Month: December 2015

Raymond Weil Freelancer Women’s Watch

This watch adopts the classic shape of Raymond Weil Freelancer series watches, with a unique Arabic-style pattern on the dial, diamonds set on the bezel, and a movement perspective window on the dial. Very eye-catching.

The movement can be glimpsed through the 12 o’clock window of the black-gray dial decorated with Arabic patterns. This watch is equipped with a RW4200 self-winding mechanical movement. Appreciate the beauty of the movement in more detail. This movement can provide a power reserve of about 38 hours.

The case diameter is 38 mm and is made of stainless steel. The bezel is set with 66 diamonds, and the patterned black-gray dial is set with 12 diamonds as indexes. The dark-gray strap is an alligator leather title with a polished stainless steel folding clasp. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

Swiss Radar 2013 Basel New Media Tasting Conference Held In Beijing

On September 13, 2013, Beijing time, the famous RADO Swiss Radar 2013 Basel New Beijing Media Tasting Conference quietly kicked off at the 66F Park Hyatt Hotel, China Grill (Beijing Liang Restaurant), Watch House is very honored to be invited to experience this small new feast. More details of the event x will be detailed in the next article.

 Swiss Radar 2013 Basel’s new Beijing media tasting conference is located in the bright restaurant on the 66th floor of the Park Hyatt Hotel. The spacious and bright sun room gives people a fresh and relaxed feeling, and the environment is very elegant, but the day is cloudy It was foggy, so I didn’t get a panoramic view of Guomao when I stood on the 66th floor.

 The brand carefully prepared exquisite drinks and various meals for everyone. There were not many media invited for the event. It was said that it was a new product exhibition. In fact, it was more like a small gathering for easy communication. The atmosphere was very harmonious.

   Of course, the radar’s new watch will definitely be the protagonist in the whole event. The staff of the brand is also very enthusiastic to introduce the watch brought to the day. Next, we will present a large number of beautiful pictures taken by the editor. This is a radar two-time watch, in fact I personally think that in the more complicated functions, the two-time time should be considered a very practical one.

 The wearer’s own movement automatically winds this Swiss radar. The chronograph movement, while showing new features, has retained all the design highlights of the Rado D-Star 200.

 The radar D-STAR series still has a sporty design, the case and bracelet are still all high-tech ceramic materials, but after different processes, the watch shows a completely different texture.

 This is the new Hao Xing series of radar watches. Radar watches are inspired by new special style watches. These three new watches represent different playing fields.

 Dazzling blue models represent hard fields, flashing greens represent grass fields, and flamboyant oranges represent clay fields. The dial decoration and hands of each watch include a luminous coating that glows in the dark, even in long-lasting endurance races.

 In my opinion, radar’s high-tech ceramics can already shape the texture of any material. Whether it is steel or the luster of precious metals, high-tech ceramics can be easily done, and in the practical process, this material will be more Wear-resistant.

 In addition to many new radar watches on the day, the brand also carefully brought something special. As we all know, the radar brand is known for its high-tech ceramic materials. Among many watch brands, it can be said to be the pioneer of ceramic materials. Next Let me reveal the secret of radar high-tech ceramics for everyone.

 There are five plates on the table. The contents of the plates are very revealing for us a process of making a radar high-tech ceramic case. Although it is a relatively simple presentation, this also satisfies the media. Little curiosity.

 First of all, the first plate contained zirconia powder, which is part of the raw material for making the radar case. This powder is very detailed. I touched it with my hands, and it can be said that it is more delicate than the foundation for makeup.

 The second plate contained particles of zirconia powder added with some colloids.

 I will put together the last three plates to explain for you. The case-shaped object you see on the left is molded from the particles in the picture above, and then fired at a high temperature under strict control of temperature and humidity. The middle case, that is, the firing process will make it smaller, and finally it will be fine polished and polished into a smooth high-tech ceramic case. The process is amazing.

 It is also worth mentioning that in the process of ‘shrinking and shrinking’ the case, it is necessary to ensure that the size and position of each aperture achieve the desired effect. The unshakable first place in the high-tech ceramics industry.

