F.P.Journe Will Hold ‘steel Time’ Watch Collection Exhibition In New York

FP Journe will display its collection from the mid-19th century to the late 19th century at The Forbes Galleries on Fifth Avenue in New York from April 21 to September 15, 2012. Bronze clock.
Following the exhibitions in Geneva and Tokyo, the Steel Time exhibition will be held at the newly refurbished Forbes Galleries at 62 Fifth Avenue in New York, displaying a large number of bronze clocks and historical classics – wonderful displays of 200 pieces from 1850 to Clocks from 1910. Each piece has its own unique style and technique, but they can be seen in the watches produced today.
The steel industry was one of the greatest adventures of the 19th century. Mass production began in 1845 and steel was used in the construction of railways, bridges and towers. As steel prices fell, it replaced the use of iron in most industries. The Brooklyn Bridge built in 1885 was the first steel bridge in the world, and the Eiffel Tower was completed in 1889. Steel age. Metals have become familiar and widely accepted by the general public, and fashion has spread to all walks of life, including the watch industry.

Watches in the F.P. Journe gunmetal collection

Bronze clocks were developed shortly after the war of 1870, depicting a new type of clock that is equally and interestingly charming! There is a considerable price difference between stainless steel and gold watches, which allows stainless steel clocks to circulate freely from the effects of heavy taxes. Watches and clocks were thus promoted to all levels of society and led to the birth of proletarian clocks and watches. The product has also been greatly encouraged by the growing French metal industry and has developed new methods of steel production and processing.
Bronze clocks are designed in various styles, sometimes with a simple case, and sometimes with two gold-plated metal trims on the bezel and the edge of the case back. The dial can be white or colored enamel, simply marked with the word Regulateur, or digitally embellished with a round carved dial with various colors of enamel trim. This method is often used to decorate locomotives, ships or automobiles. Depending on the price, some are equipped with more complex movements with chronograph, alarm, spring mechanism and other functions that can provide world time indication, watchmakers have created many popular steel clocks.

Watches in the F.P. Journe gunmetal collection

Over the years, François-Paul Journe, a passionate and knowledgeable collector, has collected this extraordinary collection of bronze clocks. He is a privileged guardian of this historical heritage and is very proud to be at Forbes Galleries. The gallery shares this unique collection with the American public. The exhibition is also supported by the NAWCC (National Watch Museum) in Columbia.
The Steel Time exhibition will be held from April 21st to September 15th, 2012, from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm at The Forbes Galleries, 62 Fifth Avenue, 10016, New York. Phone: 212-206-5548. F.P. Journe will also publish a book on ‘STEEL TIME’. Journe F.P. journe will continue the exhibition with a book called Steel Time, written by two distinguished experts, Jean Claude Sabrier and Georges Rigot. More than 300 pages of Steel Time are very fascinating, covering the source of these works, some even dating back to the 17th century, people rarely see the watchmaking quality of precious metal clocks in such a vivid and complete way.
The book, prefaced by François-Paul Journe, introduces the only steel watch in the FP Journe-Invenit et Fecit series. Only the steel case makes the Sonnerie Souveraine grand sounder crystal-clear. Otherwise, the brand only uses platinum Or gold makes a noble and elegant case, and all movements are also made of 18K rose gold.
The English limited edition of the book is autographed by F.P. Journe and sells for $ 250. It is available at the F.P.Journe store in New York at 721 Madison Avenue, 10016, New York. Tel: +1 (212) 6445918
You can also visit the F.P. Journe store in New York to listen to the most beautiful and exciting tunes of Grande Sonnerie Grandson watch. The store is located at 721 Madison Avenue, 10016 New York, phone: +1 (212) 64459188.
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