Chengdu ‘watch’ City Global Attention

On July 27th, Longines’ first direct-operated store in the southwestern region of Longines, a famous Swiss watchmaker, opened in Chengdu. Raffles City’s direct-operated store was also unveiled. At the same time, Longines Hengli Chengdu Vientiane City shop. Longines Vice President Li Long and Longines Ambassador Guo Fucheng witnessed the grand opening ceremony and unveiled the week-long ‘Longines Elegant New Products Tour’ prelude, Compaq series and a number of 2013 Basel watch exhibition models debuted in China Will be presented to Chengdu watch enthusiasts.

Chengdu famous watch stores repeatedly hit the global sales crown

I opened two stores a day, showing the confidence of the Longines brand in the Chengdu market. ‘Our world’s top-selling specialty store is in Chengdu!’ Li Li broke the reason for attaching importance to the Chengdu market in a few words. ‘I can tell you for sure that every Longines boutique in Chengdu sells well. Currently, it is the best-selling in China. It is the Chengdu Hengdeli store, and the Wangfujing Longines counter is the fifth in the country, and the overall sales of Chengdu ranks the top five in the country. ‘Li Li praised Chengdu’s watch market. In fact, at the 2013 Basel International Watch Fair, Longines Global President Huo Keno said that Chengdu Hendri’s Longines store had once reached the top spot in the world.

Speaking of Longines opening the first direct-selling store in the southwest of Chengdu, Li Li was confident. ‘Before opening a new store, we will observe regional sales for a period of time. We will only approve the opening when we confirm that there is room in this market to open new stores. Longines has now entered a stage of rapid development in China. In the past ten years, brand awareness and sales have greatly improved. Our strategic plan is to open directly-operated stores in 10 cities in China. Currently, Seven have been opened and Chengdu is one of them. ‘

In fact, not only Longines, but mid-range watches have always performed well in the Chengdu market. Mid-end brands such as Radar and Movado have achieved the global ‘monthly sales crown’, which is a fact worthy of great attention. Yu Hongzhang, deputy general manager of Chengdu Hengdeli Watch & Clock Co., told reporters that these first sales in the world basically occurred after the brand held the event. It is not an accident that the single-month impact on the world’s number one. ”He also said frankly, because China’s current boutique market is developing well, the number one specialty store in China is basically the first in the world.

亨 Henry World Watch Center, located on the first floor of Vientiane City, has experienced unfavorable factors such as slow economic growth, road construction affecting people flow, and relatively biased locations, and business has not improved. But after opening the well-known Longines and signing a new Breitling counter for spokesperson David Beckham, the business has improved significantly. It is understood that Longines sells around 50 of them here every month, which is the ‘top pillar’ of the store, while other high-end sales such as Girard Perregaux, Glashütte, Athens and others are unsatisfactory.

Mid-end brand watch Sichuan market has huge potential

The good performance of the Chengdu watch market not only attracted traditional watch brands, but some new mid-end ‘faces’ in the Chinese market also targeted the Sichuan market. Last week, Aletta, one of the founders of Swiss watch brand Frederique Constant, made a special trip to Chengdu to inspect the market and discuss new stores. She revealed that although Chengdu has just opened a store and currently only has four small counters, sales are still considerable. ‘Our price point and self-produced movements are core competitiveness. Compared to those group-operated brands, we have not quickly seized the market advantage, but we believe that the advantages of the brand can gradually emerge. We are also very optimistic about the Chengdu market ‘And some other mid-priced watches, such as Mingshi and Raymond Weil, have also racked their brains to find a suitable place to open a shop in Chengdu and seize a place. ‘The high-end bowl watch market in the Northeast is better, and Chengdu and the entire Sichuan market are well-known in the country for mid-end watch sales!’ Yu Hongzhang told reporters that this is also the case in the Chengdu Hengdeli watch industry, although The sales of other brands are good, but they are not eye-catching on the national sales list. Henderly’s mid-end brand sales are very good, so it is well-known among dealers in the national watch market. Because of the market’s sales situation, many brands have a strong interest in the Sichuan market. ‘With the acceleration of China’s urbanization construction, many rural populations have entered cities and towns, so we plan to choose some cities with relatively high GDP and large populations to open specialty stores. Currently, we have opened stores in Mianyang and Yinzhou. Consumers in second-tier cities already know the Longines brand, but they have not given them the opportunity to spend. ‘Li Li has clearly stated his plans for the large-scale expansion of the Sichuan market. Tissot, which belongs to the same group, has already been deployed in secondary cities. Mianyang and Deyang are important markets for Tissot. Omega, which has a relatively high positioning, has been seeking opportunities in the Sichuan secondary market to open stores. ‘After all, the Sichuan market is big, and our task next year is to open a store in a secondary city in Sichuan.’ The manager of the Chengdu Hengli World Watch Center also revealed to reporters their determination to expand the secondary market.

Of course, with the expansion of the Sichuan watch market, better services are needed to support it. Directly facing consumers through direct-operated stores, being a true retail service provider, rather than being a wholesaler, is a strategic choice for brands to open direct-operated stores. Li Li said, ‘Through retail, we can work out a more standard and complete process, improve the items including image, service, dress, greetings, watch display and after-sales service, etc., and communicate with Chinese distributors to work together Improve brand quality. ‘Li Li’s point of view is almost the consensus of the watch industry. Not long ago, when another watch giant Omega opened a direct store in Chengdu, Okehua, the global president, also mentioned this point of view.

Updated: 12. February 2021 — 9:18
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