 This is only a limited edition of the radar Diamaster series. The Si3N4 TiN silicon nitride titanium nitride is a high-tech ceramic composite material developed by Rado in its recent innovative exploration. TiN titanium nitride gives ‘ ‘Antique copper-colored’ case has a durable and durable appearance.

 The material gives the DiaMaster a unique look, while the movement gives it its soul. In the materials used for the exterior of the watch, you can usually see the innovation of the Rado Swiss Rado-this DiaMaster watch also reflects the innovation of the Swiss Rado.

 The material of the buckle is also high-tech ceramic. The ‘old copper’ gives the case a durable and durable appearance. This is a watch with a little content or story, it seems to be telling its history.

 A more formal watch in the Hao Xing series, the sharp contrast between warm tones and cold steel case, striking the most unique style, this HyperChrome watch uses rose gold or gold Ceramos carbonization Titanium ceramic parts.

 This metallic watch is also made of high-tech ceramics.

 Finally, I took a group photo of my three favorite watches. The one in the middle has the new Rado HyperChrome HyperChrome UTC two time watches. You will not have to make a dilemma anymore. This series of watches You can display the time in two different time zones at the same time. UTC stands for Coordinated Universal Time, and uses a more accurate timing method than traditional ‘GMT’. The two different time zones of this series of Swiss radar can also be converted to bring two different styles, making it the best travel companion for celebrities.

 As everyone’s communication gradually deepens, the event is also coming to an end. As a watch-loving person, it is very happy to be able to appreciate and experience so many models at once. Radar is the pioneer of high-tech ceramic It also brought us a lot of surprises, but I believe that as the brand continues to surpass itself, there will be more and better radar watches to meet us.

The Most Beautiful Watch Haute Couture À Pampilles

Dazzling artistic aesthetics of Vacheron Constantin and fine jewelry

 In a world of time and precision, the hands of artisans play an important role. By inheriting the craftsmanship from the past centuries, it has conquered the material properties, kept some of the finest details, and finally found the way to perfection through unrivaled patience and concentration. At Vacheron Constantin, those amazing Métiers d’Arts are themselves the best articulators, and experienced craftsmen have gone to great lengths to infuse their superb technology into watchmaking machinery and make it sublime Pieces of extraordinary art.

 Among so many handicrafts, master watchmakers, together with masters of jewelry and gem setting, realize their wildest decorative dreams. Like the ancient alchemists, the gem setting masters and jewellery masters gave them life by transforming the raw materials into a timeless bright wealth. Through these precious gems, the craftsman of light pulls time beyond the countable galaxy and turns it into a part of life.

 Vacheron Constantin and women’s watches: a story about passion

 To fully understand Vacheron Constantin’s history of women’s jewelry watches, it can be traced back to 1820, when the first pocket watch specially designed for women was officially launched in Switzerland. This pocket watch is smaller and more delicate than a men’s pocket watch. It requires small and exquisite craftsmanship and excellent decorative talents. These talents are only owned by a very few watchmakers. Vacheron Constantin is one of them.

 At the end of the 19th century, the aesthetics and functions of watches began to gain much recognition. With its style and design, it proves that the ‘watch’ was originally designed for women rather than men … Vacheron Constantin immediately realized the great potential of the women’s watch market. In 1887, the brand created a series of 30 women’s watches-a considerable number for the time, and the move itself was very important because it was the first watch series launched in the world. Adhering to the brand’s reputation for excellence in craftsmanship, these watches are equipped with a revolutionary system that allows the watch to be wound by simply turning the bezel, while setting the time, so there is no need to add a winding crown. This historic watch won an award at the Paris World’s Fair in 1889.

 In the ensuing 20th century, the watch industry ushered in a trend of pursuing compactness and exquisiteness: a rectangular watch equipped with a Vacheron Constantin movement was born in 1914, and became the world’s slimmest watch. The crown on the bottom of the watch not only fully reveals the beauty of jewellery watches, but also meets the brand’s standard requirements for precision. Today, the Vacheron Constantin 1005 movement used in the Kalla watch series is the direct successor of the movement made in 1914.

