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Naomi Harris Appeared At The Opening Ceremony Of The Omega James Bond Exhibition In Berlin

On October 28, local time, actress Naomie Harris (Naomi Harris) participated in the opening ceremony of the Omega James Bond exhibition held at the KaDeWe department store in the German capital Berlin. , Talk about the joy of joining this Swiss watchmaking brand. Naomi Harris has played Eve Moneypenny in two 007 series of ‘SKYFALL’ and ‘SPECTRE’.
   Omega has been a James Bond watch for 20 years. To celebrate this long-term partnership and the German premiere of SPECTRE, Omega proudly presents this special exhibition. The event lasted three weeks, and the layout of the Kadwell Atrium was reminiscent of the Q Lab in the film.
   In addition to all the Omega 007 full range of watches, many original film props are also on display. The Aston Martin DB10 GT Bond Limited Edition at the center of the booth is particularly eye-catching. In order to improve the layout, all Kadwell windows have also been redesigned to restore the scenes in SPECTRE.
   Omega President Stephen Urquhart (Okewa) welcomes Naomi Harris. Naomi Harris said: ‘My life has been very busy, so I always cherish my spare time. I try to slow myself down, especially living in a fast-paced city like London.’
   As Naomi Harris displayed the Omega Women’s Watch, visitors also took the opportunity to appreciate the limited edition Seamaster 300 ‘SPECTRE’ watch worn by James Bond in the new film. Black dial and bezel with black and gray NATO striped strap, this watch has won the interest and attention of many 007 enthusiasts.
   Oco Huawei Naomi Harris is excited to join Omega, and he also explained why Omega and James Bond are the best partners. ‘James Bond has perseverance and strength, and can always overcome challenges, and these The qualities fit the spirit of the Omega brand, which is why we have been working happily for more than two decades. ‘
   After the opening ceremony, guests are free to explore the exhibition and enjoy snacks and champagne. German actor Clemens Schick appeared as a guest to help out, and he previously starred in Kratt in ‘Casino Royale’. The Omega James Bond exhibition is open for free and will run until November 14.

Swiss Fine Watch Foundation Releases ‘white Paper On Fine Watchmaking’

Advanced watchmaking is a broad and profound concept that is sometimes difficult to elaborate and explain. Therefore, the Fine Watch Foundation attempts to define this particular area and its brand. The Fine Watchmaking White Paper is the culmination of three years of the Fine Watch Foundation Cultural Council.

Mr. Pascal O. Ravessoud, Secretary General of the Culture Council of the Swiss Watchmaking Foundation, introduced the “White Paper on Fine Watchmaking” to the guests

Shanghai, June 13, 2017 – Haute horology, like haute couture or haute cuisine, is a concept that people are happy to know but don’t know its exact meaning. The Fine Watch Foundation is committed to clarifying the basic principles of fine watchmaking and investing in this work with fairness and humility. The Fine Watch Foundation has commissioned a cultural council composed of 46 international independent experts to undertake this important task and ensure impartiality. These experts started from scratch and took three years to compile this Livre Blanc.

Mr. Pascal O. Ravessoud, Secretary-General of the Swiss Watchmaking Foundation Cultural Council (right) and Mr. Chen Kaixun (left), Chairman of the Foundation Greater China

The mission of the Fine Watch Foundation is to spread awareness, training, assessment and organization, and to promote the expertise of fine watchmaking. This White Paper is an upholding of the fine watchmaking foundation’s joint spirit and a comprehensive interpretation of these watchmaking principles. .

Fine Watch White Paper

In short, this White Paper is the result of a systematic study of the concept of “advanced watchmaking” and its values, a clear definition of “advanced watchmaking”, and a classification of different industry participants .

The White Paper lists seven major areas of expertise (R & D and production, style and design, historical and traditional characteristics, distribution and after-sales service, collectors and connoisseurs, brand image and publicity, and training), and develops 28 objective and Quantifiable differentiation criteria, as appropriate, and each brand is evaluated by experts from the Cultural Council based on each criterion.

This work strictly defines the field of fine watchmaking with equal emphasis on precision technology and precious craftsmanship. At the same time, it also divides different industry participants into 4 categories, reflecting the diversity of this industry: historical family, modern brands, luxury brands and Independent handmade watch brand.

Classification of industry participants
Historical family Traditional watchmaking family has deep historical heritage.
Modern brand The current brand / family has obvious modern characteristics.
Luxury brands Luxury brands with diversified products, pursuing creativity and innovation, and striving for excellence in precision technology and / or precious fine watchmaking.
Independent watchmaking brand Independent watchmaker with unique watchmaking technology, generally responsible for the entire process of product production, sales and after-sales service

The Fine Watch Foundation Cultural Council finally evaluated a total of 86 brands and 64 brands were shortlisted. The assessment will be repeated every 2 to 3 years to keep up with the development of the industry.

This ‘White Paper on Advanced Watchmaking’ fills the industry gap and more clearly divides different industry participants and their classifications, thereby deepening the end consumers’ understanding and trust in the advanced watchmaking industry.

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