Famous Director Sophia Coppola Directs Cartier Cheetah Watch Micro Movie

Cartier and Sophia Coppola: From inspiration to creation

As a model of unique style and femininity, Cartier invites the famous director Sofia Coppola to freely express his talents and direct the Panthère de Cartier Cartier Cheetah watch micro-film.

In the eyes of people, Sophia Coppola has always been a representative of elegant taste and modern style. As a firm artist, she dares to transcend the tide in her creations and interprets the true face of today’s women from a delicate perspective. Some of her films do revolve around male characters (such as Stephen Dorf in Somewhere and Bill Murray in Lost Tokyo), but most of her works feature females. The feminine perspective is an important part of Sophia’s artistic creation, and it is also a theme that she skillfully presents on the big screen. She is exceptionally talented, possesses a unique artistic conception, and is familiar with the modern way of interpreting past times.

The spirit of the 1980s is a reflection of Ms. Cheetah’s temperament, and Sophia’s accurate understanding of this era is in line with the series born in 1983.

Sophia Coppola: Insightful Feminist Perspective

‘I have always been passionate about Cartier, and its archives, history, and design are so unique. I am a loyal fan of Cartier.

When Cartier invited me to film a relaunch of the Panthère de Cartier Cartier Cheetah Watch, my first thought was: Who is Ms. Cheetah? What will her life look like?

I really like the Panthère de Cartier watch, so I am very happy to be able to show its fashion and gorgeous charm through the film. This watch is very unique, it is not only a watch, but also jewelry that can be worn daily or with gorgeous evening wear.

In 1983 when the Panthère de Cartier Cartier Cheetah series watch was born, excellent films continued to emerge, and I was deeply fascinated by the movie stars of the time. The lady with this cheetah watch is of outstanding temperament, which makes me fresh. That era is worth revisiting and giving a modern perspective. Ms. Cheetah is elegant, mature, fashionable, and sexy. I imagine her as a travel-loving European woman who sets the story for the film. We filmed for several days in Los Angeles in locations including Union Station in the city center, Georgio’s nightclub, a Hollywood hotel, and ‘Fox Residence’. We successfully created a scene with the unique atmosphere of a Panthère cheetah watch.

I remember when I first met Courtney Eaton during a film audition, she had inherent charm. We decided to add a few friend roles for her in the club scene. I met Amanda and her sister Brooklyn in Paris, and I’m glad they joined the film. It was a great experience to complete this film in Los Angeles with such a great team. We managed to create the kind of atmosphere I imagined. ‘

Sophia Coppola: The Glory of Fashion Icon

Sofia Coppola has won an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, and was nominated for Best Film and Best Director. She grew up in Northern California and was admitted to the California College of the Arts to study art.

She adapted Pulitzer’s award-winning novel, Jeffrey Eugenides’s ‘The Virgin’s Death’, into a film of the same name and directed it. The film stars Kirsten Dunst, Josh Harnett, James Woods, and Katherine Turner. After its world premiere at the Cannes International Film Festival, ‘Virgin’s Death’ won the ‘Best Newcomer Director’ at the MTV Film Awards.

Coppola’s second film, Lost Tokyo, is the result of her first collaboration with Focus Pictures, which was selected for the Toronto, Venice, and Telluride Film Festivals. For this masterpiece she won an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay and was nominated for Best Director and Best Film (as a producer). The film has received many awards worldwide, including starring Bill Murray and Scarlett Johnson for best actor and best actress at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards.

Her third film, The Queen Beyond, was written and directed by Antonia Fraser, a biographical work by Mary Antoinette: Journey, and premiered at the Cannes International Film Festival. Kirsten Dunst starred in the film Coppola himself produced. Costume designer Milena Canonero won the Oscar for best costume for this film.

Coppola’s fourth film, ‘Somewhere,’ was shot at Marmon House in Los Angeles. She personally wrote, directed, and produced the work, with Stephen Dorf and Elle Fanning as the leading men and women. ‘Somewhere’ premiered at the 67th Venice Film Festival and won the highest honor-the Golden Lion Award. Subsequent work ‘Pearl and Treasure’ was adapted from real events, and described a group of girls’ crazy behavior in Hollywood in a thrilling atmosphere, starring Emma Watson, Leslie Mann, Tessa Farmiga and Katie • Zhang. The film, written and directed by Coppola, was released in June 2013.

The next film she wrote, produced and directed ‘A Very Murray Christmas’, Bill Murray and many stars spent a night full of music, joy and tenderness in this movie. Screened via Netflix in December 2015. In addition, Coppola first tried his hand and produced Verdi’s classic opera ‘La Traviata’. Coppola teamed up with fashion designer Valentino and producer Nathan Crowley. This opera was officially staged at the Rome Opera House on May 24, 2016.

The new film ‘Under the Peony’, directed, written and produced by Coppola, is adapted from Thomas Cullinan’s novel of the same name, and is composed of Ellen Fanning, Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst and Colin Starring Farrell. Coppola won the best director at the 2017 Cannes International Film Festival with this film, becoming the first female director to win this award in 56 years. ‘Under the Peony’ was released by Focus Pictures and will be released in June 2017.

Courtney Eaton presents Panthère de Cartier

Figure 2-5: Cartier Cheetah Micro Movie Picture