Jordi Launches Its ‘icons Of The World’ Watch

On the occasion of the Geneva Time Exhibition, Michel Jordi launched a new watch expressing the Jordi Swiss Icon brand concept. The icon has no borders. The brand celebrates the magical places around the world through a series of 8 special watches, each limited to 3 pieces.

In order to create eight watches in this special series, each of which produced three unique signature watches, Michel Jordi invited the talented watchmaker and developer Jean-François Mojon from Le Locle, and Jean-François Mojon once Won the best watchmaker award at the 2010 Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix, he is known for his ingenuity in the creation of special watches.
For the ‘Icons of the World’ series, he created a reed chronograph movement. The small hammer beats the gong at a low rate of one pulse per second to replace the traditional watch bottom vibration. In this model, the amazing art of Jean-François Mojon includes a slow spring mechanism. Echo each other.
The fine smoky grey manual winding complex movement is crafted in black and red. Through the transparent multi-layer hollow dial, it exudes a truly harmonious visual appeal.

Updated: 24. July 2020 — 10:24
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