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Art Deco Wrist The Heure Celeste Series Watch Tasting

At night, not all are lonely. When the stars are filled with the sky, two people nestled together to experience a wonderful and romantic picture of the vast sky. At this time, the night will be surrounded by tenderness. . Jacques Dro has always insisted on combining moving romance with watches, so that every wearer can feel a strong meaning. Today’s Watch House will introduce you to a The Heure Celeste series watch. The watch uses eccentric hour and minute dials and gorgeous decoration, as if the black night sky is full of shining stars, watch model: J005023521.

  The Heure Celeste series is a poetic watch series. The design mostly uses eccentric hour and minute dials as the time display area. The remaining vacant parts are arbitrarily used by watchmakers to create dials with different patterns, which presents many Gorgeous watch.

  This romantic and poetic watch is made of 18K rose gold. A touch of gold sets off the elegance and luxury of the watch. The diameter of the watch is 41 mm. The double bezel design increases the three-dimensional feel of the watch. Fashion sense.

   The watch case is 13.77 mm thick, which provides ample space for the operation of the internal movement. The rounded shape of the watch shows the brand’s delicate and elegant style. The chic dial decoration technology combines top technology and aesthetics, and it also shows the infinite creativity of Jacques Droe.

  The black onyx dial resembles the vast night sky. The dial is dotted with jewels of bright light. Each one is like a star, with fluent and elegant design, full and round shape, showing elegance.

  The dial design of the watch is clever. The entire surface is roughly divided into two parts. The upper circular surface is used to display the time. The other part is decorated with a hemispherical decoration. The size and shape are different. Several of them are set with fine diamonds. Pieces, with a total weight of 0.77 carats, each ingenious design of the watch shows Jacques Drojo’s extraordinary watchmaking technology.

   The hour and minute dial series is one of Jacques de Ronaldo’s outstanding watch series. The independent small dial and the elegant and decorative art between the dials complement each other. With the passage of time, two elegant hands slowly swim on the dial. Go, underscores the infinite creativity of Jacques Dro watchmaking, and also showcases the brand’s outstanding decorative arts.

  The 18K rose gold crown is located at the 3 o’clock position of the watch. The rounded shape is very consistent with the temperament of the watch. The convex design on the top increases the three-dimensional feel of the crown and is engraved with two star-shaped Jacques de Roth brand marks, as if Under the stars, feel the romantic atmosphere.

   The best thing to show the excellence of a watch is the control of details. This watch is also very careful in the design of the buckle. The wristband uses a typical pin buckle. LOGO imprint, and the other sides are inlaid with exquisite diamonds for decoration. The diameter of the diamonds is designed to increase from bottom to top. A total of 24 diamonds are inlaid. Each one has a perfect cut and clarity. It is displayed everywhere. Jacques Dro’s high-end decorative arts and watchmaking skills.

  The lugs of the watch are also made of 18K rose gold. The fine polishing of the watchmaker makes the lugs exude charming metal luster, the lugs have sharp edges and corners, and the cut lines are smooth, forming an elegant arc with the case.

  The watch is equipped with a Jaquet Droz 2653 self-winding mechanical movement. The movement has a dual barrel and 22K white gold oscillating weight. It has 28 stones and a frequency of 28800 times / hour. It can provide 68 hours for the watch. Kinetic energy reserve.

Summary: This watch shows the starry beauty, with dignified black as the main color of the dial and diamonds and gold hemispheres as embellishments, it is indeed a piece of wrist art.

Passion Is Everywhere Icy Cocktails Fall In Love With Domineering Watches

Summer brings freshness and enthusiasm. Cocktails have become one of the important summer drinks for people. The ingenious combination of various fresh fruits and wines gives each cocktail a wonderful and unique taste, combining the excitement of wine Sense, softness of ingredients, faint fruity aroma of fruits, and the coolness of ice cubes, quenching thirst and quenching thirst, irresistible charm. Due to the different ingredients used and the different proportions used in cocktails, the clever effect of density will make cocktails in many different styles. When the colorful cocktail shakes in your hand, if you wear a corresponding watch on your wrist, it can reflect the stylish and colorful. Below, the Watch House offers several creative cocktails and watches for everyone, adding more fun and comfort to life.

  Cocktails use different elements to create different styles. Master watch designers also use different elements to show different styles. Cocktails are a small amount of iced wine. It is based on rum, gold Alcohol (Gin), Tequila (Vodka), Whisky (Whisky) and other spirits or wine as the base liquor, and accompanied by fruit juice, egg whites, bitters, milk, coffee, cocoa, sugar, etc. Other auxiliary materials are a beverage made by stirring or shaking, and finally, lemon slices, fruits or mint leaves can be used as decoration.

  Lover’s Tears, Martini Red Cocktail

  The men who can mix wine are sexy, and the women who taste wine are more attractive. This wine will be welcomed by the carnival in summer. The iced lime juice and raspberry are paired with a sweet and sour taste, so that Man feels colorful summer. Put ice cubes, vodka, raspberry, lime juice and syrup into the cocktail shaker and mix well. Introduce the iced martini glass and decorate the remaining raspberries and lemon slices on the glass.

