Minimalist Style Lavrangi Time Touch Steel Ball Watch

German watch brand Lavaro loves both beauty and minimalism. Lavaro is ‘water’ in Latin, and water is pure, just as lavaro’s design style is always simple and clean. Water is free, and designers who are accustomed to thinking while traveling successfully integrate the characteristics of different countries into their work.

   Subverting the traditional dial design, breaking the conventional three-hand dial pattern, using steel balls and magnetic field induction to accurately display the time, the bright and round steel ball scroll indicates the time, stylish personality.

   This is not an ordinary steel ball. It is hollow and is welded by two independent hollow hemispheres. After welding, the technician needs to completely remove the welding marks to make it smooth. The weight and size of the steel ball have been tested hundreds of times before they have achieved the ideal results today. The time is indicated by a hollow steel ball with thousands of hammers. When passing time, you can also fiddle with the steel ball, which is very interesting.

   Delicate and comfortable leather strap with classic pin buckle fastening. The significance of steel ball watches is that they can confidently control their own time.

   The diameter of the dial is 40 mm, the thickness of the case is 7 mm, and the leather strap is waterproof to 30 meters. Quartz movement.