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CORUM Kunlun watches is loyal to free creation, and exerts great creativity to subtly let the mythical creatures that symbolize life and power, dragons, and Kunlun watches become a contemporary watchmaking legend, a unique linear long movement. The combination creates a moving encounter between myth and legend.

Mythical creatures and legendary movements trigger a touching underneath the elegant barrel-shaped case

Since ancient times, dragons have the symbolic significance of emperor and emperor status, and are often depicted as the guardians of legendary treasures. The human fantasy of dragons can be seen in all civilized societies in the world. On the new Golden Bridge Dragon watch. Its powerful and frightening dragon claws uncover the treasure of the watch-CO 113 manual winding movement. The unique long movement of the Corum watch was first introduced in 1980, and the CO 113 manual winding movement was improved from this, reflecting the outstanding expertise and infinite linearity of this brand located in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. pursue. The CO 113 manual winding movement is built along the vertical axis, and the crown at 6 o’clock seems to extend the movement, making this unique building even more prominent. The movement vibrates at 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations per hour) and is equipped with a variable inertia balance to ensure that the watch remains accurate for a long time. The watch has a red gold main splint and a splint bridge, and the surface splint bridge is decorated with the hand-engraved Kunlun watch’s signature decoration, every detail is extremely visually stunning.
Stunning carving process
 As an art master in the field of watchmaking machinery, Kunlun Watch fully demonstrates the extraordinary craftsmanship of its talented craftsmen. In order to give Jinlong life and make it come to life, first you need to pour red gold into the mold to form the initial contour, and then perform detailed engraving. When carving gold plates of varying thicknesses, the craftsman patiently and accurately shaped with a sculpting knife to create realistic 3D three-dimensional effects. After this extreme full-manual craftsmanship that took more than two weeks to complete, Jinlong showed its magic in countless details: the mysterious Jinlong put on detailed and layered dragon scales, and wrapped his body around the long movement Without actually touching it, its burning head looks like it is about to spit out the fire inside the body, and the end of its tail bears a pearl like a burning sun, and Jinlong’s fearsome dragon claws seem to remind, It is definitely a strong opponent for anyone who wants to violate its rules.

The Golden Bridge Dragon watch is decorated with the hand-engraved Kunlun watch’s iconic decoration, and every detail is extremely visually stunning.

An extremely transparent stage
 The mythical creatures and legendary movements trigger a touching encounter under the elegant barrel-shaped case. The case is made of 5N 18K red gold, and there are four sides of sapphire crystal on the surface, back and sides, creating a fascinating sense of transparency and accentuating the 3D effect of Jinlong. This precious and exquisite Golden Bridge Dragon watch is available in two fine jewelry watch styles, one of which is set with 422 round-cut diamonds, shining brightly, reflecting its red gold case and matching folding Buckle strap; the other is adorned with 18K white gold case with no less than 80 baguette-cut diamonds and 338 round-cut diamonds, both of which are noble and gorgeous.