Clustering Masterpiece Cartier Clé De Cartier Watch

The shape has been completely simplified, and it is back to true. The key to everything is precision, balance and proportion. Cartier uses superb skills to create a flawless streamlined appearance, elegant and simple style, and a harmonious and unified beauty. The sharp edges of the case no longer exist, the bezel is delicate and rounded, and the lugs are soft tapered. All the parts are integrated into this flowing masterpiece.
  The overall details of the watch:

The watch uses ancient Roman numerals, exuding a touch of retro feel

Calendar display window at six o’clock

The new crown looks exactly like a key

The watch is studded with gorgeous diamonds for the modern woman

Diamond setting craftsmanship

Cartier 1847MC workshop refined, automatic mechanical movement

  ‘CLÉ’ in French means key, and the new crown looks exactly like a key. This new way of adjusting the time and date with this crown sets a precedent in watchmaking, reminiscent of the ancient tradition of using keys to wind timepieces. The crown is slender and simple, and is decorated with a sapphire. The setting process is different from the traditional method. The cleverly embedded gem is flush with the metal that covers it.

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Updated: 12. May 2021 — 5:46
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