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2012 Swiss Mido Watch ‘inspiration Creates Eternity-who Wears Buildings In Your Hands’ 上海 活动

On April 20, 2012, the well-known watch brand Swiss Mido, which is full of extraordinary innovation spirit, officially opened the 2012 ‘Inspiration to Create Eternity’ in Shanghai’s new landmark of fashion: the dream of Hongkou Kaidelong Who wears buildings in their hands ‘series of activities. As the first dazzling appearance of Mido in 2012, many fashion media and distinguished guests gathered here. At the night of the Hongkou Kai Delong Dream Plaza, the lanterns were shining and extraordinarily bright. The Swiss Mido watch created a gorgeous and slightly mysterious inspiration space for all guests, presenting a stunning dream watch show, It brings a new concept of watchmaking-sublimating the architectural art into the design inspiration of a wristwatch, and creating a timeless masterpiece of wrist watch timing. Asian popular superstar Mr. Wu Zun made a special presence and sent his best wishes to Mido, together with Mr. Franz Linder, Global President of Swiss Mido and Ms. Wang Ying, Vice President of China, unveiling the 2012 Swiss Mido ‘Inspiration Creates Eternity-Who The prelude to the series of ‘Building in Your Hands’ series, while experiencing the new interpretation of inspiration and time by Mido, together witness the landmark moment in the history of the brand.

  ‘Inspiration’ and ‘eternity’ are the essence of the brand that has been pursued in the past hundred years since the birth of Swiss Mido. Take inspiration from classic and beautiful things, and integrate them into sophisticated watchmaking design, which has passed through time and is still new. Upholding the essence of this brand, since 2010, Mido’s inspirational trilogy presented by Mido shows the climax of Mido’s ‘discovery’ in 2010, ‘feeling’ in 2011, and ‘creation’ in 2012. The road to inspiration. As the third part of the ‘Meitu Inspiration Trilogy’-‘Inspiration Creates Eternity’ will open up another magnificent and dreamy world of inspiration for people. Medo always believes that only with a pair of eyes that find inspiration and a feeling of inspiration The soul can cherish the inspiration from every bit of life in order to create an eternal classic.

  In the passing of water, the classic buildings have withstood the baptism of time, retained the wisdom of each era with the inspiration of flashes, and left a dazzling light in the history of human civilization with creative inspiration. The time and space philosophy conveyed by classic architecture coincides with the watchmaking philosophy of Swiss Mido. Swiss Mido draws design inspiration from it, debuts with a new image, interprets the architectural time and space philosophy, and creates eternity with inspiration. Continue to write the legend of watches, to show people accurate time expression.

 Today, the Swiss Mido draws inspiration from classic architecture, creating the timeless beauty of the wrist. When the dancer’s dancing posture depicts the classic buildings representing the essence of art and wisdom of each era on the stage, time is frozen in these buildings, and the audience’s thoughts under the stage change with this piece of architectural art. Different time and space, feel the unique artistic breath and beauty of architecture in each era. Models wearing the Swiss Mido watch series appeared on the stage. Each model seemed to represent the spirit of a classic building, perfectly interpreting the unique relationship between architecture and watchmaking. At the event site, Ms. Wang Ying, Vice President of Mido of China, shared a series of themed activities launched by Mido in 2012 with guests and the media. They were organized around “Architecture”, “Inspiration” and “Creation” and were extremely interactive. Sexual online activities present consumers with a watch space full of architectural art and creative inspiration. The online creative platform carefully created by Mido for consumers, participants can upload their own inspirational works in the ‘Creative Space’ interactive zone to show their creative ability; learn about Mido and discover in the ‘Game Time’ interactive zone Mido’s watchmaking philosophy has a better chance to win attractive prizes such as ‘Swiss Double Flying’ and ‘Ten Thousand Yuan Tourism Fund’. I believe that the inspiration storm brought by Swiss Mido in 2012 will definitely allow people in it to fully experience the art of watchmaking where solid architecture and flowing time blend together.

Selected Two Places Three Recommended 60,000-70,000 Two Places Watches

The design and technical specifications of the watches in the two places are very different from ordinary watches, and they are more directional in function. They can often be sent to business travellers who often travel between the two places. Use it when traveling, when you are in a different place, you can also tell the time by the two places.
 At present, there are many two-time watches on the watch market. The editor has specially selected three two-time watches with a price of about 60,000 to 70,000 yuan to recommend to everyone.

Athens Dual Time Small Seconds 42 mm Series 243-55-7 / 91

Watch Series: Dual Time Zone
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 42 mm
Domestic public price: 67500
Watch details: 60300
Watch details: white dial watch

Watch Series: Explorer
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 904L stainless steel
Strap material: 904L stainless steel
Case diameter: 42 mm
Domestic public price: 64200
Watch details: rolex / 14162 /
Brief review of the watch: The Rolex Explorer II series 216570 watch uses a 904L stainless steel oyster case, which is more resistant to corrosion than ordinary steel cases, but not resistant to wear. This watch is also equipped with chromalight luminous function on the hands and hour markers, and also has a coaxial orange pointer, and this watch is also 100 meters waterproof, enough to deal with the problem of water during adventure travel.

Summary: The three watches are priced at around 60,000 to 70,000 yuan and each has its own characteristics. Athens is the first to be the benchmark for the two-time watch, and a lot of effort has been spent on research and development in the two places. Rolex and Omega Both use small coaxial hands, and they are also orange hands to point to the second time zone. Whether it is business travel, or travel and leisure, presumably one of the three watches is suitable for you.

The Panerai Clock Is Set For The Entrance Gate Of The Expo

At the 2015 World Expo in Milan, Panerai presented the world clock to the information station located at the entrance gate of the Expo, and announced that the VIA MONTENAPOLEONE store was expanded and refurbished and designed by PATRICIA URQUIOLA. Milan, April 2015-Italian luxury sports watch brand Panerai announces the time for attendees at the World Expo 2015. This World Expo will be held in Milan from May 1st to October 31st, 2015.
   The giant wall clock provided by Florence brand Panerai uses the brand’s classic minimalist design, which is distinctive and eye-catching, ensuring that all visitors who enter the Expo Gate information station at Castle Square can clearly see Time to Milan and five other national capitals. The five time zones are selected based on their international importance and connection to the Expo, including London, New York, Paris (where the International Exhibitions Bureau headquarters are located), and Shanghai and Dubai (the host cities for the previous and next Expos, respectively).
   The Panerai wall clock hangs on the east wing of the entrance gate of the Expo. It is the entrance to the 2015 World Expo and is a must for all visitors. The entrance gate to the Expo has been opened as early as May 2014. It provides visitors with information and services from 10 am to 8 pm every day, but the Panerai wall clock (2.6 meters wide and 1.8 meters high) is closed when the information station is closed. , Continues to tell the time. The wall clock, like all the brand’s watches, maintains excellent visibility in the dark when it can be clearly read even in a dim environment. The extraordinary building at the entrance of the Expo is constructed of transparent glass and fine steel pipes, so the clock is always clear at any time when looking from outside the information station.
   During the summer of the 2015 World Expo, Panerai will fully renovate its specialty store at Via Montenapoleone 1. This specialty store is an iconic building in the minds of the brand’s global customers and collectors. It is being redesigned and fully expanded under the direction of designer Patricia Urquiola. Recently, Panerai opened flagship stores in Florence, Hong Kong, New York and Paris.

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