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Chopard Chopard Mark Webber 王者 代言人

Mark Webber, Porsche driver of the Porsche team, has been on the Formula One circuit for more than a decade and now he is the new brand ambassador for Chopard. Chopard brand Chopard is honored to join Mark Webber, thus continuing the long-standing relationship between the brand and the racing world. Chopard further strengthens this close relationship by establishing a partnership with Porsche and serving as the official timing partner for the Porsche team. Mark Webber becomes Chopard’s new brand ambassador. This charming Australian driver, a member of the Porsche team and a former Formula One driver, has since become the charismatic spokesperson for the Geneva brand Chopard.

Mark Webber, Porsche’s Australian driver, becomes Chopard’s new brand ambassador

Championship career
Following his brilliant record in Australia, Mark Webber hopes to realize his dream of a Formula One racing car. He first played in the F3000 car race, and then was given the opportunity to appear in Formula One events. In 2002, he played for the first time in a Formula One event as a member of the Minardi team. In 2009 he joined Red Bull Racing and won his first victory at the German Grand Prix. Mark Webber has gone through 12 first-level formula seasons, 36 times on the podium, 11 pole positions, and won 9 grand prix championships. He joined Porsche Motorsport in 2014 to assist the German car manufacturer in returning to the World Endurance Championship (WEC). As an experienced and powerful racer, Mark Webber often sets ambitious goals for himself, such as winning the World Endurance Championship on behalf of Porsche and winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans. His philosophy coincides with Chopard’s, relentless pursuit of precision performance and mechanical innovation.
The pursuit of superior performance
The collaboration between Mark Webber and Chopard stems from the 2014 alliance between Chopard and Porsche. Porsche and Chopard have relentlessly pursued superior performance and quality, and are passionate, so they have established a cooperative relationship. The outstanding machinery from Porsche or Chopard workshops has unparalleled reliability and innovative features, has established a reputation in their respective fields, and has become a model respected by sports machinery and watch enthusiasts. For Chopard, the cooperation with Mark Webber can be described as natural, with the active participation of Chopard in the racing industry and the development of the Superfast series.

Chopard’s new brand ambassador Mark Webber (right) and Chopard’s co-president Karl-Friedrich Scheufele

Full of enthusiasm
Mark Webber states, ‘What I appreciate most about Chopard is that this watch industry pioneer has a genuine passion for motorsport and the characteristics of his family business. In the face of Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, Chopard’s co-president, there is no need to be false, because I’m a true racing and precision machine enthusiast and connoisseur. I’m very proud to be part of the Chopard family. ”
Mark Webber said: ‘It is my pleasure to work with a prestigious watchmaking brand. This cooperation has practical significance for me. During the competition, time is our best ally and our enemy. It is one of our most concerned issues. The Superfast series is inspired by racing. The design of this series of works is charming, extremely precise, and it is natural to be an ambassador for Chopard and this series.
For Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, co-president of Chopard, the cooperation with Mark Webber has multiple extraordinary meanings: ‘From the beginning of our acquaintance, we felt that Mark Webber had a strong interest in Chopard and our watches. He also agreed that The similarities between the drivers. We all have the pursuit of excellence and a love of motorsport. We are honored to have this experienced driver join us. We are very happy to go hand in hand and embark on an exciting journey . ‘

Chopard’s new brand ambassador, Mark Webber, wears a Superfast watch, revealing a sharp sense of handsomeness

Superfast: A bold avant-garde partner
The Superfast watch has always been the avant-garde of the Chopard timepiece series. As a precise and reliable racing companion, it has witnessed Mark Webber’s brilliant racing record. Like Porsche racing cars, the Superfast series models combine the best of many performances, while using a unique design in the racing world. Like the Porsche 919 hybrid, it allows Chopard to experiment, prompting Chopard to constantly push the limits of watchmaking, apply new production methods or use innovative materials.
The Superfast watch is full of modernity, magnificent atmosphere, simple and neat lines, and the overall design is full of masculinity. All design elements are learned from the racing world: the gold rubber moulded crown and the racing steering wheel work in the same way, the engraved grooves on the lugs and button edges echo the heat sink, and the bezel screws come from the wheel flange. The watch is equipped with a watch factory-made movement with engine decoration. It is presented to lovers of precision watches, and they will definitely be able to feel the power of the watch.

