Month: January 2012

Oris Off-road Challenge Is About To Run

The North Face will host ‘2013 The North Face 100 International Off-road Challenge-Taiwan’ on April 13. The 100km extreme men’s and women’s champions will receive an ORIS diving watch. At the event, ORIS will provide limited diving watches as the biggest award of the day. It is expected that participants will challenge their limits and break through themselves.

 Only 50 off-road warriors in the extreme group of 100 kilometers will start from the beautiful Bitan, pass Wulai Old Street, and climb the winding mountain trails in Fushan, heading to the ‘Hapong Ancient Road’ known as the Amazon in Taiwan. Other groups are 50 km for the endurance group, 13.5 km for the challenge group and 7 km for the walking group.

 The cross-country marathon is a race that challenges the limit of self. When the freshness of the first few kilometers fades and the physical limit approaches, it will return to the pure pursuit of body and soul. Every step you take and every deep breath, All are the manifestation of self-awareness. ORIS will sponsor three diving watches that combine taste and function, to give more motivation to all contestants seeking to overcome their obstacles.

 The 100km men’s champion will receive the ORIS Aquis diving watch. The 43mm round case is equipped with an innovative ceramic upper ring, which is a comprehensive watch with sports and luxury. The refined white dial, superb performance, shows a simple and delicate modern atmosphere. The 100km women’s champion can own the ORIS Aquis medium-sized diving watch, combining style, practical functions and fashion taste, showing a low-key personal style. After the game, there will be a lottery event. The biggest prize is the ORIS Maldives limited watch. The watch is exquisitely presented in a titanium alloy case. The back is engraved with a unique catfish image to pay tribute to this precious conservation species.

▲ ORIS Aquis Medium Divers-100km Women’s Championship

▲ ORIS Aquis Diving Watch-100km Men’s Championship

▲ ORIS Maldives limited watch-lucky draw prize

 On April 13th, we look forward to stepping away from the world, enjoying every breath, indulging in the simple exploration between nature and the self, letting go of the pressure of daily life, and experiencing the return to the original touch

Rolex Signs Global Partnership With Formula 1 ™

Pushing the limits of technology
‘This is an exciting moment, and the collaboration between Rolex and Formula 1 feels natural, like all great partnerships,’ said Gian Riccardo Marini, Rolex CEO.
‘Rolex and Formula 1 in their respective fields, the adventurous spirit, the highest level of engineering and the strong desire to embody the technological innovation to the limit, these aspirations have greatly attracted the young generation’, he Added.
‘Our self-winding mechanical watches-like professional chronograph stopwatches for drivers, Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona, Oyster Perpetual Cosmic Chronograph Daytona-are full of technological innovation and proprietary technology, all thanks to our engineers and The master watchmaker is passionate about every detail, ‘Mr. Marini said.
‘Rolex watches are a symbol of pursuit, which collectively reflects the highest level of performance and reliability of Formula 1. In the past 50 years, Rolex and F1 have grown into world-class brands, and there will be many wonderful things in the future. Opportunity we can share together, ‘Mr. Marini added.

Sir Jackie Stewart, Rolex spokesperson; Mr. Gian Riccardo Marini, CEO of Rolex SA; Mr. Bernie Ecclestone, CEO of Formula One; Rolex spokesperson and Rolex SA board member Jean-Claude Killy (from left to right) © Rolex / Eddy Mottaz

F1 ™ Partner’s Choice
Bernie Ecclestone, CEO of Formula One group, said: ‘There is no doubt that Rolex is the partner of choice for a world-class sports series like Formula 1.’
‘The brand’s credibility, the watch’s outstanding performance, and Rolex’s passion and long-term commitment to motorsport have given it a real credibility. This partnership is exciting and exciting. An incredible sporting tradition, so Formula 1 is the right choice for Rolex, ‘Mr Ecclestone added.
Rolex will be the official timer and official timekeeper of F1 from the next season. At that time, each Grand Prix will play the role of timing, and the Rolex Logo will appear in each corner of each venue in each event.
Partnerships with a strong symbolic value
Mr Marini said, ‘In some ways, through its strong symbolism and its global reach, our partnership with F1 reflects activities we have recently supported, such as James Cameron’s deep-sea challenge expedition to James Cameron. Diving to the deepest part of the ocean in March 2012, this feat has special significance for humans and technology, and globally. ‘
To promote technological advancement, Rolex joined the Bloodhound SSC World Land Speed ​​Record Project in 2011 as its official timing partner. The Bloodhound team’s goal is to set a new record of 1,000 miles per hour (1600 km / h) with state-of-the-art supersonic jet and rocket-powered cars, inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers.
Similarly, Rolex announced support for Neuropolis in the spring of 2012, a world-class neuroscience research center based in Switzerland designed to better understand the computational biology of the human brain, an innovative approach at the forefront of scientific research , Built on the ability of supercomputers to simulate biological processes.
Rolex is a key partner of many well-known iconic events, organizations and sports, especially golf (such as the Open), tennis (such as Wimbledon), sailing (such as the Rolex Sydney to Hobart Regatta).
Source: Rolex

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