Month: September 2017

Minimalist Style Lavrangi Time Touch Steel Ball Watch

German watch brand Lavaro loves both beauty and minimalism. Lavaro is ‘water’ in Latin, and water is pure, just as lavaro’s design style is always simple and clean. Water is free, and designers who are accustomed to thinking while traveling successfully integrate the characteristics of different countries into their work.

   Subverting the traditional dial design, breaking the conventional three-hand dial pattern, using steel balls and magnetic field induction to accurately display the time, the bright and round steel ball scroll indicates the time, stylish personality.

   This is not an ordinary steel ball. It is hollow and is welded by two independent hollow hemispheres. After welding, the technician needs to completely remove the welding marks to make it smooth. The weight and size of the steel ball have been tested hundreds of times before they have achieved the ideal results today. The time is indicated by a hollow steel ball with thousands of hammers. When passing time, you can also fiddle with the steel ball, which is very interesting.

   Delicate and comfortable leather strap with classic pin buckle fastening. The significance of steel ball watches is that they can confidently control their own time.

   The diameter of the dial is 40 mm, the thickness of the case is 7 mm, and the leather strap is waterproof to 30 meters. Quartz movement.

Tissot Tengzhi Series Elite Edition Landing Grandly

The famous Swiss watch brand Tissot has solemnly released its new generation of star touch screen products & ndash; Tengzhi series elite watch in Shenyang. Tissot Sports Image Ambassador & ndash; Olympic champion Zhong Man and star guest Huo Siyan shined at the show, expressing the unique style of Tengzhi series elite city and outdoor. Mr. Yao Zhongwei, Vice President of Tissot China, also visited the conference site and started the Tengzhi series of elite watches with guests, unveiling the urban people’s different outdoor life fun outside of busy work.

Tissot Sports Image Ambassador Zhong Man, star guest Huo Siyan and Tissot China Vice President Yao Zhongwei launched the Tengzhi Elite Edition
Innovative touchscreen watch creates Tissot elite
The press conference began with exquisite sand paintings and modern dance performances. Two completely different art forms harmoniously perform the wonderful life of modern elites traveling between the city and the outdoors. China’s first professional female sand painter Li Mi used superb skills to portray the spirit of the Tengzhi Series Elite Edition for hiking and mountaineering in the urban elite. At the same time, he also described the care of the modern white-collar workers from 9 to 5 in the winter. In front of the background of sand paintings, with the frame-by-frame changes, two modern dancers interpreted the passion of outdoor sports and the ease of urban work and leisure with beautiful body language. The sand painting performance gradually entered the climax between the intersection of light and shadow. The modern city and the bold outdoor scene were integrated into one, and finally settled on a generously challenged fencing gentleman and a stylish and confident long-haired lady. At this moment, Zhong Man, the image ambassador of Tissot, joined the star guest Huo Siyan on the stage, and the eye-catching highlights of Tengzhi elite are also urban and outdoor.

Zhong Man, Huo Siyan and Mr. Yao Zhongwei talk about their dream watch
At the scene, Mr. Yao Zhongwei, Vice President of Tissot China, together with Zhong Man and Huo Siyan, explored the essence of the design of the Tengzhi Series Elite Edition & T; T for Tissot, O for Outdoor, and U for Urban C stands for Creative and H stands for High-tech. Every passionate element in the Tengzhi Series Elite Edition is realized and integrated through high-tech innovative touch-screen technology & ndash; TOUCH, becoming another elite product of the Tissot family.
Tengzhi Elite starts to travel between urban and outdoor
Ld & ldquo; Since 1853, Tissot has been based on tradition to innovate, and today it has grown to become the world’s largest sales Swiss traditional watchmaking brand. Whether it is fashion innovation of classic products, high-tech research and development, or the use of new materials, Tissot presents the best works to the public. & rdquo; With the speech of Mr. Yao Zhongwei, Vice President of Tissot China, also revealed the first essence of the new watch Tissot. ‘The new product to be announced today must be the’ elite ‘that condenses many essences. & rdquo;

