Lange Zeitwerk Minute Repeater: Set A Milestone For The Future

ZEITWERK MINUTE REPEATER is the first mechanical watch that combines a skip word display and a decimal minute repeater. Anthony de Haas, director of product development at Lange and a passionate percussionist, showed off his masterpiece in front of a jazz drum and talked about this melodious watch masterpiece.

Anthony de Haas while drumming, elaborating on the creative philosophy of ZEITWERK MINUTE REPEATER
   Why did you choose to develop the first Lange minute repeater watch based on ZEITWERK?
   In fact, GRAND COMPLICATION was Lange’s first watch with a minute repeater. After the launch of this piece, everyone estimates that our next minute repeater watch will be applied to classic models, such as 1815. That’s why we decided to surprise everyone. Furthermore, in terms of technology, the design of ZEITWERK is very suitable for adding sounding devices. The unique structure of the movement makes the layout of the worm gear that controls the beep sequence just right.
   What was the biggest challenge in designing the movement?
   The biggest challenge is lack of space. ZEITWERK MINUTE REPEATER is extremely precise, and its number of movement parts is more than twice that of the sophisticated L043.1 movement. This watch has about 250 more parts than ZEITWERK STRIKING TIME, but both have the same diameter. In order to deploy components in such a small space, we need to make a lot of trade-offs, such as giving up the barrel for the sounding device, the traditional slider mode, etc. ZEITWERK has a large, high-torque barrel, perfect for the needs of this watch.
   What else is critical during the development phase?
   There are many details to consider when developing such a complex movement. For example, the design of the hammer is extremely important. Just like a drum stick, the hammer must be retracted immediately after it strikes the gong, so as not to affect the vibration of the gong. The shape and weight of the hammer, as well as how to design the hairspring that drives the hammer, are all critical. The movement components work extremely fast, making it difficult to capture even when shooting with slow motion.

Pleasant watch masterpiece: ZEITWERK MINUTE REPEATER
   Why did you choose platinum 950 as the case material?
   Many people think that certain materials will inevitably make the minute repeater watch have better sound quality. As a drummer, I disagree. Take the drum as an example. The snare is one of the most important instruments. Its body can be made of different materials-the sound of a wooden drum is soft and round, and the tone of a brass or steel is more powerful With a metallic feel. The type of material is not good or bad, but which sound is more suitable for a certain musical style. The same is true of the minute repeater. The 18K rose gold case can create a softer tone, but the platinum 950 case can also achieve extraordinary sound quality.
   How important is ZEITWERK MINUTE REPEATER to Lange?
   From the perspective of the product development director, I think ZEITWERK MINUTE REPEATER has set a milestone for Lange’s future development. This piece is a major step in the development of a Lange timepiece. In addition, this project has brought us a lot of fun. In addition to the extraordinary challenges faced during the research and development phase, but also because of the continuous cooperation between our teams. From time to time, the watchmaking team discusses each other’s problems and proposes many innovative solutions. For this reason, we are proud of the advent of ZEITWERK MINUTE REPEATER.

Updated: 19. July 2020 — 15:49
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