between China and China is that there are no cats and rabbits. China has rabbits and no cats. Year of the Cat ‘, so it was later different from the Chinese zodiac.

Vacheron Constantin Year of the Rooster

   As China’s 2017 New Year approaches, major brands of the Year of the Rooster zodiac watch will also be released one after another. It is currently known that Vacheron Constantin has released the 2017 Year of the Rooster Zodiac watch and the 2016 Year of the Monkey Zodiac watch Similarly, the watch face has changed from a monkey to a chicken, and the pattern has changed. What I want to know is that these zodiac watches are worth buying? Which is more worthwhile than a regular watch?
Year of the Dragon

 Vacheron Constantin Art Master 86073 / 000P-9752
This watch can be called a top watch both in terms of craftsmanship and perfect mechanical structure, but the number of each limited edition of 12 seems to have turned it into a myth. Leaving aside the price, I’m afraid that such a small quantity is the only thing we can admire the pictures. In fact, whether such a watch is a marketing gimmick or a heritage of ancient craftsmanship, it shows us that human beings in the watchmaking industry continue to move forward without giving up the most traditional watchmaking concepts. It is precisely because of this that many brands can be invincible in many competing products.

2012 Vacheron Constantin Dragon Theme Watch

   Zodiac watch value is not worth buying? As far as I know, the year of the dragon zodiac watch is the best-selling zodiac watch, not because it is a dragon, but because the dragon has a noble and auspicious symbol in China, so there are more buyers, so the zodiac watch is also divided into specific zodiac So what about buying a Zodiac watch?
DIY Chinese Red Strap

Blancpain Classic 6615A-3612-55B

   In China, the tradition of the natal year is to get red. People in the natal year need to wear red vests and red pants. They believe that in this way they can avoid evil and avoid disaster. This custom is still popular today. Every Spring Festival, there are red and yellow silk ribbons that sell ‘auspicious belts’ and ‘auspicious knots’ on the market. People in this natal year attach it to their waists and wrists. Disaster, turn evil into good fortune.

Breguet Queen of Naples 8958BB / 55/974 D00D06

   Buying a natal zodiac watch in the natal year is definitely a good choice. You can either give yourself a reason to buy, match the watch with a red strap, and meet the tradition, bring good luck to yourself in the natal year. I really don’t like the red strap. After the natal year, I just replace the strap, and the natal zodiac is still with me.

  In addition to the price and aesthetic factors, the recommended index of the Zodiac watch is higher than that of ordinary watches, with an additional symbolic meaning. Changing the red strap can also respect our traditional customs.

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