Month: February 2012

Citizen Business Formal Watch Recommended Np3013-01e

After the quartz crisis dominated by Japanese watchmaking brands in the watch industry, mechanical watches have begun to develop into high-end grades. Therefore, mechanical watches with high-end functions will be called tens or even more The price of millions. Although it is difficult to find lower-priced mechanical watches among the famous Swiss watch brands, fortunately, there are still many domestic and Nissan brands that produce mechanical watches that are cost-effective. Today we come to appreciate this NP3013-01E watch of the business casual series.
 The case of the Citizen NP3013-01E watch uses stainless steel rose gold plating technology, the 43mm case is very conspicuous, and this case looks noble and generous. The black dial has 10 indexes on the same material, and the indexes and hands have a luminous coating, so that the time can be read clearly at night. The white scale is clearly visible on the dial, accurate to the second hand to indicate every second. There is a small dial on the left side of the dial that is a 24-hour display dial in the second time zone. The 3 o’clock position window displays the date. The dial is made of natural mother-of-pearl, and it is also crystal clear and lasting for a long time. The transparent design can clearly see the working condition of the movement, and meets the needs of consumers who like to watch the operation of machinery. The brown calfskin strap is comfortable and snug. The buckle on the top is a butterfly buckle. The buckle is also stainless steel and rose gold plated.

As a formal watch, the Citizen NP3013-01E watch has the unique temperament of a formal watch. The calendar window at the 3 o’clock position is instantaneous and displays the date of the two days before and after. The middle hand indicates the date of the day. The function of the second time zone is perfect for travellers, and it also has a 24-hour display function, which can specify the reference time very clearly. Water resistance can reach 10 atmospheres, which is about 100 meters. This waterproof effect can follow the wearer’s free swimming, let alone sweat and rain. Because it is a formal watch, when it is produced, it will not have complicated timing functions like a chronograph watch, so a simple junior hand is the standard configuration.
The Citizen NP3013-01E watch uses the self-produced 4166 movement, which is an innovation based on the classic movement with decades of history, which represents the development trend of Citizen, with a kinetic energy reserve of almost 40 hours when fully chain . The movement of the movement can be clearly seen through the back, and the movement of time can be clearly seen with the work of the hollowed-out balance wheel. In addition, the 4166 movement is also lacking. The single-upward automatic oscillating weight design does not have good winding efficiency. At the same time, the adjustment of the second time zone is not ideal. And this movement is very similar to the Japanese Miyota 9015 movement, the 4166 movement has an independent GMT module, so it has a more market, meanwhile, the movement can even compare with the ETA 2842-2 movement in terms of performance. You can imagine its stability.

 The Citizen NP3013-01E watch uses stainless steel rose gold plating to increase the appearance of luxury. The 43mm case, paired with a black dial and brown calfskin strap, highlights the exquisite beauty of the atmosphere. The dial of the junior hand with calendar is a classic design in a formal watch. The 24-hour display dial is made of natural mother-of-pearl, which does not change color, and has excellent color and texture. It is also a widely used material in all brands. The 100m waterproof effect cannot be compared with diving watches, but it is also among the best in formal watches. Citizen’s self-produced movement is an innovative breakthrough on the classic basis. Friends who like self-produced movements are worth considering. For a formal watch in this price range, it is good value for money. For an ordinary working class, such a formal watch is really a good choice.
 Watch details: citizen / 26511 /

Take Me To Your Core Tissot T-classic Series Watch Appreciation

Tissot is a well-known watch brand. As a well-known Swiss watch brand, it has a high reputation and maintains excellent product quality, but the product price is not high. Its excellent price-performance ratio makes the watch loved by many watch lovers.
Today, I introduce to you this Tissot T-CLASSIC series Xinyuan T050. watch. The unique hollow design of the dial is avant-garde and bold, and the movement is clearly visible. character.

 Tissot T-CLASSIC series Xinyuan T050. watch’s unique hollow design at 12 o’clock is known as ‘happy’. The hands and visible gears contrast each other. On the dial of white mother-of-pearl, five red The flourishing Arabic numerals add a touch of playfulness to this watch.
Equipped with the ETA 2824-2 automatic mechanical movement evolved from the ETA 2824 movement, it is more stable and highly accurate. It is a good choice for ladies who like watches at the entry level.

 The Tissot T-CLASSIC series has a bold and avant-garde design. The red hour markers on the dial of the mother-of-pearl and the six top Weisser diamonds exude a rich color in any light, and also feminine feminine The interpretation is vivid. This watch is priced at 5,850 yuan in the Tissot store. For many well-known Swiss watch brands, this price is very close to the people. If you are an innovative woman who likes to be independent, this watch will be your best choice.
 Watch details: tissot / 7442 /

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