Month: October 2010

Engraving Legends In The Name Of Stars-zenith Chinese Name Collection Order

Since 1969, the legendary chronograph movement El Primero, as the first integrated automatic winding chronograph movement in history, has always been the best spokesperson for the unique creativity of Zenith. The name El Primero originates from Esperanto, meaning ‘first.’ To celebrate the 45th anniversary of its birth and the upcoming 150th anniversary of Zenith, and to pay tribute to Chinese watch collectors and enthusiasts of fine watchmaking, Zenith will launch the legendary movement El Primero today on June 17th. Name collection activities to select Chinese names that can perfectly fit the brand concept and its legendary status. In this event, a creative review team will be formed by a number of watch industry opinion leaders. The final plan adopters will receive a 2014 new El Primero flagship watch series! We look forward to leaving a significant sum in El Primero’s legendary history, sharing responsibility and glory!

The Zenith EL PRIMERO Chinese name collection participation method is as follows:
Solicitation time: June 17, 2014 to July 13, 2014
1. Add Zenith WeChat public platform: ZENITH Zenith (WeChat: ZENITHCHINA)
2. The reply message includes the best Chinese name of El Primero in your heart, with a brief creative description
3. At the same time reply your real name, contact phone number and detailed address before participating in the selection

Selection methods and rewards:
1. 20 El Primero Chinese names are selected by Zenith in the public submission. All finalists will receive a special thank you gift from Zenith.
2. A professional jury composed of authoritative representatives from the domestic watch industry, and evaluated 5 Chinese names of El Primero from 20 finalists; the 5 finalists will be invited to participate in the final final selection live event at the end of July
3. In the final final selection live event, the professional jury and Zenith brand voted for El Primero’s best Chinese name based on the on-site interpretation of the selected candidates.
4. In the end, El Primero’s best Chinese naming name will be presented with a 2014 new El Primero flagship series watch, and will officially name Zenith’s legendary movement El Primero movement.
* If the plan is the same, consider WeChat response time as the criterion

Jacques Dro Launches Special Watch For Only Watch Charity Auction

Only Watch is a charity auction held in Morocco every two years. This year, there are 40 well-known watch brands, each offering a famous watch. All Only Watch auction proceeds are used to fund research for children’s disease, Qiu Xin’s muscular dystrophy. Jaquet Droz’s 2011 Only Watch, a unique hour and minute hand watch, is based on 18th-century watchmaking technology with a large open flame enamel faceplate and enamel painted Monaco city.
旷 This timeless masterpiece proudly presents the city of Monaco-the enamel faceplate. It requires technical experience. The most skilled craftsmen use their expertise to burn out this kind of ivory white burned with large flames. Ivory enamel painted faceplate takes about seven working days to complete.
This is the core work of the Hommage Genève 1784 series. The master craftsmen of JAQUET DROZ have exquisitely modified the classic font of Roman numerals. The eternal ivory white is still the same, but it has broken through the original limitations. The enamel paints the city of Monaco, and the contrast of colors is fascinating.

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