Bulgari Holds Save The Children Press Conference In Singapore

According to the Watch House, the Bulgari brand, which has been committed to charity for many years, organized a Save The Children press event at a boutique in Singapore on the 9th of this month. This year Bulgari’s new black ceramic and silver pendant is priced at S $ 710.

 The design was inspired by the iconic B.Zero1 ring from the brand. In 2009, Bulgari joined hands with Save the Children, the largest independent international charity organization that upholds and advocates for the rights of children, to support its large children’s education. The project ‘rewrites the future’ and has raised large sums of donations over the years to provide children with a better education. The charity project has covered 23 countries on four continents.

 Michel Anglade, Asia’s head of communications for Save the Children, also has a long relationship with Bulgari founders and contributes to charity. Moreover, well-known local actors Fan Wenfang and Yang Yang of Singapore also participated in this event.

 As a famous actress and a mother of a two-year-old girl, Yang Yang said that when we were born, no one expected how much suffering we would endure. In fact, human growth, from babies Being an adult is a miracle in itself. But we often have a lot of managers on this road, so the necessary living conditions and auxiliary medical equipment to help those children who are growing up are very important. At the same time, she also believes that this protection of basic living requirements is actually a protection of human rights, so she will do her best to work with Bulgari to support the charity activity Save The Children.

 Of course, the other mother who was present also expressed her opinion. The famous actor Fan Wenfang feels that as a mother, we have a responsibility to make due contributions to protecting children and helping newborns grow. I am also very fortunate to be able to join such a meaningful organization as Save The Children. When I I was shocked to learn that nearly one million babies die every year on their first day of arrival. This is a stronger belief in why we are working for Save The Children.

 Bulgari’s ‘STC Care Campaign’ has never stopped its footsteps. As a vulnerable group, children in the world are in urgent need of much help. Various unfavorable factors of the living environment make many children unable to grow up healthily. The lack of educational resources and the vicious circle of other living environments make these children unable to grow up and realize their wishes as normal people. In order to save these weak children, the Bulgari brand launched a real money operation in the name of charity, taking part of the sales proceeds to donate to these children. In fact, the brand has launched rings under this name since 2009, and more new products have been added to it. In 2014, new pendants were launched.