China’s Tomorrow’s Opera Star Comes To Verona Domingo World Opera Vocal Contest Welcomes Its 20th Birthday (1993 – 2013)

From August 19th to 25th, 2013, the 21st Domingo World Opera Vocal Competition (Operalia) presented by Rolex was successfully held at the Verona Philharmonic Theater in Italy. The history of Operalia has left an unforgettable trail. As an anniversary, this year’s competition featured a strong contestant (a total of 12 contestants reached the final, only 10 in previous years), and a dedicated and masterful jury (a total of 14 judges from the world’s most prestigious music) (In the previous year, it was 12th place), plus the surprising result of the competition: Chinese low baritone Li Ao stood out and won the championship, making it a world-renowned heavyweight music event.

Chinese Low Baritone Li Aoyong Wins the Laureate
   ‘Operalia is an Olympic event in the opera world. Singers from all over the world compete here, fight hard, and finally win. The fresh vitality and blood shine with the passion and joy of life, all of which prove the opera career It will last forever, evergreen. ‘
                                     ——Plácido Domingo

Message from founder Domingo

Winners of the 21st Domingo World Opera Vocal Competition
Winners of 2013

The Culturarte Prize
The prize is $ 10,000. Courtesy of Guillermo and Bertita Martínez. Picked by Belarusian tenor Vladimir Dmitruk (age 26).

The Don Plácido Domingo, Sr., Zarzuela Prize
The prize is $ 10,000. Picked by American tenor singer Benjamin Bliss (age 27).

The Pepita Embil Domingo Zarzuela Prize
The prize is $ 10,000. Picked by Korean soprano singer Hae Ji Chang (29 years old).

Two Birgit Nilsson Prizes (Wagner-Strauss Repertory)
The prize money is $ 15,000 each. It was picked by British alto singer Claudia Huckle (31) and American soprano singer Tracy Cox (27).

Third prize two
The prize money is $ 10,000 each. They were picked by American soprano singer Kathryn Lewek (30 years old) and American tenor singer Zach Borichevsky (29 years old).

Second prize two
The prize money is $ 20,000 each. They were picked by French soprano singer Julie Fuchs (29 years old) and Italian baritone singer Simone Piazzola (28 years old).

First prize two
The prize money is $ 30,000 each. It was picked by Russian soprano singer Aida Garifullina (25 years old) and Chinese low baritone singer Li Ao (25 years old).

Two Most Popular Audience Awards
Each received a watch from Rolex. Picked by American soprano singer Kathryn Lewek (age 30) and Italian baritone singer Simone Piazzola (age 28).
Program list
Vladimir Dmitruk, tenor (Belarus)
P. I. Cajkovskij Evgenij Onegin Kuda, kuda udalilis

Mirella Bunoaica, Soprano (Romania)
V. Bellini I Puritani Qui la voce

Julie Fuchs, Soprano (France)
G. Rossini Le Comte Ory En proie à la tristesse

Claudia Huckle, Alto (UK)
R. Wagner Das Rheingold Weiche, Wotan, weiche

Irina Churilova, Soprano (Russia)
G. Verdi La forza del destino Pace, pace

Zach Borichevsky, tenor (USA)
J. F. Halévy La Juive Rachel, quand du Seigneur

Hae Ji Chang, Soprano (Korea)
G. Verdi Rigoletto Caro nome

Aida Garifullina, Soprano (Russia)
V. Bellini I Capuleti e i Montecchi Oh! Quante volte ti chiedo

Simone Piazzola, baritone (Italy)
G. Verdi Don Carlo Io morrò, ma lieto in core

Kathryn Lewek, Soprano (US)
G. Donizetti Lucia di Lammermoor Regnava nel silenzio

Tracy Cox, Soprano (USA)
G. Verdi Un Ballo in maschera Morrò, ma prima in grazia

Li Ao, Soprano (China)
S. Rachmaninov Aleko Ves tabor spit

Zarzuela part

Zach Borichevsky, Tenor (USA)
P. Luna La pícara molinera Pajarin, tú que vuelas

Hae Ji Chang, Soprano (Korea)
M. Nieto y G. Giménez El barbero de Sevilla Me llaman la primorosa

Benjamin Bliss, Tenor (US)
J. Guerrero Los gavilanes Flor roja

Diego Silva, Tenor (Mexico)
P. Sorozábal La tabernera del puerto No puede ser

Praise to Operalia, Ensemble
Placido Domingo Jr.
Rolex and Domingo World Opera Vocal Competition

   The Domingo World Opera Vocal Contest was founded in 1993 by Mr. Placido Domingo, a famous international tenor. As one of the most outstanding performing artists in opera history, Mr. Domingo has been a Rolex brand spokesman since 1982. He is not only a legend in the music industry, but also a generous and enthusiastic mentor, and has always given his full support to talented young artists. Mr. Domingo’s idea of ​​hosting this annual event stems from his early experience as a professional singer. He is well aware that artistic newcomers need professional artistic education opportunities, and he is looking forward to showcasing their talents. This event not only provides support and opportunities for young singers in the above two aspects, but also further helps them gain worldwide recognition. This is due to the high reputation of the event and the continuous support of Mr. Domingo for the winners.
   By presenting the Domingo World Opera Vocal Contest, Swiss watch leader Rolex continues to fulfill its commitment to art. Rolex continues to support those talented individuals and institutions that share our values ​​and are constantly striving for perfection and excellence. Mr. Placido Domingo and the World Opera Vocal Contest that he devoted to his heart have perfectly interpreted these spirits and can establish a close cooperative relationship with them. Rolex is proud of it.
   Over the past 20 years, this talented and unique competition has become a major event in the global music industry. The success of the event year after year is due to Mr. Domingo for his enthusiasm, generosity and dedication. The new generation of singers participating in the contest, like the competition itself, are fully committed to excellence, personal achievements and creative talents, which are in line with the characteristics of Rolex.

OPERALIA 2014…. Meet in Los Angeles!

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