Music That Plays The Blue Sea

The azure blue sea is the prelude to life on earth and the final chapter of thousands of streams. Swiss independent watch brand ORIS Oris has been deeply rooted in the brand culture since its establishment. The ‘ORIS’ came to a stream near Pride’s headquarters. It originated from the Rhine and shuttled through dense forests. It quietly nourished one side of the land and quietly opened its own route. From the beginning of the creek, Oris adhered to the brand declaration ‘Go Your Own Way’, with its high-quality diving watches, paying attention to and protecting the ocean and water resources step by step, playing its own blue sea movement.

ORIS Swiss headquarters

   The first movement: dive into the deep sea and explore the mysterious world
   The sea is mysterious. Human beings have never stopped to explore the blue sea. In the 1950s and 1960s, breakthrough progress was made in diving equipment, diving equipment was further improved and popularized, and people finally opened the closed door of the underwater world. As a result, the development of diving watches also entered the golden age. ORIS officially entered the diving watch field. In 1965, it released the diving watch representing the highest level in the world at that time, becoming a competent assistant for professional divers.
   For more than half a century when dealing with diving watches, Oris has continuously refined its craftsmanship and has maintained a world-class diving watch production level. At the same time, Oris maintains close communication and cooperation with professional divers, divers, and diving enthusiasts. As early as 2006, Oris cooperated with Carlos Coste, then the world record holder of free diving, to actively promote the development of diving. Humans love diving, and are attracted to the strange world of the ocean floor. Each dive is an exploration of the unknown ocean world. The experience accumulated through these explorations has laid the foundation for better protection of the ocean.
   Movement 2: Pay attention to the ocean, protect purity and beauty

Severe marine debris pollution

   Come from the sea, and finally give back to the sea. Oris not only manufactures diving watches, but also pays attention to and protects the origin of diving: oceans, lakes, and rivers, and has been working hard to improve the water environment. In 2009, Oris and the Australian Ocean Research Association reached a cooperation to jointly carry out the Great Barrier Reef public welfare protection activities, and launched Oris’ first generation of the Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition watches. Since then, Oris has introduced one or two watches each year related to the protection of the water environment and marine life. For example, the limited edition ORIS Source of Life watch launched in 2018, inspired by the Rhine, is not only a tribute to ORIS Oris’ brand origin, but also hopes to encourage people to pay attention to water resources and save water. In addition, there are hammerhead shark limited edition watches that study endangered sharks, Clipperton Island limited edition watches that protect the world’s furthest from the continental atolls, and staghorn coral limited edition watches.

ORIS Marine Trident

   This summer, ORIS Marine Protection entered a new chapter, launching the Ocean Project marine protection program. The Clean Ocean Limited Edition watch is designed to clean marine plastic garbage. The bottom of the watch is made of recycled plastic. It has a unique visual effect and always reminds people to prevent the manufacture of marine garbage. At the same time, the brand has reached a cooperation with the Pacific Garbage Screening Program. It plans to establish a floating platform in the Pacific that can filter plastic waste from seawater and provide new solutions to the problem of marine pollution from a technological perspective. In addition, Oris also launched the Blue Whale Limited Edition Watch and the Great Barrier Reef Third Generation Limited Edition Watch. Together with the Clean Ocean Limited Edition, it forms a ‘Marine Protection Trident’ set. The materials of the set box are recycled Marine plastics together protect the purity and beauty of the ocean.

RIS Oris Marine Protection Trident Set
Watch box made from recycled marine plastic garbage

   ORIS believes that changing a sea requires the efforts of every creek. The stream named ‘ORIS’ has not stopped, and I also call on and look forward to more people to join, pay attention to the marine environment, protect marine life, and play the most beautiful blue sea movement together, and speak for the blue world!

