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Technical Four Seats One Needle One Line Outlines Huamei Watch

According to legend, ‘Shun Ling Yu thorn multicolored embroidery’, it can be seen that China’s embroidery has a very early origin. This is an ode to embroidery. Embroidery, when these two words came into my mind, imaginative pictures were produced, or a pair of delicate and delicate hands, or a lifelike picture, or countless interlaced colored silk threads … ancient The power of embroidery is already breathtaking. When this superb technology is applied to a watch, what a beautiful picture? Gold and silver thread, take you into the temple of time …

  About embroidery:

  Suzhou embroidery is known for its fineness and elegance. Beautiful pattern, quiet color, flexible stitching, detailed embroidery, and vivid image. The embroidery process requirements are: smooth, uniform, flat, uniform and clean. Straight means straight and straight, and the curve is smooth; Qi means the pointer is neat and the edges are not uneven; flat means the gesture is accurate, the embroidered surface is flat, and the threads are not skewed; uniform means the pointer distance is consistent, no bottom, no overlap; clean It refers to the embroidery surface is smooth and clean, without ink and other stains. It is already an ingenious technique and craft to pierce a pattern on such a large cloth, and the masters of watchmaking have some exquisite skills, showing superb craftsmanship, beautiful pictures, unique art on the dial of tens of millimeters .

  In appearance, no matter how many watches are listed in the Vacheron Constantin Art Series 33580 / 000R-9904 and listed in the window, you will find it extremely beautiful. China and its ancient embroidery skills are the inspiration for this watch, presented by Vacheron Constantin craftsmen on light and delicate watches, showing their artistic essence. Outlined with a pink gold filigree process, it is topped with flower-patterned rubies, hematite and garnet. The delicate and elegant gems are cut and carved with gem carving techniques, and are embellished with finely carved gold leaves and flower stamens, which have the same effect as the precious fabrics decorated with silk threads in Chinese embroidery.

  From the details, the veins and round petals reflect the extreme attention to detail, giving this decoration a deep and charming effect. Fine and extraordinary ruby ​​carving is a huge challenge. Each pink opal has been individually cut and ground, and is paved with other opals on the dial. The gemstones are separated by only 0.5mm platinum lines.

  In terms of power, Vacheron Constantin’s Métierd’Art master watch series has led fashion women to rediscover the charm of decorative arts. Precious and precise movements let you feel the rhythm of time. The decoration on the front of the movement is extremely delicate, the finest point is only one tenth of a millimeter, and the reverse side uses Vacheron Constantin’s unique chamfering and hand-carving technology to maintain the pure, restrained appearance of the watch. The 1003 ultra-thin movement equipped with this watch is made of 18K yellow gold with a thickness of only 1.64 millimeters. The gear system is carved into a delicate lace shape using the engraving process, which fully demonstrates Vacheron Constantin’s professional skills in the field of decorative arts. In addition, the movement of the Master of the Series watch also has the Geneva mark, which is not only an affirmation of the quality of the watch, but also a recognition of the brand’s premium quality.

 : Piaget Altiplano embroidered watch

  Piaget’s watches have never been disappointing, whether it is Altiplano, extraordinary treasures or Lierlight telling the history of fine watchmaking in different ways. If Vacheron Constantin’s watch is too gorgeous, then these two Piaget watches are definitely understated and beautiful. The elegant appearance of Piaget Altiplano is elegant and simple. The round bezel is inlaid with artificially polished diamonds, exuding a gorgeous luster in the light. The pure black or white dial gives a rich imagination. The hour and minute hands display occupy the center position, which makes the reading clear at a glance. The embroidery pattern is located to the lower right, showing a delicate beauty.

  The most eye-catching is the embroidery craftsmanship on the watch. Piaget Piaget has set a precedent in the world, introducing the art of gold embroidery to the country of watchmaking, and interweaving the masterpiece of the dial beyond imagination. Adhering to the tradition of excellence, Piaget pioneered a brand-new Xinjiang region for dial design with golden silk embroidery technology, achieving an impressive and timeless work. The laurel branches on the dial of this watch are embroidered with straight stitches, while the laurel leaves are embroidered with silk stitching. The entire embroidery pattern takes more than 4 hours. The precious gold thread required Three meters long.