Breguet Ultra-thin Tourbillon Pioneer 2014 Basel

As the 2014 Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show is about to kick off, Breguet, as a leader in the fine watchmaking industry, solemnly unveiled this year’s preview models to watchmakers all over the world-Breguet ClassiqueTourbillonExtra-platAutomatique5377 ultra-thin self-winding tourbillon watch in platinum.

  Passion for forward-looking technology and watchmaking excellence

  The Breguet Classique Tourbillon Extra-platAutomatique 5377 ultra-thin self-winding tourbillon watch, which debuted at the 2013 Basel Watch Fair, was put on a platinum outerwear this year, and its exterior design is very creative. The ultra-thin case contains the most watch history One of the great inventions is the patented titanium cage eccentric tourbillon regulator with multiple patents. The Breguet 5377 movement is also equipped with an antimagnetic silicon balance spring and an escapement made of silicon and non-magnetic steel. It is equipped with a 581DR movement and a 4 Hz high-vibration tourbillon. The patented ‘high-energy barrel’ provides a 90-hour power reserve. In order to accurately place the movement of only 3 mm into the 7 mm case, Breguet watchmakers set a ring-shaped platinum automatic rotor that can move in both directions on the edge of the movement. The successful development of this technology makes the Breguet 5377 the thinnest self-winding tourbillon watch. The movement with two patented technologies is like a miniature work of art, delicate and exquisitely retouched by hand, and can be seen through the sapphire crystal case back.

  Breguet’s unique style blends rational beauty

  This 42mm diameter Breguet watch incorporates many of the brand’s classic logos: hand-engraved dial, Breguet blue-steel hands, individually welded lugs, coin-finished case outer edge, independent numbering, and concealed signature. The birth of this authentic Breguet watch once again demonstrates the brand’s perfect fusion of elegance and performance.

  Hand-engraved dial

  Breguet has been equipped with Breguet’s unique hand-engraved silver or gold dials since 1786. The exquisite hand-engraved dial is famous for its elegant and refined patterns, which complements its precision movement. This exquisite craftsmanship is almost lost to this day, but this has become one of the important details to identify Breguet watches.

  From the perspective of exterior design, the dial’s symmetrical lines are intertwined with asymmetrical elements. Four different hand-carved decorations clearly separate different functional areas and present a wonderful harmony of beauty: Paris studs on the hour dial, external The engraved wheat grains on the edges, the power reserve at 8:30 show the carved herringbone pattern, and the diamond pattern outlines different functional areas.

  Breguet blue steel hands

  For more than two centuries, Breguet has been using the well-known pointer with a hollow eccentric ‘moon-shaped’ needlepoint created by the founder of the brand. Designed around 1783, this slender and elegant pointer became a hit when it was first introduced. Since then, ‘Breguethands’ have become the proper term for watchmaking. Breguet pointers are simple and easy to read, an essential feature of each Breguet watch, and have become the object of many other brands. The 5377ClassiqueTourbillonExtra-platAutomatique Tourbillon watch is no exception to this classic logo.

  Independent welding lugs

  As a component of the watch, the lugs that connect the strap to the case also reflect the 100% Breguet style. Breguet replaces the commonly used spring rod with a screw bolt, which fixes the strap between the lugs. It is beautiful and durable, making the entire watch more classic. In addition, the eyelet of the winding rod must be accurately drilled to ensure that the case is highly waterproof.

  Coin-trimmed case edge

  The pit pattern (double-row beaded) on the Breguet watch frame is a well-known brand logo, showing the subtle taste of Breguet timepieces. Like the classics of the past, most of the Breguet models have pitted frames, which stand out from many models. The craftsman cold-rolled the pit pattern onto the watch frame and then processed it manually by mechanical clamps.

  Independent number & concealed signature

  Watch enthusiasts around the world agree that each Breguet watch embodies an extraordinary standard of watchmaking technology and is worthy to be passed on to future generations. Since the creation of Breguet, each timepiece is individually numbered, allowing collectors to determine its authenticity and origin. This fine tradition continues to this day. Each Breguet watch is accompanied by a unique production number, which will prove the manufacturing skills and efforts of the brand from generation to generation. As early as the end of the 18th century, Breguet became a target of counterfeiters due to its great success. In 1795 Breguet adopted a covert signature. This anti-counterfeiting technology etches a concealed signature on the dial and appears only when the light is illuminated at an oblique angle. To this day, the covert signature is still one of the important marks to distinguish the authenticity of Breguet watches, and it is also the exclusive feature of most Breguet dials.

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