Technical Four Seats One Needle One Line Outlines Huamei Watch

According to legend, ‘Shun Ling Yu thorn multicolored embroidery’, it can be seen that China’s embroidery has a very early origin. This is an ode to embroidery. Embroidery, when these two words came into my mind, imaginative pictures were produced, or a pair of delicate and delicate hands, or a lifelike picture, or countless interlaced colored silk threads … ancient The power of embroidery is already breathtaking. When this superb technology is applied to a watch, what a beautiful picture? Gold and silver thread, take you into the temple of time …

  About embroidery:

  Suzhou embroidery is known for its fineness and elegance. Beautiful pattern, quiet color, flexible stitching, detailed embroidery, and vivid image. The embroidery process requirements are: smooth, uniform, flat, uniform and clean. Straight means straight and straight, and the curve is smooth; Qi means the pointer is neat and the edges are not uneven; flat means the gesture is accurate, the embroidered surface is flat, and the threads are not skewed; uniform means the pointer distance is consistent, no bottom, no overlap; clean It refers to the embroidery surface is smooth and clean, without ink and other stains. It is already an ingenious technique and craft to pierce a pattern on such a large cloth, and the masters of watchmaking have some exquisite skills, showing superb craftsmanship, beautiful pictures, unique art on the dial of tens of millimeters .

  In appearance, no matter how many watches are listed in the Vacheron Constantin Art Series 33580 / 000R-9904 and listed in the window, you will find it extremely beautiful. China and its ancient embroidery skills are the inspiration for this watch, presented by Vacheron Constantin craftsmen on light and delicate watches, showing their artistic essence. Outlined with a pink gold filigree process, it is topped with flower-patterned rubies, hematite and garnet. The delicate and elegant gems are cut and carved with gem carving techniques, and are embellished with finely carved gold leaves and flower stamens, which have the same effect as the precious fabrics decorated with silk threads in Chinese embroidery.

  From the details, the veins and round petals reflect the extreme attention to detail, giving this decoration a deep and charming effect. Fine and extraordinary ruby ​​carving is a huge challenge. Each pink opal has been individually cut and ground, and is paved with other opals on the dial. The gemstones are separated by only 0.5mm platinum lines.

  In terms of power, Vacheron Constantin’s Métierd’Art master watch series has led fashion women to rediscover the charm of decorative arts. Precious and precise movements let you feel the rhythm of time. The decoration on the front of the movement is extremely delicate, the finest point is only one tenth of a millimeter, and the reverse side uses Vacheron Constantin’s unique chamfering and hand-carving technology to maintain the pure, restrained appearance of the watch. The 1003 ultra-thin movement equipped with this watch is made of 18K yellow gold with a thickness of only 1.64 millimeters. The gear system is carved into a delicate lace shape using the engraving process, which fully demonstrates Vacheron Constantin’s professional skills in the field of decorative arts. In addition, the movement of the Master of the Series watch also has the Geneva mark, which is not only an affirmation of the quality of the watch, but also a recognition of the brand’s premium quality.

 : Piaget Altiplano embroidered watch

  Piaget’s watches have never been disappointing, whether it is Altiplano, extraordinary treasures or Lierlight telling the history of fine watchmaking in different ways. If Vacheron Constantin’s watch is too gorgeous, then these two Piaget watches are definitely understated and beautiful. The elegant appearance of Piaget Altiplano is elegant and simple. The round bezel is inlaid with artificially polished diamonds, exuding a gorgeous luster in the light. The pure black or white dial gives a rich imagination. The hour and minute hands display occupy the center position, which makes the reading clear at a glance. The embroidery pattern is located to the lower right, showing a delicate beauty.

  The most eye-catching is the embroidery craftsmanship on the watch. Piaget Piaget has set a precedent in the world, introducing the art of gold embroidery to the country of watchmaking, and interweaving the masterpiece of the dial beyond imagination. Adhering to the tradition of excellence, Piaget pioneered a brand-new Xinjiang region for dial design with golden silk embroidery technology, achieving an impressive and timeless work. The laurel branches on the dial of this watch are embroidered with straight stitches, while the laurel leaves are embroidered with silk stitching. The entire embroidery pattern takes more than 4 hours. The precious gold thread required Three meters long.

  From ancient art to recent collections, the history of embroidery is intertwined with the process of human civilization. In the earl’s history, the interweaving of needles and threads also created miracles. First, the silk was taut and fixed on the frame, and then the pattern lines were traced by the master craftsman. Subsequently, the embroidery master used the ancient technique of gold thread embroidery to twist the gold thread into helical gold threads with embroidery needles, and then extremely patiently embroidered the complex composition details on the silk one by one, thereby creating an exquisite art. Product.