  From ancient art to recent collections, the history of embroidery is intertwined with the process of human civilization. In the earl’s history, the interweaving of needles and threads also created miracles. First, the silk was taut and fixed on the frame, and then the pattern lines were traced by the master craftsman. Subsequently, the embroidery master used the ancient technique of gold thread embroidery to twist the gold thread into helical gold threads with embroidery needles, and then extremely patiently embroidered the complex composition details on the silk one by one, thereby creating an exquisite art. Product.

 Filigree craftsmanship: Cartier filigree cheetah watch

  Cartier’s tank is naturally one of the brand’s masterpieces. Many people only know Cartier’s different deformation tanks and fierce cheetah series, but they don’t know that the other side of this toughness and domineering also contains tenderness and beauty. The 2013 metal bead craftsmanship, this creative and inherited work, has witnessed Cartier’s determination to regain and retain the lost craftsmanship and technology, but this filigree cheetah watch will take you back to Cartier’s advanced The field of watchmaking.

  Taste this watch from the perspective of appreciation. The pair of cheetahs on the dial, the fur covered with black paint spots is made of diamond-set gold and platinum filaments. Emerald eyes become the finishing touch on the dial. They stare softly under the starry night sky and contrast with the diamond-paved bezel. It conveyed Cartier’s good wishes and hope. The texture of the cheetah’s body is as transparent as lace. Cartier not only applies the fine gold and silver craftsmanship to the square inch space of the watch, but also uses precious jewelry materials such as gold, platinum and diamonds to elevate it to a higher artistic level.

  The craftsmen of the Cartier Masters Craft Workshop need to use special tools to create gold or platinum filaments. The filaments are twisted, rolled and entangled, cut into small loops, and then used the gold and silver wire craftsmanship to form a pattern. All elements are fixed by the sides instead of the bottom. It takes more than a month to create such a filigree watch. This ingenious masterpiece of art combines many types of craftsmanship, from gem setting to filigree, from jewelry to watchmaking, from carving to lacquer. Thousands of procedures are only to achieve Cartier’s iconic cheetah image. It combines superb craftsmanship, unique decoration, and brand spirit. It is equipped with a 430MC manual winding mechanical movement. It is limited to 20 pieces and is worth collecting.

 Knitted embroidery: Chanel Mademoiselle Privé jewelry watch

  Chanel has always been synonymous with fashion and fashion. The new “Mademoiselle Privé” jewelry watch series unveiled the mystery of Ms. Chanel’s private world, vividly showing her favorite symbols and indispensable iconic elements in life. Camellia was originally an accessory on men’s clothing. As early as the 19th century, handsome and stylish boys would put a camellia on the button. Today, as an important symbol of the Chanel brand, camellia is cleverly interpreted in a variety of materials and forms. , And shine in Chanel watches and high jewelry series.

  This watch did not make me unforgettable at first glance, but after knowing it, it was known that its craftsmanship was different. The tiny dial with a diameter of only 37.5 millimeters needs to accommodate exquisite patterns while leaving enough space for the hour and minute hands. The two must be coordinated with each other, which undoubtedly increases the difficulty factor for watchmakers. Need the full attention of embroidery craftsmen, complemented by unparalleled precision and strict technology. Each camellia is handmade, with pearls strung by gold and silk threads, and rose-cut diamonds, gold foil and gold knot embroidery patterns to outline a gorgeous camellia blooming quietly on the dark black dial .

  The needle movement of embroidery is so flexible, knitting embroidery is equivalent to the stitching of lines, but this stitching is not easy. Unlike the line matching in painting, the depth, lightness, and weight can be controlled by their own hands. A poor craftsman can only change the This kind of material thread is stiffly placed on the surface of the plate, which is why the difficulty of embroidering a knitted watch is this. This kind of embroidery difficulty requires practice over time. Chanel’s understanding of line matching has reached a first-class state. In embroidery, it has always been large and easy to work, small and difficult to beauty, and they confidently put embroidery on the dial. The scenery can be written from a short distance, which is the charm of knitted embroidery.

Summary: It is a magical process to use needles to pierce silk threads or other fibers and yarns with a certain pattern and color on the embroidery material to form decorative patterns with embroidery marks. The concept, the meaning, and the stitches are related to the beauty of this work, so the formation of an embroidered watch is so surprising. The decoration process of the dial is from scratch. The outline of each line is to pave the way for the next step. When the finished product is completed, time can freely move through the pattern, turning the track of time bit by bit, leaving more on your wrist. A soft beauty, a gorgeous one, and an artistic beauty. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

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