Month: January 2011

Master’s Unlimited Creative Time Can Be Crazy

This watch is from the Crazy Hours watch created by Master Frank Muller. It is surprising that it breaks the inherent law of dial display and rearranges the Arabic numerals on the dial. Can you say it’s not crazy?
Creativity is omnipresent. It almost covers our lives. However, some ideas are a little bit unintelligible. For example, this Franck Muller Crazy Hours watch is really a shock at first glance. Is it time? Messed up?
Franck Muller Crazy Hours
Let’s not say how amazing Master Franck Muller’s creativity is. Just relying on the eye-catching digital display and barrel design is enough to stand out from many models. The color matching can also be regarded as colorful. It breaks the inherent law of dial display and rearranges the Arabic numerals on the dial.
Although the numbers are shuffled, the reading time is effortless.
Although the numbers on the Crazy Hours dial have been rearranged, there is no difficulty in reading the time. The minute hand rotates normally in a clockwise direction to directly display the time in minutes; the key is to display the hour flying back above the Jumping Hour. As long as you look at the Arabic numeral pointed to by the hour hand, you can immediately know the time of the hour .
This watch features bouncing hands, such as the watch’s hour hand indicates 10, which is 10 o’clock; the view of the minute hand remains the same, that is, 10 minutes; when the minute hand completes a turn (that is, 8 characters), the hour hand will immediately Fly back from 10 to 11 at 3 o’clock, and immediately display the time at 11 o’clock. In order to match the mysterious numbers on the dial, the production of the movement of Crazy Hours is much more difficult than ordinary watches, and the production cost is more than 50% higher. It has also been a proud work of Franck Muller. How about, after reading this fun guy, is there an urge to take it home?

Who Wears A Watch Can Best Represent (Below)

The nationality of the spokesperson will also reveal the brand’s recent shift in key markets. In the just-hot years of the Chinese market, almost half of the brands that used endorser marketing strategies had established endorsement relationships with more than one Chinese film and television actor. With the flow of the global economic market, in recent years, many brands have also started to choose well-known Korean actors to act as spokespersons in Asia. Important publishing events have also been moved from Shanghai and Beijing to Seoul to hold it. The wind came to the market.

From Cara Delevingne to Bella Hadid, TAG Heuer always invites supermodels to act as spokespersons, and has a strong ambition to seek the identification of young generations.
   However, some brands subtly avoid the term ‘endorsement’ and use the term ‘friends of the brand’ in their publicity and press releases. ‘We wo n’t call them’ Ambassadors. ‘To me, they are like our IWC watches, friends who love the clock and recognize the brand style. These friends also have the freedom to like other brands, they do not I only wear IWC watches, but they are still our best friends. ”Georges Kern, who was IWC’s global CEO in 2015, explained the most complete definition of“ friends of the brand ”in an interview.

It is not uncommon to see celebrities and gentlemen from all over the world at the IWC Booth or Gala Dinner every year during the SIHH Geneva Haute Horlogerie Show.
   Looking at the spokesperson strategies of today’s major watch brands, the one that operates best and indeed assists the brand in building a strong reputation is Rolex. In recent years, Montblanc Montblanc, which has a variety of products, has clearly brought about a significant increase in brand growth due to the use of spokesman strategies.

Hugh Jackman’s image of a good new man and a new good dad both on and off the screen really has an amazing publicity effect on the brand he endorses, which can work across borders and cultures.
   Hugh Jackman, an actor, singer and producer from Australia, is widely known for playing the role of Wolverine in superhero movies. At the SIHH watch exhibition in January 2014, Montblanc officially announced that he was invited to be the global brand image ambassador. For more than 3 years, he has not only actively participated in every major watch exhibition of the brand as a guest of the brand. The brand has a variety of product lines such as watches, writing instruments, leather goods, etc. He can almost show the characteristics of the product in promotional videos and static advertisements, and more importantly, fully explain the life that the brand wants to manage. style. The image of business, leisure, and even sports style, with his interpretation, the image of a good man, a good gentleman, and a good father makes the brand’s products more persuasive. Now that he has unloaded his heroic image from the movie ‘Wolverine,’ he is even more curious about how he will perform an extraordinary new image for the brand in the future.

In today’s professional tennis world, Roger Federer and Garbine Muguruza have indirectly made their Rolex Rolex endorsed and loved by more people because of their outstanding performance.
   Rolex, who has the first prize in brand value in the watch industry, is surprisingly that they already have many years of rich experience in making good use of spokespersons. At the Rolex Submariner special exhibition in Taipei 101 building in July, visitors will find the Formula 1 legend Sir Jackie Stewart, who has been the brand spokesperson as early as 1968. It has been nearly half a century, and has been successfully obtained a few days ago. Roger Federer, the eighth Wimbledon tennis singles champion of his career and the 19th Grand Slam trophy of his life, Roger Federer, has also been the spokesperson for 18 years, and pianist Li Yundi in other fields , Female skier Lindsey Vonn, Canadian singer Michael Buble … and more.

F1 racing legend Sir Jackie Stewart has been the brand spokesperson for Rolex since 1968, and has been for nearly half a century.
   Examining its formula of success, it is not difficult to find that before the brand was selected as a spokesperson, in fact, the brand had already sponsored and cultivated in his professional field for a long time. Motorsports, tennis, equestrian, sailing, golf, adventure, art, mostly Rolex cultivate For a long time, carefully sponsoring and even hosting related events and events, coupled with the promotion of top players, and persistence and persistence (Golf player Tiger Woods is still one of Rolex’s endorsements), even more people feel To the sincerity of the brand to take it seriously, these endorsers have a very high brand loyalty, and will strive to maintain the best image, it seems to be the best living advertisement for Rolex.

As a Chinese actor, Shu Qi, who acts as the spokesperson for the BVLGARI brand of Bvlgari, has influence not only in Chinese-speaking countries, but also has a high degree of exposure in the European film industry with her exquisite performances.
   After all, people choose to wear watches, and people always have the mentality of learning, imitating, and even admiring successful people. Using such a projection mentality to engage in brand marketing is an indispensable weapon. However, as a sharp weapon, there is always the possibility of accidentally losing hands and accidentally hurting yourself. A famous sword requires time to continuously smelt, and it needs to be wiped and maintained from time to time. When it is not necessary, it is not arbitrarily scabbed. It is not to be forgotten that even if a famous sword is in hand, it still depends on the sword skills that are hard to practice. Show its sharpness. When using a spokesperson, it is often necessary not only to pay attention to this person, but also to extend the management of the professional field that he is good at. Long-term cultivation is the feasible way to success.

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