 Filigree craftsmanship: Cartier filigree cheetah watch

  Cartier’s tank is naturally one of the brand’s masterpieces. Many people only know Cartier’s different deformation tanks and fierce cheetah series, but they don’t know that the other side of this toughness and domineering also contains tenderness and beauty. The 2013 metal bead craftsmanship, this creative and inherited work, has witnessed Cartier’s determination to regain and retain the lost craftsmanship and technology, but this filigree cheetah watch will take you back to Cartier’s advanced The field of watchmaking.

  Taste this watch from the perspective of appreciation. The pair of cheetahs on the dial, the fur covered with black paint spots is made of diamond-set gold and platinum filaments. Emerald eyes become the finishing touch on the dial. They stare softly under the starry night sky and contrast with the diamond-paved bezel. It conveyed Cartier’s good wishes and hope. The texture of the cheetah’s body is as transparent as lace. Cartier not only applies the fine gold and silver craftsmanship to the square inch space of the watch, but also uses precious jewelry materials such as gold, platinum and diamonds to elevate it to a higher artistic level.

  The craftsmen of the Cartier Masters Craft Workshop need to use special tools to create gold or platinum filaments. The filaments are twisted, rolled and entangled, cut into small loops, and then used the gold and silver wire craftsmanship to form a pattern. All elements are fixed by the sides instead of the bottom. It takes more than a month to create such a filigree watch. This ingenious masterpiece of art combines many types of craftsmanship, from gem setting to filigree, from jewelry to watchmaking, from carving to lacquer. Thousands of procedures are only to achieve Cartier’s iconic cheetah image. It combines superb craftsmanship, unique decoration, and brand spirit. It is equipped with a 430MC manual winding mechanical movement. It is limited to 20 pieces and is worth collecting.

 Knitted embroidery: Chanel Mademoiselle Privé jewelry watch

  Chanel has always been synonymous with fashion and fashion. The new “Mademoiselle Privé” jewelry watch series unveiled the mystery of Ms. Chanel’s private world, vividly showing her favorite symbols and indispensable iconic elements in life. Camellia was originally an accessory on men’s clothing. As early as the 19th century, handsome and stylish boys would put a camellia on the button. Today, as an important symbol of the Chanel brand, camellia is cleverly interpreted in a variety of materials and forms. , And shine in Chanel watches and high jewelry series.

  This watch did not make me unforgettable at first glance, but after knowing it, it was known that its craftsmanship was different. The tiny dial with a diameter of only 37.5 millimeters needs to accommodate exquisite patterns while leaving enough space for the hour and minute hands. The two must be coordinated with each other, which undoubtedly increases the difficulty factor for watchmakers. Need the full attention of embroidery craftsmen, complemented by unparalleled precision and strict technology. Each camellia is handmade, with pearls strung by gold and silk threads, and rose-cut diamonds, gold foil and gold knot embroidery patterns to outline a gorgeous camellia blooming quietly on the dark black dial .

  The needle movement of embroidery is so flexible, knitting embroidery is equivalent to the stitching of lines, but this stitching is not easy. Unlike the line matching in painting, the depth, lightness, and weight can be controlled by their own hands. A poor craftsman can only change the This kind of material thread is stiffly placed on the surface of the plate, which is why the difficulty of embroidering a knitted watch is this. This kind of embroidery difficulty requires practice over time. Chanel’s understanding of line matching has reached a first-class state. In embroidery, it has always been large and easy to work, small and difficult to beauty, and they confidently put embroidery on the dial. The scenery can be written from a short distance, which is the charm of knitted embroidery.

Summary: It is a magical process to use needles to pierce silk threads or other fibers and yarns with a certain pattern and color on the embroidery material to form decorative patterns with embroidery marks. The concept, the meaning, and the stitches are related to the beauty of this work, so the formation of an embroidered watch is so surprising. The decoration process of the dial is from scratch. The outline of each line is to pave the way for the next step. When the finished product is completed, time can freely move through the pattern, turning the track of time bit by bit, leaving more on your wrist. A soft beauty, a gorgeous one, and an artistic beauty. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

Tag Heuer Heuer Monza Watch Returns Strongly To Win The ‘best Replica Watch’ Award At The Geneva Haute Horlogerie Award

Jack Heuer, Honorary Chairman of TAG Heuer and designer of the first Heuer Monza watch in 1976, is the CEO of TAG Heuer and President of LVMH Cologne Group Watches Jean- At the invitation of Mr. Jean-Claude Biver, he took the stage to accept this noble award.

