Classic: Vacheron Constantin Malte Malta Tourbillon Watch And Moon Phase Power Reserve Watch

Vacheron Constantin’s Malte wine barrel-shaped case may not be the favorite of most people, but it is really special compared to many round watches. From a historical perspective, in 1912 Vacheron Constantin began to create watches with a barrel-shaped case in order to break away from the traditional circular design; then it has evolved into today’s Malta series.

 Because of the barrel-shaped case, the space of the face plate is relatively narrow, which is suitable for simple configuration. For example, the Malte Moon Phase Power Reserve watch does not have too complicated functions, but it can clearly show the beauty of the moon mother. It is equipped with a 1410 AS manual winding movement. Although the thickness of 4.2 mm is not ultra-thin, it is only 10.9 mm thick with the case. With the design of the lugs inwardly curved, it is very comfortable to fit on the wrist. The dial is equipped with a power reserve display, which reminds the wearer of the winding time in a beautiful configuration.

Malte Maltese Moon Phase Power Reserve Watch 18K 5N Rose Gold Case, 36.7 x 48.1 mm, Hour, Minute, Small Seconds, Moon Phase, Power Reserve Display, 1410 AS Manual Winding Movement, Geneva Seal, Power Reserve 40 Hours, sapphire crystal glass and case back, waterproof to 30 meters, Mississippi alligator strap.
 Another tourbillon watch is even more exciting. The most dynamic visual effect presented at 6 o’clock is eye-catching and cannot be ignored. Vacheron Constantin’s tourbillon has the brand’s Maltese cross frame, which has a distinctive image. Appreciating from the surface, you can see the balance of the hairspring during the escapement operation; the tourbillon rotates at a ground speed of 60 seconds, and the seconds can be read with the small rose gold second hand and the outer scale on the frame. If you want to watch the action between the escape wheel and the escapement, in fact, the flip to the case back is more clear, and it is worthy of careful taste. It is equipped with a 2795 manual winding movement, consisting of 246 parts and 27 ruby ​​bearings. The size is 27.37 x 29.30 mm. It is fully developed in accordance with the shape of the case. It is more moving than a universal circular movement.

Malte Tourbillon Malta 18K 5N Rose Gold Case, 38 x 48.24 mm diameter, hours, minutes, small seconds, tourbillon, 2795 manual winding movement, Geneva stamp, 45-hour power reserve, sapphire crystal mirror and Case back, waterproof to 30 meters, Mississippi alligator strap.
 Of course, Vacheron Constantin’s modification of the details also makes people say that the tourbillon bridge alone requires 11 hours of manual processing; the chamfering and polishing of the other parts also show the level of the top brands. The Geneva stamp on the upper plate represents the modification of the details of the parts, which has passed the traditional 12 rules. The Geneva stamp on the case indicates that the watch meets the latest revised standards, including a minimum of 30 meters water resistance, within 1 minute Weekly error value, power reserve in accordance with the label, and so on.

The back of the Malta Tourbillon watch can clearly see the escapement fork and the escapement move one block at a time.

The Maltese tourbillon watch is not only a movement splint, but also a Geneva stamp on the case, which means that the performance of the entire watch has passed rigorous testing.
 Whether it is the moon phase display or the tourbillon, both Maltese watches are made of 18K 5N rose gold, from the case, the hour markers, the brand logo to the hands. Among them, the hour and minute hands are specially polished on both sides with mirror-polished and sandblasted textures, which are highlights in detail processing and are also admirable outside the craftsmanship.

Updated: 23. September 2020 — 13:56
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