Month: July 2013

Master Baume & Mercier Launches New Clayton Series Perpetual Calendar Watch

The Clifton Clifton series regularly launches an exclusive limited edition orphan every year, witnessing Baume & Mercier’s dedication to achieving outstanding achievements in the fascinating field of large complex functions. The Clifton series, consisting of ingenious timepieces, has launched models such as flying tourbillons and five-minute timepieces. The new Clifton Perpetual Calendar is now available. It is sophisticated and fascinating, making the series even more fascinating. Rich and wonderful, and the complex function of the perpetual calendar can fully reflect the traditional watchmaking craftsmanship and heritage of the Baume & Mercier watch.

Baume & Mercier watch was founded in 1830. It belongs to one of the oldest famous watch brands still in operation. From the very beginning, the Baume brothers have always been aiming at ‘aestheticism and only producing high-quality watches’. Therefore, in the entire development process of Baume & Mercier watch, precision, reliability and superb craftsmanship and other outstanding features have always made Baume & Mercier watch outstanding. Plus the brand also has another feature: Baume & Mercier’s timepiece masterpieces have always remained within reach, so that all watch lovers who love clocks and precision machinery can buy and own, making Baume & Mercier watches a lifelong close friend, let these The timepiece reflects the most precious and memorable time in life.
Gathering top experts and technologies
Baume & Mercier watches are firmly rooted in the roots of the brand’s tradition, with a continual history of 186 years of superb technology. Baume & Mercier’s watchmaking expertise is based on the ‘établissage’ production principle, which means that all the steps of watch development and manufacturing are mastered in-house, as well as the watch manufacturing process of assembling the various components. This is Baume & Mercier’s decision to adhere to the manufacture of high-quality watches, guaranteeing to provide customers with extraordinary products. It succeeds by selecting the best experts in each field, thus gaining the most advanced professional skills. Baume & Mercier’s historical mission of professional watchmaking relies on the design and creative ideas of products created and developed at its headquarters in Geneva, as well as the “établissage” production method implemented by the Brenets watchmaking workshop located in the Swiss Zhuluo area. Because the manufacture of Baume & Mercier watches is concentrated in Switzerland, it is more conducive for the brand to provide global after-sales service and provide antique watch repair services. Gathering the best experts and technologies to ensure the highest quality and follow the tradition, this is the principle that Baume & Mercier has strictly adhered to since its inception, and it has also become the advantage of Baume & Mercier watch.

The pinnacle of watchmaking
Continuing this mission, Baume & Mercier understands the challenges of complication of timepieces, as these high-tech features make measuring time an art. For decades, Baume & Mercier has proved the brand’s professional performance in this field and the status of an orthodox watch family with many long-established models in the demanding field of complex functions. Today, Baume & Mercier continues this profession and continues to introduce masterpieces that draw inspiration from these roots to attract the expert watch enthusiast. As a result, Baume & Mercier introduced a large-complex performance in the Clifton series, a highly technical and simple and refined timepiece masterpiece. This ‘classic’ Crichton collection is part of the great watch tradition, and its watches are a model of superb craftsmanship.

The new Clifton Perpetual Calendar pays tribute to the secrets of astrological observation and amazing astronomical mechanics, embodying one of the most successful and fascinating complications in the field of fine watches. What other measuring instruments can better connect humans and the universe? This exquisite machine is housed in a precious case made of 18K red gold, which can be automatically adjusted according to the month with 31 days, 30 days or 28 days in the Gregorian calendar and February 29 every four years. This is a great mechanical technical challenge for watchmakers, because the perpetual calendar proves that humans can accurately sequence the rotation of the earth and the evolution of its natural satellite moon in the solar system. This Clayton perpetual calendar watch can display the date, week, month and moon phase profit and loss, and automatically calculate the period of different months and leap years. It is one of the most complex and precise ‘big perpetual calendar’ watches, which is based on the century The principle of no repetition and repetition for four hundred years requires no manual adjustment before March 1, 2100.

Pioneering in Mechanical Technology
The perpetual calendar, a very classic timepiece complication, is a big challenge to test structural design and miniature technology. This perpetual calendar mechanism that replicates the mechanics of celestial bodies is the most successful of the so-called ‘astronomical’ complex functions. In order to accurately consider all the large and small monthly changes in the Gregorian calendar, the Crichton Perpetual Calendar watch is equipped with a Vaucher 5401 self-winding movement developed from Dubois Depraz 5100. The movement is equipped with a mechanical memory of up to 1461 days ‘That is four years. In addition, in order to stay true to the tradition of watch art, the movement’s splint bridge is embellished with ‘Geneva ornament’, and the chassis main board is decorated with round ornaments and blue steel screws. The design of the micro-rotor makes the movement thinner and can fit in a case with a thickness of only 4.2 mm. The micro-rotor also embellishes the brand’s Phi logo and snail-shaped ornamentation.

The beautifully curved 43 mm diameter, 18 K red gold case is equipped with a sapphire crystal glass back. Through this case, you can see through the movement that embodies the fine watch decoration process. This precisely beating heart beats 21’600 times per hour. , Has a 48-hour power reserve function. The Clayton Perpetual Calendar watch has a low-key and elegant reading and display design. The anti-glare sapphire crystal glass provides clear and easy-to-read features. The rounded silver milky dial shows an elegant and classic look, with 18 K. The red gold studded numbers and engravings show a beautiful contrast; the blue steel hands also make the calendar function more prominent. The date is displayed at 3 o’clock, the day of the week is displayed at 9 o’clock, and the month and leap year cycles are set at 12 o’clock. The timeless elegance of this Clayton perpetual calendar extends to the all-in-one black alligator strap with 18K red gold pin buckle. This watch conforms to the tradition of meticulous production and attention to detail of high-end watches, and also meets Baume & Mercier’s philosophy of providing affordable timepieces. Even timepieces with large complex functions are within reach of luxury.

Technical Parameters of Baume & Mercier Perpetual Calendar
Model: M0A10306
Movement: self-winding mechanical movement (Dubois Depraz 5100, base Vaucher 5401), oscillating weight with snail-shaped ornamentation and engraved Φ (Phi) emblem, Geneva-patterned splint bridge, circular-shaped splint, blue steel screws , 29 gems, 48-hour power reserve, 3 Hz frequency, 21’600 vph, 4.2 mm thickness
Function: Perpetual calendar (date, week, month, leap year, moon phase)
Case: round, diameter 42 mm, thickness 11.2 mm, polished / satin-finished 18K red gold, wear-resistant and anti-reflective sapphire crystal, sapphire crystal back
Dial: Arched silvery milky dial, 18K red gold Arabic numerals and engraving, gold-plated and blue steel hands
Strap: black alligator leather
Buckle: 18K red gold buckle
Water resistance: 5 ATM (about 50 meters)
Price: 163,000 RMB

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