 The Heuer Monza chronograph recreates the classic-the ultimate replica of the classic watch, paying tribute to Heuer Monza’s long history of 40 years (1976-2016).

 In 1976, the Swiss pioneering watch brand Tag Heuer became the official timekeeper of Ferrari (1971-1979). Jack Heuer, the great grandson of the founder of the Tag Heuer brand, designed a unique chronograph-Heuer Monza chronograph. To celebrate Niki Lauda’s first World Championship victory in a Ferrari. This is also the first time in history that Monza appeared on the watch dial.

 At the time, the watch was regarded as a model of innovation and fashion. Its pillow-shaped case is inspired by the prototype of the 1925 model. The all-black chronograph with pulsometer (heart rate) and tachymeter scale (converts time to speed), red hands and chronograph dial make the racing tradition stand out. The new and unique design has ushered in a new era for the development of this watch.
Beautiful watch, timeless classic

 The newly reissued version in 2016 has two important functions of this series of watches-the pulsometer and the tachymeter scale (the previous reprint models do not have the above two functions), and the original font is used, which returns to the original design.

 The famous original pillow-shaped case is the core component. The whole case is black, which reproduces the original classic, while adhering to the original black and white two-tone lacquered hour and minute hands. Retro orange SuperLuminova ™ luminous material hour markers follow the original design. The traditional Heuer logo is printed on the dial, which proves the watch’s place in the brand’s historical treasures.
 As a symbol of heritage and the future, the case of the Heuer Monza chronograph is made of grade 5 titanium (previously made of stainless steel), which makes the watch lighter and more shock-resistant. The watch material is treated with titanium carbide coating to make it appear matte black, showing a strong aura.
 The diameter of the watch has also been increased from 39 mm to 42 mm, showing a modern and masculine atmosphere. The watch is paired with a ‘Super Racing’ style full-grain black calfskin strap. The exposed stitching details reproduce the three-spoke steering wheel design used in classic racing cars of the year.
 The Monza chronograph is equipped with the Calibre 17 automatic winding movement, and the dual chronograph dials are located at 3 and 9 o’clock, respectively. The precisely spaced design achieves a unique and harmonious aesthetic. The screw-down case back is engraved with the number and the classic HEUER logo and finished in red lacquer to add different details.
 The original Heuer Monza chronograph is sought after by watch collectors, and there are only a handful of engraved versions. The design of the new watch is very original, and it is also a gift for the 40th anniversary of the watch. There is no doubt that the Heuer Monza chronograph will become another milestone in the history of TAG Heuer’s classic heritage.
technical details
Number CR2080.FC6375
TAG Heuer Calibre 17 – Automatic chronograph movement (with date)
Function The ’15-beat’ pulsometer (1st timer activated, 15th stopped timer) also has a speedometer scale that converts time to speed.
Case diameter 42 mm.
Grade 5 titanium case and bezel, matte and polished with black titanium carbide coating
Arched sapphire crystal with anti-scratch and anti-glare coating on both sides
Polished steel crown with Heuer logo engraved
Polished stainless steel button
Threaded back cover
Watch back engraved with ‘MONZA HEUER’ and number
Dial Black Sunprint
Dual chronograph dial: minute counter at 9 o’clock, seconds counter at 3 o’clock, date display window at ‘Retro’ orange SuperLuminova ™ hour markers at 6 o’clock, black and white lacquered hour and minute hands, 9 o’clock Clock position chronograph dial with white hands, 3 o’clock position chronograph dial with red hands, red chronograph seconds hand, tachymeter scale and pulsometer printed on the flange, retro Heuer logo, and ‘MONZA’ and ‘Automatic – Calibre’ 17 ‘
Water resistance: 100 meters
Strap Full-grain perforated black calfskin strap, exposed stitching, black coated titanium
Buckle Security button and Heuer engraved logo

