Month: May 2018

Panarai Unveiled The Second Store In South Korea

Florence watch brand Panerai opened its second store in Seoul with the participation of architect Patricia Urquiola. Panerai stores are located in Samseong-dong, COEX, one of the world’s largest underground malls. The shop covers an area of ​​40 square meters and showcases a variety of watches from the Florentine brand Panerai.

 The well-known Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola reinterprets Panerai’s aesthetics and craftsmanship as a professional watchmaker, using a timeless design to set off the brand image, combining tradition with modern fashion, and connecting the past and the future with original methods.
 The exterior of the store’s main entrance is decorated with an oversized image of the Italian Navy performing underwater missions, conveying the inextricable relationship between the brand and the ocean. The new store respects the brand’s philosophy and history in terms of design concepts and materials, clearly reflects Panerai’s Florence roots and the deep roots of the brand and the ocean. It commends Panerai for manufacturing precision instruments for the Italian Navy commando from the 1930s to the 1950s, An important historical moment for the brand.

 Unique elements selected by Patricia Urquiola in the new store include walnut, calacatta luccicoso, polished brass, bronze, and special wave-shaped clear glass, plus copper chandeliers and a fine wooden sales counter , Evokes the mood of ships galloping in the vast sea.

 The new store adhering to the characteristics of other Panerai stores, the giant wall clock on the wall shows the brand’s unique design: the clock face adopts a sandwich structure, the two clock faces overlap each other, and a layer of Super-LumiNova® is sandwiched in the center. Keep time stamps and numbers clear and bright. The design of this ‘sandwich dial’ originates from the purpose of ensuring the readability of the watch, which can be clearly read even on a dim underwater. This unique design is still a unique feature of the brand, marking the brand’s tradition and history.
 The atmosphere of the specialty store is intimate and elegant, with contemporary features. Customers can taste the technical aesthetics of Panerai watches while enjoying time in a comfortable and private environment. The exclusive store also has a separate space for watch collectors to enjoy a unique VIP experience.

 In addition to Korea’s Hyundai Department Store COEX store, Urquiola Studio is also responsible for the newly opened or redesigned store in Hong Kong, Miami, New York, Paris, Taiwan, Milan, Beijing and Florence, the birthplace of the brand. After the opening of the Urquiola-designed and refurbished stores, Panerai’s total number of global stores is now 66.

Black Wild Wind Dior Cd1245e0c002 Watch Appreciation

Dior is a well-known luxury brand. When it comes to luxury watches, Dior is naturally an indispensable element. Dior has a very good level in the manufacture of watches, and the shape of its watches is especially Chic, loved by many ladies. In particular, the design of the watch’s front pendulum, clever use of the movement’s components to give the watch a beautiful decoration, although valuable, but there are still many people who like it.

 The Dior VIII series is a very popular series under the brand. It is full of spirituality. It seems that each watch is choosing its own owner because they are too personal. The CD1245E0C002 watch uses a black tone throughout the body. Among many brands, Dior is able to embody such a stylish black, Dior is definitely in the leading position. On the basis of black, Dior uses the top diamond technology in the center of the dial to arrange the carefully selected diamonds in a ring to create a stylish and luxurious texture. The bezel and strap are designed with a tapered check pattern, which breaks through the mellow appearance of the current watch, highlighting the brand’s emphasis on personality, innovation, and fashion. In addition, the side of the bezel is also designed with a coin pattern, full of charm. When these are ready, the brand chose stainless steel and ceramic materials for the entire watch, making the exterior of the watch strong and durable, not easy to wear and corrode, especially the bezel. The theme was first made of stainless steel, and then the ceramic coating was retouched. And present a mirror effect, showing a smooth texture. The back of the watch has a transparent bottom design, giving a clear view of the movement’s structure and delicate polishing.
Dior’s CD1245E0C002 watch is stylish and sexy, full of wildness. As a ladies watch, the 38 mm diameter is relatively large. Therefore, if you want to control this unique watch, you need to have strong Gas field.
 Dior CD1245E0C002 watch does not have any functions, so its movement is also not a complex movement, but as a timepiece, it must be based on the accuracy of the time. This watch is equipped with a Swiss-made automatic mechanical movement. One of its highlights is the huge fully-rotating automatic rotor. Its material is currently unknown. It may be a pvd-coated gold material or it may be Titanium alloy, no matter what material, is undoubtedly the most striking when viewed through.

 The Dior brand can be described as a big man in the fashion industry, but it exudes youthful vitality and the latest fashion elements everywhere. At the same time, it is a luxury consumer product that plays a pivotal role globally. The appearance of this watch is full of fashion and luxury elements. At the same time, black is a color that many people cannot innovate. Under the leadership of Dior designers, a wild side erupts, like a black hole, and wants to devour everything. In terms of function, it has a waterproof depth of 50 meters and a unidirectional rotating bezel. Although this bezel does not have a substantial function, it also adds a lot of fun. Its movement is a self-winding movement produced in Switzerland. It has good quality and ensures the necessary accuracy of the watch. The public price of this watch is 80,000 yuan. Personally, this price is mainly due to the superposition of the two aspects of the brand and the diamond. In the professional watch market, there should not be much support for the crowd. Large group of fans.
 Watch details: dior / 21343 /

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