Blancpain Repurchases A Watch Owned By Marilyn Monroe For $ 225,000

Blancpain repurchased a Blancpain watch that Marilyn Monroe once owned for $ 225,000 and brought it back to Switzerland, its country of origin.

   From November 19th to 20th, 2016, Julian Auctions auctioned a number of personal and commemorative items related to Marilyn Monroe in Los Angeles, including this Art Deco diamond watch.

   According to the auction catalogue, the watch’s platinum case is engraved with ‘KO 900 Plat 100 Irid’ and the movement is engraved with ‘Blancpain Rayville Watch Co.’, estimated at $ 80-120,000.

   Marilyn Monroe once said, ‘Diamonds are women’s best friends.’ But in fact, she doesn’t have much jewelry. Mr. Mark Hayek, President and CEO of Blancpain said, ‘I am very pleased to repurchase this special timepiece, which was once owned by the most influential star in the United States. Where it was made. ‘

Updated: 19. June 2021 — 2:44
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