Citizen Business Formal Watch Recommended Np3013-01e

After the quartz crisis dominated by Japanese watchmaking brands in the watch industry, mechanical watches have begun to develop into high-end grades. Therefore, mechanical watches with high-end functions will be called tens or even more The price of millions. Although it is difficult to find lower-priced mechanical watches among the famous Swiss watch brands, fortunately, there are still many domestic and Nissan brands that produce mechanical watches that are cost-effective. Today we come to appreciate this NP3013-01E watch of the business casual series.
 The case of the Citizen NP3013-01E watch uses stainless steel rose gold plating technology, the 43mm case is very conspicuous, and this case looks noble and generous. The black dial has 10 indexes on the same material, and the indexes and hands have a luminous coating, so that the time can be read clearly at night. The white scale is clearly visible on the dial, accurate to the second hand to indicate every second. There is a small dial on the left side of the dial that is a 24-hour display dial in the second time zone. The 3 o’clock position window displays the date. The dial is made of natural mother-of-pearl, and it is also crystal clear and lasting for a long time. The transparent design can clearly see the working condition of the movement, and meets the needs of consumers who like to watch the operation of machinery. The brown calfskin strap is comfortable and snug. The buckle on the top is a butterfly buckle. The buckle is also stainless steel and rose gold plated.

As a formal watch, the Citizen NP3013-01E watch has the unique temperament of a formal watch. The calendar window at the 3 o’clock position is instantaneous and displays the date of the two days before and after. The middle hand indicates the date of the day. The function of the second time zone is perfect for travellers, and it also has a 24-hour display function, which can specify the reference time very clearly. Water resistance can reach 10 atmospheres, which is about 100 meters. This waterproof effect can follow the wearer’s free swimming, let alone sweat and rain. Because it is a formal watch, when it is produced, it will not have complicated timing functions like a chronograph watch, so a simple junior hand is the standard configuration.
The Citizen NP3013-01E watch uses the self-produced 4166 movement, which is an innovation based on the classic movement with decades of history, which represents the development trend of Citizen, with a kinetic energy reserve of almost 40 hours when fully chain . The movement of the movement can be clearly seen through the back, and the movement of time can be clearly seen with the work of the hollowed-out balance wheel. In addition, the 4166 movement is also lacking. The single-upward automatic oscillating weight design does not have good winding efficiency. At the same time, the adjustment of the second time zone is not ideal. And this movement is very similar to the Japanese Miyota 9015 movement, the 4166 movement has an independent GMT module, so it has a more market, meanwhile, the movement can even compare with the ETA 2842-2 movement in terms of performance. You can imagine its stability.

 The Citizen NP3013-01E watch uses stainless steel rose gold plating to increase the appearance of luxury. The 43mm case, paired with a black dial and brown calfskin strap, highlights the exquisite beauty of the atmosphere. The dial of the junior hand with calendar is a classic design in a formal watch. The 24-hour display dial is made of natural mother-of-pearl, which does not change color, and has excellent color and texture. It is also a widely used material in all brands. The 100m waterproof effect cannot be compared with diving watches, but it is also among the best in formal watches. Citizen’s self-produced movement is an innovative breakthrough on the classic basis. Friends who like self-produced movements are worth considering. For a formal watch in this price range, it is good value for money. For an ordinary working class, such a formal watch is really a good choice.
 Watch details: citizen / 26511 /

Take Me To Your Core Tissot T-classic Series Watch Appreciation

Tissot is a well-known watch brand. As a well-known Swiss watch brand, it has a high reputation and maintains excellent product quality, but the product price is not high. Its excellent price-performance ratio makes the watch loved by many watch lovers.
Today, I introduce to you this Tissot T-CLASSIC series Xinyuan T050. watch. The unique hollow design of the dial is avant-garde and bold, and the movement is clearly visible. character.

 Tissot T-CLASSIC series Xinyuan T050. watch’s unique hollow design at 12 o’clock is known as ‘happy’. The hands and visible gears contrast each other. On the dial of white mother-of-pearl, five red The flourishing Arabic numerals add a touch of playfulness to this watch.
Equipped with the ETA 2824-2 automatic mechanical movement evolved from the ETA 2824 movement, it is more stable and highly accurate. It is a good choice for ladies who like watches at the entry level.

