Month: June 2012

Tudor Enters The Japanese Market

On October 31, 2018, Tudor officially entered the Japanese market, opening permanent retail stores and pop-up stores in Tokyo and Osaka, and ‘rapidly expanding’ the retail network to Nagoya and Sapporo. Retail partners include Isetan, Daimaru, Takashimaya, Hankyu Umeda, Matsuzakaya, Mitsukoshi and more.

 The timing of Tudor was just right. In 2019, Tudor will sponsor the Rugby World Cup in Japan, which will help the brand gain a good reputation. In addition, Japan is currently one of the strongest watch markets in the world, with an increase of more than 10% year-on-year in the first nine months of 2018.
 ‘The selected partner of TUDOR is Japan’s most watched and most prestigious watch retailer, which will help the brand increase its visibility and influence in this market,’ said Eric Pirson, TUDOR Director. After the UK (2014) and South Korea (earlier this year), this entry into the Japanese market has made Tudor a truly global brand, and today the distribution network has reached about 100 countries. ‘ Chaoyang)

Music That Plays The Blue Sea

The azure blue sea is the prelude to life on earth and the final chapter of thousands of streams. Swiss independent watch brand ORIS Oris has been deeply rooted in the brand culture since its establishment. The ‘ORIS’ came to a stream near Pride’s headquarters. It originated from the Rhine and shuttled through dense forests. It quietly nourished one side of the land and quietly opened its own route. From the beginning of the creek, Oris adhered to the brand declaration ‘Go Your Own Way’, with its high-quality diving watches, paying attention to and protecting the ocean and water resources step by step, playing its own blue sea movement.

ORIS Swiss headquarters

   The first movement: dive into the deep sea and explore the mysterious world
   The sea is mysterious. Human beings have never stopped to explore the blue sea. In the 1950s and 1960s, breakthrough progress was made in diving equipment, diving equipment was further improved and popularized, and people finally opened the closed door of the underwater world. As a result, the development of diving watches also entered the golden age. ORIS officially entered the diving watch field. In 1965, it released the diving watch representing the highest level in the world at that time, becoming a competent assistant for professional divers.
   For more than half a century when dealing with diving watches, Oris has continuously refined its craftsmanship and has maintained a world-class diving watch production level. At the same time, Oris maintains close communication and cooperation with professional divers, divers, and diving enthusiasts. As early as 2006, Oris cooperated with Carlos Coste, then the world record holder of free diving, to actively promote the development of diving. Humans love diving, and are attracted to the strange world of the ocean floor. Each dive is an exploration of the unknown ocean world. The experience accumulated through these explorations has laid the foundation for better protection of the ocean.
   Movement 2: Pay attention to the ocean, protect purity and beauty

Severe marine debris pollution

   Come from the sea, and finally give back to the sea. Oris not only manufactures diving watches, but also pays attention to and protects the origin of diving: oceans, lakes, and rivers, and has been working hard to improve the water environment. In 2009, Oris and the Australian Ocean Research Association reached a cooperation to jointly carry out the Great Barrier Reef public welfare protection activities, and launched Oris’ first generation of the Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition watches. Since then, Oris has introduced one or two watches each year related to the protection of the water environment and marine life. For example, the limited edition ORIS Source of Life watch launched in 2018, inspired by the Rhine, is not only a tribute to ORIS Oris’ brand origin, but also hopes to encourage people to pay attention to water resources and save water. In addition, there are hammerhead shark limited edition watches that study endangered sharks, Clipperton Island limited edition watches that protect the world’s furthest from the continental atolls, and staghorn coral limited edition watches.

ORIS Marine Trident

   This summer, ORIS Marine Protection entered a new chapter, launching the Ocean Project marine protection program. The Clean Ocean Limited Edition watch is designed to clean marine plastic garbage. The bottom of the watch is made of recycled plastic. It has a unique visual effect and always reminds people to prevent the manufacture of marine garbage. At the same time, the brand has reached a cooperation with the Pacific Garbage Screening Program. It plans to establish a floating platform in the Pacific that can filter plastic waste from seawater and provide new solutions to the problem of marine pollution from a technological perspective. In addition, Oris also launched the Blue Whale Limited Edition Watch and the Great Barrier Reef Third Generation Limited Edition Watch. Together with the Clean Ocean Limited Edition, it forms a ‘Marine Protection Trident’ set. The materials of the set box are recycled Marine plastics together protect the purity and beauty of the ocean.

RIS Oris Marine Protection Trident Set
Watch box made from recycled marine plastic garbage

   ORIS believes that changing a sea requires the efforts of every creek. The stream named ‘ORIS’ has not stopped, and I also call on and look forward to more people to join, pay attention to the marine environment, protect marine life, and play the most beautiful blue sea movement together, and speak for the blue world!

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