This Kind Of ‘flower’, I Think My Mommy Will Love It ~

Probably I was not sensible before, I ca n’t remember my mother’s birthday, let alone give me a gift on my mother’s holiday. Gradually, when I realized the importance of the role of mother, I tried to send a bouquet of flowers on Mother’s Day. Looking at the smile that Ta showed when he received the gift, I was more certain that there were no women in the world who did not like flowers. Unfortunately, one year I still sent flowers, but I was denied by my mother: ‘The beauty of flowers is beautiful, but it is easy to wither, and the viewing can only last for a week.’ Although a little sad, but later I think, Ta loves flowers so much, Why not send a flower that never fades? So I started to wonder … buy a rose eternal lipstick lipstick gift box, but … women do not seem to spoil a lipstick, with a new color number, she will remember this one? Buy a jewellery flower or not, expensive jewelry can not be worn every day, otherwise it is easy to be said to be exaggerated. How about sending a watch with a faceplate? For a woman, a watch is not only a decoration on the wrist, but also a little bit of her life. Who would refuse a delicate and feminine dial? And for mothers with different personality traits, you can also choose different styles ~ If you are a dreamy little princess in your heart, Miranda Kerr is not a sweet type of aggressive, round face, Sweet dimples, mother’s sweetheart bomb. The Dior Grand Soir Botanic watch is a fairy garden with ruby ​​and sapphire as the mainstay and mother-of-pearl outline. It can make a dreamy illusion of bling, just like the flowers blooming slowly under the mirror. , Just to meet Ta will open a wishful garden on his wrist. If you Ma Ma is a cute and playful woman Sophie Marceau has a playful and lovely heart under her clear and charming eyes. No matter how old the years are, she is still childlike. Cartier Les Indomptables de Cartier peacock decoration watch Several lovely small flowers are hiding in the peacock and blooming quietly, and let it playfully spread out. The peacock’s slightly descent can’t help but make people feel contented and smile. Then, in Flowers and peacocks are comparable, exuding a clear shy beauty. It seems that the lovely woman is the most beautiful woman. If you Ma Ma is a very gentle woman Catherine Zeta-Jones Curly, quiet classic beauty, her temperament is a very special presence, gentle and generous. Chopard LUC XP Esprit de Fleurier Peony watches all say that ‘minimalist’ is a beauty from the heart. The black and white paper-cut pattern is held by a circle of diamond-shaped round frames, and the shape of the peony flower is shy. The lines, which explain the highest femininity of a woman, are the best compliments and honors to wear it. If you Ma Ma is a delicate and elegant woman Julia Roberts’ eyes are big and godly, her eyes are beautiful but not demon, and her bright smile reveals more elegance and elegance. Breguet Shell Relief Ref. 8958 Reine de Naples Cammea Watch The sunflower petals are evenly solidified on its dial, which most subtly shows the characteristics of the shell relief. The transparency of the material and the wrinkles on the petals even make it look Some soft feeling, with the admiration of loyalty and loyalty, will surely make your mother love it. If you are a woman with full personality and pursuit of quality Angelina Jolie is full of personality, dare to love and hate, but a chic and unruly personality loves life more, pays attention to the quality of life, has her own special Chic’s spiritual paradise. Bvlgari Diva watch Each Diva watch seems to give people a certain superstar charm, the brilliant flash of pavé diamonds and the icing on the rose gold give the watch a noble and bright effect, rich texture, beautiful and extremely elegant posture Charismatic, with a hint of oriental charm inadvertently. Hee hee, it’s Mother’s Day, and still worry about what gifts to give? No need! There is no woman in the world who doesn’t love flowers. Seriously, sending flowers is worse than sending a watch with a flower plate. She will definitely like it ~ please actively share it in the message room. Your mother’s day gift is an alternative! Editor: Lily, Evelyn | Visual and Illustration: Evelyn, Sun Picture: From the brand (partially from the Internet) Flow Hip-hop was launched by watchmakers to watch and jewellery culture guide for 8090 young people

Painted Enamel Painting Table Of The Temple Of Heaven In Athens Won The Collection Of Shenyang Palace Museum

For the first time, the Shenyang Palace Museum has included enamel paintings in its collections. The Swiss enamel watch ‘The Temple of Heaven’ has a silk enamel painting table. The master of the painting master hand-painted the symbol of Chinese history, the building of the Temple of Heaven. The prize of the Shenyang Palace Museum collection has become a permanent collection of the Shenyang Palace Museum. Today, Athenaeum held a grand watch donation ceremony at the Shenyang Palace Museum. Mr. Yan Tingpeng, general manager of Athenaeum Greater China, donated a silk enamel painting watch named ‘Musee’ to the Shenyang Palace Museum for future generations and grandchildren. You can view this filigree enamel painting table on the surface of the ‘Temple of Heaven’ enamel to record Chinese history in the Forbidden City of Shenyang.
Ulysse nardin Beijing Tiantan Enamel Painted Watch
Material: Platinum
Movement: Cal. UN-13 automatic movement
Function: hour, minute, second display
Certification: C.O.S.C. Observatory certification
Faceplate: Filament enamel painted faceplate
Mirror: Sapphire Crystal
Table diameter: 40mm
Water resistance: 50 meters
Limited: 18

