Month: January 2016

Precision Timing Weapon Tag Heuer 1/100 Second Chronograph

1/1000 seconds is not available, we can at least pursue this 1/100 second. Through its sapphire case back, we can clearly see that it has two independent vibration systems (including the balance spring and escapement), one of which is labeled 28800, which is responsible for the normal movement of the watch, and can store energy 42 Hours, another set of 360,000 times, is responsible for timing, energy storage for 90 minutes.
TAG Heuer created a miracle of 1 / 100th of a second in the early days when precision manufacturing technology was still underdeveloped. This system is used, but ordinary people have never had a chance to see its true face—I give it to many people They said they didn’t believe it. I have to believe it this time. It is also worth mentioning that this watch is also certified by the Swiss official observatory, and the daily travel time error does not exceed -4 / + 6 seconds
This year I made a joke in the TAG Heuer showroom. When Elaine introduced me to their 1 / 1000-second chronograph, I took it for granted that she was talking about a 1 / 100-second chronograph. She said it three times, and I still did n’t. react. It wasn’t until she started talking about the new 1/100 second chronograph … ‘What you just said is 1/1000 second?’ What is the concept of one thousandth of a second? For human vision, every second You can feel the continuous motion picture when you play 24 frames of the clock. The computer screen is set to 75 Hz (75 refreshes per second), and what we see is a completely still image. When the pointer is in the ‘small broken step’ of 100 times per second ‘Run (1/100 second), the naked eye can no longer distinguish, only the difference in numbers is left; when the frequency is increased to 1/1000 … the second hand completely disappears from my eyes without suspense.

Corum Admiral Series Double Tourbillon’s Spirit

CORUM is the noble and admirable sports fashion model Admiral’s Cup series, adding a new complex manual winding movement: CO 1008. This unique core features a dual tourbillon function, combined with a flyback date and an ingenious timing system. The movement integrates high performance and innovative ideas, further demonstrating the important position of the brand in the field of contemporary watchmaking.

 The tourbillon has been regarded as a symbol of precision timepieces for the past two centuries. The design of the tourbillon is to compensate for the deviation caused by the gravity of the watch in the vertical state. This ingenious mechanism is still considered to be one of the most difficult and complicated clock devices. The new CO 1008 movement successfully manufactured by CORUM this time is equipped with two parallel tourbillon devices with a power reserve of 72 hours, which ensures the watch’s excellent reliability. This exquisite mechanical structure is also equipped with flyback date and innovative time adjustment device. Just press the crown button, and the minute hand can instantly return to the full time position to set the time – the minute hand position is five minutes before and after the full time. This time adjustment device can be activated.

 CORUM Admiral’s Cup AC-One 45 Double Tourbillon

Stylish precision

 The case equipped with the new CO 1008 movement is the iconic dodecagon case of Admiral’s Cup. This iconic case came out in 1960 and was redesigned in 2013, while retaining the unique classic features that established its legendary status.

 The design of this watch’s case is inspired by contemporary architectural features. The surface layer is satin-finished and polished. The structure is alternated with black PVD-coated titanium on the case back and the center of the case, and the outer ring and the center of the case. To achieve the extraordinary aesthetics of the overall structure.

 Admiral’s Cup AC-One Double Tourbillon watch is available in 18K red gold or grade 5 titanium, with a diameter of 45 mm and a unique design with a strong brand color. The design is more suitable for sports adventures, and the waterproof depth of 300 meters is even more amazing.

 The dial features cold-light hands and hour markers, cut with a pomegranate motif designed exclusively for CORUM, and a square pattern with a fine diagonal cut, with an inner ring unique to the Admiral’s Cup. The flag pattern creates an elegant three-dimensional impression.

 The two tourbillons rotate on the bottom of the dial, and the red moving arrow indicating the flyback date is located on the upper part of the dial, like an extension of the two tourbillon holders.

 Admiral’s Cup AC-One 45 Double Tourbillon watch’s dazzling brilliance extends to the bridge, and the transparent case back presents a mechanical movement that vibrates 21,600 times per hour (3 Hz), while the movement is finished with a horizontal satin finish Treatment and sculpted in grey coal, showing a modern and stylish design. The main board is made of copper and beryllium (Cupro-beryllium-durable copper-based alloy is durable). The machine is embedded in the main board made of copper and beryllium, highlighting the brand’s outstanding long-term reliability for this complex watch. determination. The extraordinary Admiral’s Cup AC-One 45 Double Tourbillon watch is bound to become a model of fashion, precision and extraordinary timepieces in the watchmaking industry.

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