Big Luxury Watch With Classic Design And Fashion Elements

Trends are changing rapidly, even if the wardrobe is so colorful, every day people get up and still have a headache about which one to wear, which is an unsolvable problem. Today, why not change your perspective on fashion-pick a fashion watch and let it bring out your unique personality and extraordinary taste. Today, on the basis of continuing the classic design style, many international big names have played fashion cards. Fashion elements such as colored diamonds, leopard prints, and even graffiti in Europe and the United States have come together to strike a bright spark.

Franck Muller Sakura watch
Symbolizes the fleeting beauty of the cherry blossoms, which has given poets and painters unlimited creative inspiration for centuries. The spring of cherry blossoms every year is not only the season expected by the Japanese, but the enthusiasm for the cherry trees has spread to all over the world. Franck Muller inspired watch creation with this theme. The rectangular case is covered with black and the whole is inlaid with black diamonds. This mysterious design is extremely exquisite. Ivory scales and hands contrast the black appearance, with transparent enamel coating and cherry and cherry blossom patterns at 6 o’clock as decoration. Wearing such a stylish watch, you will surely become the focus of everyone.

MILUS Merea Three Seconds Hollowback Jewellery Watch
The three-second hand jump-back function is a good play of Milex. It is commendable that after the modification of ETA2892, a set of jump-back modules was added in the middle of the movement, which is a completely self-developed system. Generally, similar functions do not allow the jumping hand to move clockwise. To achieve this visual balance, winding springs are connected under the three seconds hands and driven by a special gear. In addition, it is very fun to watch the pointer dial back for a moment. The three jumping seconds hands point to 6, 10, and 2 o’clock, and each step starts at 6 o’clock for 20 seconds. Each second hand is connected smoothly. If the connection is delayed during this process, the travel time will be greatly affected. As the brand pays more attention to women’s styles, various decorative techniques are interspersed among them. Set with black and white diamonds from the dial to the lugs, the cumulative weight of 1.3 carats, this exaggerated setting is dazzling. The hollowed-out dial can be seen by hand-carved plywood, which contrasts with the natural color of the shell. The strap uses black pearl fish skin, and the special texture feels comfortable. The most important thing is that even if you wear it for a long time, you can’t see the wrinkles on the strap. This watch has a name related to the constellation. The name Merea is derived from the whale, and women who like to play are worth trying.

Kunlun: Bubble Royal Flush
Holding a flush flush composed of big cards, he is invincible at all times. Kunlun’s heart-shaped flush flush Bubble Royal Flush watch symbolizes the player’s love of playing cards. The chic arched sapphire crystal surface brings this invincible luck to the wearer, expecting players to be invincible on the table and attackable. The currency symbol on the big three-pin balance hammer reminds the player of the purpose of this thing. Polished stainless steel case, specially designed to reduce reflections to keep the brand on hand. The watch has a stainless steel case with an automatic movement. If there is only one winner, I believe it is the Bubble Royal Flush watch!

Aunt Chanel: White J12 Ceramic Watch
With the pursuit of precision high-tech watchmaking technology, Chanel is also integrating fashion elements into professional sports watches. As far as appearance is concerned, the smooth surface of ceramics is comfortable and comfortable, and can withstand the friction of hard materials even during sports. It is the most suitable fashion watch for sports. The case, 48 watch sections and butterfly clasp are made of scratch-resistant white high-tech precision ceramics. The watchmaker added white pigment particles to the original high-tech precision ceramics, showing a milky gloss, just like polar white. The raised white panel glows with pearl, making it more pure and flawless. It is difficult to define whether the J12 watch is the most beautiful timepiece in fashion? Or is it the most fashionable work in timepieces?

Updated: 8. July 2021 — 2:21
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