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Tasting Iwc Spitfire Iw379103

IW IWC was established in 1868, and IWC pilot models were first introduced in 1936, when it was equipped with a hard glass watch, anti-magnetic escapement system, and equipped with arrow-shaped indicators Rotating bezel for short time recording. In 2012, when IWC was the pilot’s year, IWC introduced this IW379103 watch in commemoration of the Spitfire series under the pilot series. Let’s enjoy it together today.
 IWC Spitfire Perpetual Calendar watch model IW379103, the 46mm large watch diameter is really beyond the control of ordinary men. The case made of 18k rose gold material shows the different connotations of the watch. Yes, it is indeed a The watch with connotation is not only due to the legendary air fighter of Spitfire, but also the connotation given to it by the IWC brand. IWC’s pilot series are all very distinctive, with large hands, small seconds with red arrows, large table diameter, and 12 o’clock arrows. The entire disk layout is like an instrument, giving the most accurate data. On top of the basic elements possessed by the pilot series, this Spitfire fighter adds flyback timing and perpetual calendar modules, and for the first time uses a large window digital calendar display. The digital display gives the most intuitive and accurate embodiment, and it does not require a wearer. Read again, and the pointer type requires the wearer to observe and calculate and then obtain the desired data. At the same time, the pointer type data is often broad.
In addition, the Perpetual Spitfire Perpetual Calendar watch has a back-through design. Through the transparent bottom cover, the lifelike Spitfire on the automatic tourbillon just shows the charm and power of this unique watch.

 When it comes to functions, the IWC379103 watch is simple and convenient to operate, complex and precise, and it is a dual experience of visual and tactile. This watch has a perpetual calendar function that is one of the most complicated structures in the watch industry. The perpetual calendar is not a true perpetual calendar. The English name is ‘perpetuelle calendar’, which is meant to be a long calendar. The flexible and regular calendar change is an upgrade of the annual calendar. It can accurately identify the number of days in each month and February (especially the leap year), and automatically adjust it, which is the ultimate of the calendar function. This perpetual calendar of IWC uses five dials to display. The date uses two rotating dials and two months. The leap year indicator uses one. At midnight on the last day of each month, multiple dials jump at the same time. Turning, this is definitely a visual enjoyment, and on the last day of each year, 5 disks jump at the same time, which is a rare and wonderful landscape. The jump of the moon dial and leap year dial is based on the storage of tiny energy and accumulation of the day when the date dial jumps, and it is released at a critical moment instantaneously. Place.
In addition to the perpetual calendar, the IWC IW379103 watch also has a timing function, which is accompanied by a flyback device, which brings simple timing to a high level. Chronograph is a very interesting feature. The wearer can use the buttons on both sides of the crown to achieve timing at any time. This watch is characterized by the use of a watch-in-watch concept, which will take 60 minutes and 12 hours. The timers are one, don’t have a taste. Compared with ordinary timers, it is not just as simple as moving the chronograph hands together by adding gear train. It uses a double pawl structure to increase the difficulty of the timing module and Accuracy. In addition, the addition of the flyback function makes the timing more interesting. During the timing, you can press the button at the 4 o’clock position at any time to make the chronograph hands instantly reset to zero and restart the timing. The seemingly interesting and continuous hands rotate However, the internal structure needs to cooperate with each other to achieve perfect timing.
In addition, it also has a 60-meter life waterproof function, which can meet the needs for waterproofing such as bathing and swimming.

 I believe that everyone here already knows this watch very well. These colorful designs and functions can’t be separated from a strong heart. If you know it, you must know why. The IWC379103 watch is equipped with the Cal.89800 self-winding movement produced by the brand. It is unique in that the brand created a large window and date display of the month and date, which means that it is not an ordinary perpetual calendar module movement. It has a new structure and design. In addition, in order to meet the high energy demand of the timekeeping function and perpetual calendar module, the brand is equipped with an improved patented design of the Bilerton automatic winding system. This system is more efficient than the traditional winding system, because its structure is similar For woodpecker, it is also called ‘woodpecker’. In addition, there is a fact that proves that the quality of this movement is really good. Since the launch of this movement, every series of IWC will launch watches equipped with this movement, that is, it is not just Used in pilot series, as well as engineers, Portugal and other series. Of course, this watch uses a back-through design, which can clearly see the internal operation of the movement. In addition, its automatic oscillating weight uses the shape design of a Spitfire, integrating this historical myth into the small watch. Medium to create very high quality.
 The IWC Pilot Spitfire IW379103 watch is a high-performance complication watch. IWC is designed for men. The oversized watch diameter, wide-shoulder hands, watch-in-table and large window-type perpetual calendar bring men’s heroic and mechanical The sense of control is integrated into one. The dial of the instrument panel and the rotor of the Spitfire movement perfectly interpret the classics of the era. The rose gold material and brown alligator leather strap highlight the luxurious and luxurious luxury, the chaotic and ethereal gray surface, which can best complement the soft color of the metal, and the overall appearance has been enough to attract the attention of many men. Although its appearance is gorgeous, it is by no means a vase. It is a real powerful watch, with original large window perpetual calendar and complex mechanism perpetual calendar module, double pawl-type middle watch timing structure, and flyback timing. The module and 60-meter waterproof design are all very practical and highly technological innovations. The simple operation of the chronograph button and the continuous movement of the chronograph hands make its functions convenient and simple, especially the perpetual calendar date, month and leap year. The jump of 5 disks at the same time is not usually seen, and the visual impact it brings is beyond doubt. All of this, of course, is inseparable from the extraordinary quality of the 89800 movement and 52 gems. This is already called high diamond among high diamonds, high-efficiency winding system and precise movement polishing. Contributed to the certification of the Swiss official observatory. This watch is quoted at 426,000 RMB, personally feels, value for money.
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