At This Time, Iwc Presents The Most Beautiful Moon Phases In Mid-autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn in August, Haoyue Linbo, Swiss watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen IWC watch with a classic masterpiece Portuguese perpetual calendar watch, invites the bright moon, express autumn thoughts, and share the most beautiful moon phase with wise tasters.

 IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar Watch IW503203

 IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar IW502307

      IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar IW502306

 Another full moon is coming! The moon, this beautiful planet with magical charm, always brings people endless romance and reverie. The moonlight is like washing, toasting to invite the bright moon, and looking down at the wrist, you can see the magical night sky with rare stars. This wonderful feeling is created by the charming and timeless work-the sophisticated, intricate and precise IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar watch. This watch is equipped with a 7-day IWC IWC-made large-scale movement. In addition to the date, week, month, and four-digit year display, it also has an original moon phase profit and loss display in the northern and southern hemispheres. The phases of the moon observed in the southern hemisphere—reciprocal reflections—are mutually interesting, and the auxiliary countdown dial can be used to accurately read the remaining days of the next full moon. In each lunar revolution cycle, it differs from the actual change of the moon by only 12 seconds. Its platinum model (model IW503203) uses a very beautiful color combination, which is more attractive to watch lovers and stargazing enthusiasts: the dark blue dial is equipped with a background disk that is also dark blue, with a rhodium-plated moon phase indicator disk Reproduce the change in the moon’s profit and loss. In the red gold model (model IW503202), the warm tones of the case and the black dial create a pleasing viewing effect.

 The Portuguese Perpetual Calendar Model 5023 is also equipped with a moon phase display function, which displays the constantly changing magical night sky between the square inches of the dial. Surrounded by glittering stars, the moon slowly rises from below the semicircular background on the left, appears to be a full moon when it reaches the center, and then gradually disappears from the right. After careful calculation by IWC design engineers, the moon phase display function and the actual profit and loss cycle of the moon only accumulate an error of 1 day every 577.5 years. The deviation between the two is so small that no one has yet noticed it. This elegant and advanced timepiece is also almost perfect. It has a perpetual calendar, a four-digit year display window, and a Pellaton winding system with a 7-day power reserve and a power reserve display. The model 5023 is available in three styles: a platinum case with a silver dial; a red gold case with a silver dial, a blue background with a red gold plated moon pattern; and the other model is slightly understated, with a white gold case With a dark blue-gray dial decorated with radial sunburst and rhodium-plated embedded numerals. The case diameter is 44.2 mm.

Updated: 1. April 2021 — 15:56
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