  The glass of this cocktail is also very unique, the transparent glass shows a red liquid, crystal clear. A good wine glass can reveal the magnificent color of the wine, which is pleasing to the eye. You can gather the aroma of the wine in the wine glass for a long time. When clinking glasses, the delicate, bright red strawberries are rippling, and the mouth-watering cocktails have a memorable aftertaste.

  The name of this glass of wine is ‘Lover’s Tears’. It is as enthusiastic as a flame and as brilliant as the morning glow. The reason why it is called ‘tears’ is because the process of couples mingling with each other is always mixed with quarrels, entanglements and tangles, sometimes fanatic and sometimes Indifference, tears contain both loneliness and arrogance and unruly love. The corresponding model is the Hublot Supreme series. Hublot has always been known for its boldness and publicity. This model continues the brand’s usual style. The striking red has become the finishing touch on the dial, giving this watch a passion and passion.

  The watch uses a multi-layered complex dial structure with a powerful 48 mm case for powerful angles. The minute hand of this watch, the timer at 9 o’clock and the calendar window at 4 o’clock all use red. At 3 o’clock, the watch is also printed with the famous slightly rebellious red devil logo, from Both inside and out reflect the rebellious personality.

 Romantic love, blue summer cocktail
  The blue luster puts on the waves of the sea, and immediately makes people feel the cool sea breeze and cozy feeling from the sea. Rich and smooth French vodka, carefully matched with the aroma of fresh fruit syrup, a little pure, a little bit sloppy, using a cocktail to interpret sweet and romantic love for urban men and women. The mouth of the cup is dotted with a red rose, and the faint floral and fruity melons blend together, so that it can perfectly present the wonderful experience of dense top smoothness, elegance and softness, which is refreshing and long-lasting.

 The flavors of the two cocktails are not very different, and the designs are very emotional. Under the dim lights of the bar, listening to the moody music, taste a person’s loneliness, and love for a while. Have you longed for this romantic summer?

  The couple who matches this romantic cocktail must be very happy and full of friendship. The first thing that makes me unforgettable in my mind is the Van Cleef & Arpels poetic complication series VCARN9VI00 watch. This watch creates a romantic midnight sensation, vividly reproduces the scene of the male and female host convention, and shows us a beautiful feeling, which is amazing.

  The most beautiful part of the watch is the encounter between men and women. The clock part of the watch is indicated by the woman on the left side of the watch, and the minute part is indicated by the man on the right. Rose, one frame every hour, after each time slipping away, they will take a step closer to each other, and finally kiss each other at 11:55 minutes, the duration is 5 minutes, and then return to the origin and continue to each other.

  Tropical style, island vacation cocktail

  In the hot summer, nothing is more comfortable than a refreshing cocktail. This wine brings a feeling of island vacation, refreshing.

  The world of cocktails is also very colorful. In our opinion, we always feel that it is so delicate. Different wines are matched together to transform so many colors and have so many beautiful names. This cocktail mixes fresh berries with a special flavor of absinthe. The collision of fruit and wine makes you feel a passionate summer. The summer breeze is the perfect companion for beach travel.

  A refreshing cocktail with Roger Dubuis is the most suitable, personality and unrestrained, full of yearning for freedom, cherish time. The Roger Dubuis three-hand watch once again presents Roger Dubuis’s exclusive elements. The metal case is smooth and translucent, which is more luxurious and noble under the light. The larger case reveals a flamboyant personality, and the bezel is engraved with delicate gemstones, shining with a moving light. The time scale adopts black irregular Roman numerals, with silver hands, and the small second hand is located at nine o’clock. The upper part of the white transfer minute ring has the words RogerDubuis (Roger Dubuis), and the words Swissmade (Swiss made) underneath, showing the brand’s logo in the details.

  The white strap is even more refreshing in summer, and it is very decent with any clothes. The watch’s movement is engraved with the prestigious Geneva mark. The exquisite design conveys the connotation of the brand’s traditional watchmaking spirit. For the wearer or owner, this is a special mark of the brand. High recognition, can fully show the identity and status of the wearer.

  Cocktails are not as spicy as white wine, nor as monotonous as beer. They are more exciting than drinks. Today, cocktails have come into our lives. Drinking cocktails in the bar during leisure time has gradually become a fashion. Different people like different tastes and tend to choose different colors. People’s tastes vary from person to person. Naturally, people’s tastes are also very different, and watches of different colors will also be favored by different wearers.

Summary: When the sun is shining outside, at this time, you can quietly make a cocktail at home, taste it slowly, and let the watch on your wrist accompany you to spend your leisure time, that is a very pleasant feeling; Or ask a few good friends to bathe in the sun and swim along the beach together, let that time slowly fly around, and make the beautiful cocktail a refreshing heart. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

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