 1979: Kallista-meaning “ most beautiful ”

 In 1979, the Kallista full-diamond watch launched by Vacheron Constantin created another legend. It was carved from a whole gold ingot and took more than 6000 hours. Kallista means ‘the most beautiful’ in Greek, and the diamond in Greek mythology is ‘tears of god’. This watch uses the Vacheron Constantin hand-wound movement, which is the thinnest of its kind in the world. The entire slender case is set with 118 diamonds and the total weight reaches a record 130 carats.

 The Kallista watch is an exclusive treasure of its owner, unique in the world, and truly embodies the essence of watchmaking from the attic craftsmen of the 18th century. This unique timepiece is inspired by the extraordinary Kalla fine jewelry watch series, including the famous Lady Kalla watch, and in 2001 won the ‘Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève’ Best Diamond Watch Award.

 In 2009, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the birth of the Kallista fine jewelry watch, Vacheron Constantin launched a new fine jewelry watch and set a new world record at the same time: Kallania set with 186 emerald-cut diamonds and a total weight of about 157 carats. In addition, a new Malte tourbillon high-end jewelry watch is also launched. This watch combines the latest high-tech and extremely sophisticated and intricate hidden diamond setting technology, symbolizing the brand’s entry into the field of high-end jewelry watches. A big step. At the same time, Vacheron Constantin also broke the production limit of high jewelry watches and launched two new high jewelry watches: Lady Kalla Flamme and Kalla Haute Couture à Secrets. For the first time, both watches adopted the fancy-shaped diamond cutting process, which pioneered the pioneering world. Since then, fancy-shaped diamond cutting has become a new feature of Vacheron Constantin.

 Incarnation of passion Kalla Haute Couture à Pampilles

 Fashion but timeless is the epitome of jewelry craftsmanship and fine watchmaking. The new Kalla Haute Couture à Pampilles haute jewellery watch pays tribute to the Métiers d’Art Master Collection. Its name is a tribute to its heritage of excellence, elegance and originality, highlighting the qualities of the most exclusive and original watches. Its soft and light design is just a new display method created by designers who are constantly pursuing innovation.

 The Kalla Haute Couture à Pampilles haute jewellery watch is like a delicate and shiny embroidery, even in the face of time passing, it is still intact. The watch is set with approximately 28.70 carats of diamonds and uses the traditional craftsmanship of the ‘Secret’ watch to reproduce the elegant way of looking at time in the 19th century. The precious gem cover hides the hours and minutes secretly, and shows its elegant beauty with four dangling willow-like diamond charms, making it not only a watch, but also a magnificent and slender bracelet with beautiful diamonds.

 The combination of round, fire-shaped and princess-cut diamonds promotes the watch’s infinite vitality on the wrist. Vacheron Constantin first launched fire-cut diamonds in the watch industry in 2009. Its 77 facets can reflect and refract light indefinitely, making the diamonds even more shiny. The designer replaced the strict rules with emotion, and created a new creative method, boldly letting the diamond adopt a cutting-edge and small irregular design, making the unique brilliance more shining. The fire-shaped diamond cutting method is the only cutting process that has both left and right cutting surfaces. It is necessary to develop a new gem setting technology to achieve perfection.

 In order to highlight such a dynamic design, Vacheron Constantin’s designers and jewellery masters found a perfect guard for the fancy cut diamonds-composed of princess square and round cut diamond groups-designers according to the different shapes and weights of diamonds, And play a dazzling overall visual rhythm. The net-like structure made by human hands keeps other materials in use low-key and allows the diamond to show its dazzling beauty as the protagonist. Like exquisite lace, they cling to the wrist and glow with dazzling brilliance. When the cover is opened, the dial with round cut diamonds vividly reminds everyone that time is an infinite and timeless treasure.

 The two bracelet-like bracelets are inlaid with princess-shaped and fire-shaped diamonds, creating different styles: one is the rigorous geometric art deco (Art Deco), and the other is the smooth and vivid new art ( Art Nouveau) style. To ensure that the watch stays close to the wrist, this watch uses the famous 1005 manual-winding mechanical movement, while also establishing a new perfect aesthetic decoration: the crown is placed on the bottom of the movement, a long and narrow shape following Vacheron Constantin many years ago Another masterpiece behind the movement.

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