   ‘Filigree enamel’ has a high collection and heirloom value, coupled with its complicated production and rely on the experience of master painters, this watchmaking technology is gradually lost, is a precious craft that needs to be treasured and protected. The Shenyang Imperial Palace was established in 1625 AD. It was the main administration and court hall before the Qing Dynasty. In 1636, Emperor Taiji became the emperor, renamed the country as Qing, and reorganized as the Palace Museum. The treasure of Chinese art, the Athens watch is the first top watch brand to enter the Forbidden City of Shenyang with the filigree enamel painting watch crystallized by humanities.

   The ‘Eternal Temple’ filigree enamel painting table is based on the famous Chinese landmark, the Beijing Temple of Heaven, and will be built on the three-level white marble jade altar. It fully displays its delicate working methods. The Chinese palace has always been known for its grandeur, exquisite details, and the Athenian watch is a magnificent view of the building, which is truly presented on the dial of less than 4 cm, which fully incorporates the beauty of Chinese architecture, not only recording the famous buildings in Chinese history And history, but also for the exquisite enamel painting process of Athens, leaving an unforgettable memory, with the significance of the integration of Chinese palace architecture and Swiss miniature architecture.

   Today’s Athens watches can be exhibited in the Shenyang Imperial Palace, which is definitely an identification with the watchmaking skills of Athens. At this exhibition, Athens Watch will display more than 30 top museum collections of enamel watches and antique pocket watches, including ‘Limited Enamel Egg Carving Watch’, ‘Gold Deer’, ‘Water Venice’ and other rare Watch models, as well as representative works combining complex craftsmanship and painting, the astronomical trilogy ‘Kebler Astrolabe’, ‘Safari African Hunting and Painting Questionnaire’, several rare enamel painted watches will be displayed at the same time The outstanding masterpieces are publicly displayed, and being able to enjoy these amazing works from a close distance is definitely a rare opportunity. It is a pity to miss it!

   The three-month ‘Paris and Enamel Painting Tour Exhibition in Athens’ will be on tour in Macau, Hong Kong, Xi’an, Taiyuan, and Shenyang, and will be moved to Dalian, Harbin, Shanghai, Beijing, Kunming, Taiwan and other places. At present, in recent years, China’s economy has developed rapidly and Chinese residents have become increasingly wealthy. Athens opened its first point of sale in Xi’an in 2004 and is committed to exploring China’s top watch market. In November 2006, Athens opened China’s first flagship store in Shanghai’s famous watch and jewelry brand “Bund 18”. Today, Athens has 21 prestigious watch retailers across China, including Shanghai, Beijing, Dalian, Harbin, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Kunming, Nanchang, Changsha, Hangzhou, Datong, Shenyang, Taiyuan, Wuhan Tangshan. With the increasing demand of Chinese residents for high-end watches, China is a market with great development potential for Athens watches.

   The enamel painted watch was popular in the table in the 1960s. Because of its colorful colors and the uniqueness of the complicated manual process, it was especially loved by celebrities and ladies. Among them, the ‘filigree painted enamel’ is the most popular. To make a ‘filigree painted enamel’ surface, you need to use more than 500mm long gold wire, and fix a very fine gold wire less than 0.06 mm to the surface. Use a contour to distinguish the color blocks, and then use a goose feather tube to stain it. Take the enamel pigment one by one for coloring. After coloring, you need to go through more than 50 procedures and about 5 times to bake and polish the oven at 800 to 1200 degrees Celsius to avoid air bubbles. It takes more than 100 hours of actual man-hours. To complete an enamel painted surface. Because of the complicated and time-consuming production process, enamel watches disappeared immediately after the 1950s, leaving only a few top watchmaking factories such as Athens watches, capable of making this kind of painted watch that was a symbol of wealth status in ancient times. At present, there are less than 10 masters of clock painting in the world who can make enamel watches, so it can be said that it is extremely rare traditional watchmaking technology. Michel Vermot, the chief enamel master of Athenian Watches, has produced a series of wonderful enamel painted watches for Athenian Watches. The enamel painted table of the Athens watch is divided into four series: San Marco Plain Enamel, Ship and Sea Battle, Landmarks, and Animal.