 The Tissot T-CLASSIC series has a bold and avant-garde design. The red hour markers on the dial of the mother-of-pearl and the six top Weisser diamonds exude a rich color in any light, and also feminine feminine The interpretation is vivid. This watch is priced at 5,850 yuan in the Tissot store. For many well-known Swiss watch brands, this price is very close to the people. If you are an innovative woman who likes to be independent, this watch will be your best choice.
 Watch details: tissot / 7442 /

Oris Off-road Challenge Is About To Run

The North Face will host ‘2013 The North Face 100 International Off-road Challenge-Taiwan’ on April 13. The 100km extreme men’s and women’s champions will receive an ORIS diving watch. At the event, ORIS will provide limited diving watches as the biggest award of the day. It is expected that participants will challenge their limits and break through themselves.

 Only 50 off-road warriors in the extreme group of 100 kilometers will start from the beautiful Bitan, pass Wulai Old Street, and climb the winding mountain trails in Fushan, heading to the ‘Hapong Ancient Road’ known as the Amazon in Taiwan. Other groups are 50 km for the endurance group, 13.5 km for the challenge group and 7 km for the walking group.

 The cross-country marathon is a race that challenges the limit of self. When the freshness of the first few kilometers fades and the physical limit approaches, it will return to the pure pursuit of body and soul. Every step you take and every deep breath, All are the manifestation of self-awareness. ORIS will sponsor three diving watches that combine taste and function, to give more motivation to all contestants seeking to overcome their obstacles.

 The 100km men’s champion will receive the ORIS Aquis diving watch. The 43mm round case is equipped with an innovative ceramic upper ring, which is a comprehensive watch with sports and luxury. The refined white dial, superb performance, shows a simple and delicate modern atmosphere. The 100km women’s champion can own the ORIS Aquis medium-sized diving watch, combining style, practical functions and fashion taste, showing a low-key personal style. After the game, there will be a lottery event. The biggest prize is the ORIS Maldives limited watch. The watch is exquisitely presented in a titanium alloy case. The back is engraved with a unique catfish image to pay tribute to this precious conservation species.

▲ ORIS Aquis Medium Divers-100km Women’s Championship

▲ ORIS Aquis Diving Watch-100km Men’s Championship

▲ ORIS Maldives limited watch-lucky draw prize

 On April 13th, we look forward to stepping away from the world, enjoying every breath, indulging in the simple exploration between nature and the self, letting go of the pressure of daily life, and experiencing the return to the original touch

Rolex Signs Global Partnership With Formula 1 ™

Pushing the limits of technology
‘This is an exciting moment, and the collaboration between Rolex and Formula 1 feels natural, like all great partnerships,’ said Gian Riccardo Marini, Rolex CEO.
‘Rolex and Formula 1 in their respective fields, the adventurous spirit, the highest level of engineering and the strong desire to embody the technological innovation to the limit, these aspirations have greatly attracted the young generation’, he Added.
‘Our self-winding mechanical watches-like professional chronograph stopwatches for drivers, Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona, Oyster Perpetual Cosmic Chronograph Daytona-are full of technological innovation and proprietary technology, all thanks to our engineers and The master watchmaker is passionate about every detail, ‘Mr. Marini said.
‘Rolex watches are a symbol of pursuit, which collectively reflects the highest level of performance and reliability of Formula 1. In the past 50 years, Rolex and F1 have grown into world-class brands, and there will be many wonderful things in the future. Opportunity we can share together, ‘Mr. Marini added.

Sir Jackie Stewart, Rolex spokesperson; Mr. Gian Riccardo Marini, CEO of Rolex SA; Mr. Bernie Ecclestone, CEO of Formula One; Rolex spokesperson and Rolex SA board member Jean-Claude Killy (from left to right) © Rolex / Eddy Mottaz

