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How About Seiko Watches? What Is The Quality And Price Of Seiko Watches?

About Seiko
  Seiko (SEIKO) is a well-known Japanese watchmaking company. It was founded in 1881. The company was formerly known as Hattori Timekeeping Shop and was renamed Seikosha in 1892. In 1924, the first watch of the Seiko brand was officially released. In 1969, Seiko launched the world’s first analog quartz watch-SEIKO
ASTRON35SQ. In 1995, Seikosha established a joint venture factory with Oriental Watch Co., Ltd. of Japan. Seikosha is also the parent company of computer printer manufacturer EPSON.
  With a century-old history, SEIKO has explored and operated the Chinese market with the brand definition of ‘innovation and refinement’. Its novel, fashionable and classic models are deeply loved by people from all walks of life in China. SEIKO currently has sales sites throughout China, and has set up Seiko sales points in various cities in China, and has maintenance stations in more than 20 cities.
  Seiko SPRING
DRIVE became the only watch with hands that reflected the real flow of time.
  Four outstanding features of Spring Drive Through the improvement of four key areas of luxury watch manufacturing technology, Spring Drive has achieved its subtlety, precision, reliability and durability.
  High precision The ‘three-stage synchronous modulation speed controller’ synchronizes and regulates the output of three different energy sources, mechanical capacity, electricity and electronic magnetic energy produced by the spring. Instead of the traditional mechanical watch speed control system and escapement, the innovative speed modulation system of one-way rotation makes the watch essentially more stable, durable and accurate. Spring
Drive is accurate to plus or minus 1 second per day.
  Scanning smooth hands The Spring Drive movement does not have a balance wheel escapement system. The entire set of machinery always rotates in one direction, giving the hands a unique scanning gliding movement. Spring
Drive is the only watch in the world that truly reflects the continuous flow of time.
  Long-term energy storage. The new mainspring gives more energy, stability and longer-lasting power. SEIKO (Seiko) has developed a special alloy material that can produce more energy in addition to being durable, resistant to high temperatures and corrosion. Spring
Drive has 72 hours of energy storage even when the timer function is used continuously.
  Quick winding In 1959, SEIKO (Seiko) invented a special component of the mechanical watch winding system-the ‘magic lever’. No matter which direction the pendulum swings, the energy generated by each shaking can be effectively used, thus greatly improving the efficiency of the automatic winding system! Today, the new magic lever winding system is directly driven by the bearings of the oscillating weight, making the winding more efficient than before.
  In addition to these outstanding features, SEIKO’s state-of-the-art manufacturing technology also ensures the highest quality of the product. Spring
The Drive series is one of the few integrated manufacturing plants in the global watch industry.
In EPSON (all parts of the movement are made and assembled by itself), they are assembled by hand by the best watchmakers.
  The world’s first quartz watch, officially launched on December 25, 1969, is the SEIKO (SEIKO) quartz watch ASTRON, which subverts the history of the world’s timekeeping. The quartz frequency of this watch is 8192Hz, which is a quarter of the quartz frequency of current quartz watches. One of the biggest features of this quartz watch is the installation of an open stepping motor, which allows the second hand to run every second, which has become a major feature of quartz watches.
How about Seiko watches
  Netizen evaluation one: Oh, Seiko’s high-end brands are Guiduo and GS
, Limited production. Guido specializes in precious metal watches, and GS specializes in advanced machinery. There are no counters for these two high-end brands in China. In particular, the manufacturing standards of GS are higher than those of the Swiss Observatory, and the mechanical process and accuracy are very high. If you are interested, you can find it online.
^ _ ^
  Netizen evaluation two: Seiko is a very good watch at this price ~~ I just made a very ordinary No. 5 shield series mechanical watch for my husband years ago ~ So far the error has not exceeded 30 seconds ~ Let my husband be surprised ~~ You know, the errors of mechanical watches are very big ~ At the time, I prepared them with the error of 2 minutes per day ~ haha ​​~
  Netizen evaluation three: I wear Seiko (I’m afraid I will be said to be a pro-Japanese, and I have forced students to forgive me for forgiving me). The price on Taobao is about the same as that in Japan. It’s pretty accurate, to be honest, not very high-grade, because of Japanese watches? I have bought this one, and I dare not draw conclusions about others.
  Netizen evaluation four: To be honest, the plum blossom is too steel to be too soft.
  Netizen evaluation 5: It is one of the three largest watch brands in Japan. If you talk about Seiko mechanical watches, then it is divided into multiple grades. Among them, shield 5 is the most common, a few hundred dollars. It is more durable but The accuracy is not very high, but it is particularly accurate, but it depends on luck. There is a SCVS series. It is much better to use the 6r15 movement. Now it may be more than 2,000 parallel imports. I wanted to buy this one at first, but later Drew the Lions. Seiko and GS and KS are expensive. In fact, some of his quartz chronographs are also good and not expensive.
  Netizens’ evaluation 6: In the 1960s, I bought a Seiko mechanical watch with a ticket of 155 yuan. After wearing it for 33 years, the oil wire was broken and I couldn’t cross the century. It is still there. Thirteen years. I just do n’t know what the quality is now.
What is the quality of Seiko?
  Seiko is a very practical brand in Japan. It is a high-end Japanese watch brand with a history of nearly 90 years. Good quality. Realistically speaking, the status of Seiko mechanical watches in the hearts of watch players is still very high. Seiko quartz watches are average, most people bring this. Hundreds or thousands of things, many styles are good. But Seiko’s mechanical watches, thousands, even tens of thousands. The classic GS model is said to have an error of only one second per day, such as the Grand series. Moreover, many parts of Seiko watches are handmade. All in all, Seiko watches are very cost-effective and the quality is absolutely reliable. Coupled with its relatively complete sales and maintenance system in China, consumers can buy with peace of mind.
  How about the price of Seiko?
Seiko watches range in price from two thousand to eight hundred thousand. Seiko watches are generally not expensive and are practical watches. Most of the watches with higher Seiko prices are mechanical watches, and the relative prices of quartz watches are lower. In addition, Seiko watches are mostly made of stainless steel and rarely have precious metals, so the price of the watch is low and the value of the collection is not high.
Seiko’s Hot Watches Recommended
Seiko Seiko
5 series SNZG17J1 watch

Number: SNZG17J1
Series: Seiko
Style: Automatic, Men
Material: galvanized stainless steel
RMB: ¥
Movement model: 7S36
Table mirror material: Sapphire crystal glass
Back penetration: back penetration
Water resistance: 100 meters

Seiko Chronograph SNDD25J1

Number: SNDD25J1
Series: Chronograph
Style: Quartz, 43 mm, men
Material: Stainless steel
RMB: ¥
Movement model: 7T92
Table mirror material: Sapphire crystal glass
Strap material: leather
Back through: dense bottom
Water resistance: 100 meters
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