Lady 8 Flower Elegant 8-flower Rhyme Harmonious Beauty

The first ‘automatic doll’ female watch launched in the eighteenth century by Jacques Dro – Elegant 8-Flower (Lady 8 Flower) came out in the spring of 2015. As a leader in the field of luxury watchmaking, the brand perfectly presents outstanding watchmaking technology and superb decoration technology on the exquisite enamel butterfly wings of its dial. Today, the elegant 8-flower rhyme re-emerges the charm of jewelry. With the lotus-shaped automatic device, the dreamy idyllic free spirit and soul are subtly integrated into the mechanical miracle. The unique flower rhyme watch is hand-crafted by Jacques DeRoche’s art workshop in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, which showcases the brand’s renowned artisan skills.

Under the mirror surface of the sapphire crystal dome is a beautifully carved beautiful lotus flower. The exquisite craftsmanship is dazzling: just touch the side button, the lotus flower can be opened and closed at will. Driven by, the petals on the white mother-of-pearl bloom slowly, and the picture is quiet and bright. Femininity and poetry are also the fascinating qualities of elegant 8-flower rhyme: the two circular dials overlap to form the ‘8’, which symbolizes endlessness and auspiciousness in Asian culture; the balance wheel that creates the elegant fan surface also shines. Breathtaking.

   In contrast to the simple and natural elements, the elegant 8-flower rhyme is also exquisite at the technical level: the 38-hour power reserve and micro-mechanical configuration perfectly inherit the style of Jacques de Rouge automatic machinery. The unremitting efforts for the ultimate perfection have made this watch an elegant performance: the timepiece is driven by two different movements, one is a mechanically wound movement indicating the normal time, and the other is a polished lotus petal that bends inwardly. Emotional fluctuations bloom freely.

   The blue stainless steel hands above the dial fit perfectly with the curved mirror. The high-arched sapphire decorative glass and the diamond-studded ring further reflect the noble quality and magic charm of the entire watch.

   Elegance 8-Flower Rhyme brings an outstanding dreamy experience, as if telling a mysterious story about dance, performance, art, travel and dreams. As a representative of top luxury products, this unique watch will be launched in white and red gold this year, with a limited edition of 8 pieces, symbolizing 8 kinds of happiness, 8 eternal chapters waiting to be written …—- ** *

Updated: 20. March 2021 — 9:01
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