Subsequently, Tissot Sports Image Ambassador & ndash; Olympic champion Zhong Man led the second essence of the new watch Outdoor. Zhong Man said that he not only loves fencing, but also likes outdoor sports. A watch that is suitable for outdoor sports after training will definitely be his first choice. And if the watch can provide him with accurate information that is vital to some outdoor sports through simple operating procedures, it is perfect. He hopes that this watch will become his companion and help him cope with various situations. Yao Zhongwei, Vice President of China, introduced that the new watch that is about to be unveiled can start the compass function of the watch during outdoor adventures and self-driving at leisure; if you hike up the mountain jungle, the watch’s altimeter will work. To help you inquire the latest height data, it will be a trusted partner. This introduction made all the friends here more curious about the new watches to be announced.
After Zhong Man, Huo Siyan, who has a keen sense of fashion, certainly has a third expectation for the new watch, which is Urban. In addition to sports, is it also suitable for urban people? The watch should be suitable for urban fashion, and the quick and eye-catching design can become a functional wristband. In addition, can it be more convenient for fast-paced urban life? Mr. Zhongwei Yao gave a positive response to Huo Siyan’s expectations.“The new watch will have a stylish atmosphere.The style of the all-steel case with the bright orange rubber band is a strong urban casual style that can be worn by both men and women; The design of the large dial also meets the demands of the contemporary style. In addition to fashionable styles, the new watches also facilitate urban life. The dual alarm design can provide two wake-up calls on a busy working day; and the weather forecast function allows white-collar workers to keep up with the weather trends in the city, and the changes are under control. & rdquo; How can so many high-tech features be experienced on one watch?

Zhong Man and Huo Siyan received Tengzhi Elite Men’s and Women’s Watches respectively
Finally, Mr. Yao Zhongwei unveiled the other two essences of the new watch: Creative Innovation and High-tech. Upholding the spirit of innovation for 157 years, Tissot has integrated high technology into this watch. He said: ‘The new watch has a strong Tissot gene, and high-tech innovations have given it powerful functions. It not only allows you to control’ time, as you like ‘, but also helps you to better in outdoor sports. At the same time, its simple operation is also very suitable for urban people’s busy and information-rich fashion leisure life. It is a product of the perfect combination of innovative spirit and high technology. & rdquo;
The high-tech, fashion, and sports of the new watch make people look forward to it.At last, it is time for the announcement.Zhong Man, Huo Siyan and Yao Zhongwei simultaneously touched the central sensing area of ​​the dial on the starting device with their fingers, symbolizing the watch in Shenyang. Officially launched, the meaning of each letter in the English word & quot; TOUCH & rdquo; is once again shown in front of everyone, Tissot, Outdoor, Urban, Creative Innovation, High-tech High-tech, it is these elements that jointly created The new watch is always exciting. Finally, the new high-tech touch-screen watch & ndash; Tengzhi Series Elite Edition is displayed in front of everyone’s eyes, integrating the five essences, carrying the Tissot innovation spirit, and also having the courage to move forward outdoor spirit, Tengzhi Series Elite Edition, it will also be stylish and high Urban hero of technology.
At this time, some people cannot help asking, Tissot’s professional series of Tengzhi series is already on the market, why should we launch the elite version this time? Mr. Yao Zhongwei mentioned that the elite version is an entry-level model of outdoor watches specially developed for urban people. It has 10 outdoor functions that are easy to handle, only 3 professional functions that reduce climbing speed, countdown timer and fixed target tracking than the professional version. However, these 10 functions can fully meet the needs of modern urban people. If they are outdoor beginners or used in the city, it is more than enough. The price of the elite version is even more affordable, only 3/4 of the professional version, which fully reflects Tissot’s ‘gold and silver price’ brand policy.
At the end of the event, Mr. Yao Zhongwei also presented the elite version of the Tengzhi series, which both guests loved very much, so that the new style, which is suitable for urban and outdoor, infected more people through the interpretation of the two guests.

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