Make Changes Little By Little: The Citizen New Time New Me Event Should Help Every Woman In The World Living Hard

CITIZEN has always adhered to the corporate philosophy of ‘being loved by the citizens and contributing to the citizens’, and hopes to contribute to the lives of everyone through watches. This time, the ‘NewTimeNewMe’ campaign was launched with xC. Its purpose is ‘Every choice you make, even if it is small, can cause a series of reactions.’ It can be an opportunity to start changing the world.

Hebe Tian Huan wears xCEC1164-53X
   For the same reason, CITIZEN cooperated with Japanese clothing brand CLOUDY through this event. CLOUDY is a brand that integrates African traditional textiles and weaving technology and actively displays the positive image of Africa. It also creates many employment opportunities for countless African women. This collaboration is a lively and fashionable storage bag with unique craftsmanship made by African female artisans, and it will make you feel extremely happy! A small handicraft storage bag can give women who make and use it a joy, and this is a happy cycle.

CITIZENxCEC1164-53X Cherry Blossom Pink Gold Sakurapink Titanium Case, 28mm Diameter, White Butterfly Shell Dial, Four Natural Diamonds, Five Stations Radio Wave Reception / Timed Automatic Receive Function, 24 City Time, Perpetual Calendar / Daylight Saving Time / Date Display , Solar-powered movement, fully charged for 3 years of continuous operation (in power-saving mode), sapphire glass, water-resistant to 50 meters, cherry pink gold Sakurapink titanium strap, comes with an exclusive watch box.

   NewTimeNewMe’s recommended model EC1164-53X has 6 beautiful and confident blooming Carter orchids on its white butterfly shell panel, symbolizing women’s confident and vigorous vitality, and 4 natural diamonds add dazzling light. The titanium case strap is plated with xC’s exclusive cherry pink gold, which even complements the fair complexion of Asian women. The surface design image is also applied to the exclusive watch box, which not only expresses the self-confidence beauty of the woman with the eternal flower, but also uses the garland with the meaning of ‘forever’ to decorate the room, echoing the opportunity to begin to change the world and also make women happy. , Creating endless happiness.

CITIZENxCEC1160-54W titanium case, 28mm diameter, white butterfly shell dial, eight natural diamonds, five-station radio wave receiving / timed automatic receiving function, 24 city time, perpetual calendar / summer time / date display, light power machine Core, fully charged for 3 years of continuous operation (in power saving mode), sapphire glass mirror, waterproof to 50 meters, titanium strap, comes with an exclusive watch box.
   Another recommended EC1160-54W moonlight silver also uses a titanium case strap, which is as shiny as dew as a whole. The pattern on the white butterfly shell is like a flower in full bloom, and the 8 natural diamonds scattered on the time scale are dew dripping on the petals, which is fresh and elegant. An exclusive watch case is included to add a unique elegance to the watch.

CITIZENxCEC1160-54W with exclusive watch box

CLOUDY Limited African Craft Bag
   With the purchase of the designated models ‘EC1164-53X’ or ‘EC1160-54W’, you can get one CITIZENxCLOUDY limited African craft bag, and make a little change for the world together.

Updated: 7. March 2014 — 4:51
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