F1 ™ Partner’s Choice
Bernie Ecclestone, CEO of Formula One group, said: ‘There is no doubt that Rolex is the partner of choice for a world-class sports series like Formula 1.’
‘The brand’s credibility, the watch’s outstanding performance, and Rolex’s passion and long-term commitment to motorsport have given it a real credibility. This partnership is exciting and exciting. An incredible sporting tradition, so Formula 1 is the right choice for Rolex, ‘Mr Ecclestone added.
Rolex will be the official timer and official timekeeper of F1 from the next season. At that time, each Grand Prix will play the role of timing, and the Rolex Logo will appear in each corner of each venue in each event.
Partnerships with a strong symbolic value
Mr Marini said, ‘In some ways, through its strong symbolism and its global reach, our partnership with F1 reflects activities we have recently supported, such as James Cameron’s deep-sea challenge expedition to James Cameron. Diving to the deepest part of the ocean in March 2012, this feat has special significance for humans and technology, and globally. ‘
To promote technological advancement, Rolex joined the Bloodhound SSC World Land Speed ​​Record Project in 2011 as its official timing partner. The Bloodhound team’s goal is to set a new record of 1,000 miles per hour (1600 km / h) with state-of-the-art supersonic jet and rocket-powered cars, inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers.
Similarly, Rolex announced support for Neuropolis in the spring of 2012, a world-class neuroscience research center based in Switzerland designed to better understand the computational biology of the human brain, an innovative approach at the forefront of scientific research , Built on the ability of supercomputers to simulate biological processes.
Rolex is a key partner of many well-known iconic events, organizations and sports, especially golf (such as the Open), tennis (such as Wimbledon), sailing (such as the Rolex Sydney to Hobart Regatta).
Source: Rolex

Cartier Caribe Dive Watches Unveiled In Geneva

On June 26th, Cartier Cartier launched its first diving watch, the Calibrede Cartier Diving Watch at the Geneva Navigation Company.

At this event, Cartier showed more than 200 guests to the three new Cartier Caribe diving watches in all gold, gold and steel with rubber straps. This is one of the thinnest dive watches on the market today.

This watch adhering to Cartier’s rigid lines, solid case, unique structure and other classic design elements. At the same time, it is equipped with advanced science and technology to interpret a confident and masculine character. Cartier Carrefour diving watch takes into consideration daily wear and extreme environments, not only perfectly shows Cartier’s style, but also meets some of the most stringent technical standards of ISO6425 ‘diving watches’, making this watch at 300 The depth of rice water can still accurately travel without being affected by water pressure. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

Structural Analysis Of Swiss Clock And Watch Industry Employees And Companies (Part One)

Switzerland, a small country sandwiched between the old Western powers Germany, France, and Italy, has a land area of ​​only 41285 square kilometers, nearly three times that of Beijing, and has a total population of more than 8.1 million, but less than Half of Beijing’s resident population has a desirable natural environment. It is home to the world’s most influential multinational company, provides the most secure financial services, and produces the highest quality clocks and watches. As one of the most important pillar industries in Switzerland, watchmaking is a famous business card in Switzerland. Every year, several watchmaking institutes, including some science and engineering colleges, continuously send talents to watchmaking companies. And creative mechanical timepieces.

   After hundreds of years of development, mechanical watchmaking has long been a part of Swiss cultural heritage, and it has become the dream of many young people. Watchmaking workshops, factories, group companies, and many watchmakers in Switzerland, which form a powerful cornerstone of the watch industry, are the driving force behind the development of the watch industry.
Changes in the number of employees and companies in the past few decades
   For a long time, we did not know what the specific situation of the Swiss watchmaking industry used to be. People always split each angle and found out from some details: the Swiss watch industry developed rapidly and the scale changed after World War II Large, the brands collaborated on the development of complex functions and movements, quartz shock almost destroyed the mechanical watch industry and so on. However, this information is relatively general and vague. Here we give a chart, which is the statistics released by the Swiss official agency. This agency consists of several members. These members are group associations and unions of various cantons and groups, so it is worth referring.

Changes in the number of employees and companies in watchmaking from 1949 to 2014

   In this chart, we are surprised to find that in the middle of the last century, there were close to 2,400 Swiss watch companies and about 90,000 employees. In the decades before the quartz shock in the early 1970s, the number of watch companies remained the same. With a scale of more than 1,500 companies, the number of employees has never been less than 60,000. You know, the total population of Switzerland at that time was only about 5 million, and the labor force was about 3 million (the current total population of Switzerland is about 8.1 million, the labor force is about 5 million, and the watch industry is close to 60,000). This is enough to show how prosperous the Swiss watch industry was then, even now it cannot be compared. The data also shows that there were many small and medium-sized watch companies at that time, because the average watch company employed only about 40 people. Today, the average watch company employs nearly 100 people, including administrative and leadership personnel.

   Today, the watch and clock industry has a huge GDP, and its total exports exceed 20 billion Swiss francs each year. However, the scale of the industry has not yet returned to the past prosperity. The company that collapsed in that shock no longer exists today, even in the rapid years before. The new watch company has not sprung up like a mushroom, indicating that the watch industry has undergone a qualitative change after the painful transformation. From 1985 to today, in the past 30 years of development, the number of watch companies has not increased significantly, even in an ups and downs. The number of employees has doubled from more than 30,000 to nearly 60,000, indicating that the watch industry has continued to recover. Watch companies are getting bigger and stronger. The small and beautiful watchmaking industry used to form a diversified industry, but now it has been transformed into a group of common collaborations, which has created an industry pattern in which brand differentiation and commonality coexist.
Individual and small and medium-sized watchmaking enterprises

Number of employees and structure distribution from 1980 to 2014
   However, there is a sad thing. We see that the watch industry today is not as full of flowers and contentions as before. Everyone’s attention has been focused on several new product exhibitions each year. The protagonists here are big groups and big brands. . However, whether the market can last alive and maintain breakthrough innovation, it is not the big groups that play a key role, but small and medium watchmaking companies and even individuals who make watches because of their hobby. They are the main force of market innovation. Regrettably, there were about 2,800 employees in the personal workshop category in 1980. By 2014, there were only about 220 people left, and they continued to decline.

Distribution of companies by number of employees

   According to statistics, by 2014, among all watch companies in Switzerland, companies with less than 4 employees accounted for the vast majority, and companies with 10-24 and 25-49 employees showed that the Swiss watchmaking industry must Most of them are small and medium-sized enterprises, which include some subsidiary accessories manufacturers or parts suppliers under the group or big brands. There are only 19 large companies with more than 500 people, mainly some very mature brand companies. However, in terms of labor force ratio, the total number of employees in large brand companies exceeds 30% of the total number of employees, which is an absolute number advantage.

   That is to say, most of the practitioners are concentrated in large watchmaking companies, and very few people make their own watches at home or go to small watchmaking companies (mostly in partnership with friends), and this Some people do not work for the sake of survival. A more reasonable explanation is for hobbies. For example, Dufour can often create more pleasing high-quality clocks. We believe that a little more of these people are the manifestation of market prosperity and maintaining lasting vitality. Grouping has allowed many brands to be preserved. AHCI is supporting the development space of individuals or small teams. In recent years, major groups have also tried to integrate these personal watchmakers and brands. Individual entrepreneurs of the Swiss watchmaking industry are expected to win. Vast market.

Moon Phase Table: Xingyue Change In The Wrist

The ancient moon phase is the most romantic and symbolic time expression of astrological observers. Crescent, eyebrow, first-moon, full-moon, full-moon, inter-moon, second-moon, and waning moons. The change in the profit and loss of the moon phase brings a mysterious and charming power. As a carrier of time, the regular movement of the moon phase is also naturally incorporated into the clock, and it is displayed on the square dial in a ever-changing form, deducing the deep source between astronomy and timekeeping.
Portuguese Perpetual Calendar Watch
The 5023 model uses the classic silhouette-type moon phase display, showing the moon phase changes observed from the northern hemisphere. The moon phase gear has been improved to achieve unparalleled accuracy in the display of the moon phase cycle. One day of error accumulates every 577.5 years. The price is 300,000 yuan.
Tissot Moon Series
The overall outline of the 艺 塑 series is three-dimensional and agile. The moon phase watch in this series can clearly show the moon’s trajectory. The watch has a small seconds at 6 o’clock and a moon phase window. The moon phase is displayed in a golden yellow full moon, with two stars appearing peacefully above the white clouds. The price is 52650 yuan.
Lange 1815 Moon Phase Watch
Because of a set of gears with special transmission ratio, the error of each lunar month is only 6.61 seconds. This series of watches has a unique logo, which is to reproduce the ‘Dipper’ on the dial in an artistic way. The 1815 moon phase watch has always been one of Lange’s treasures that collectors are scrambling to catch. It is well maintained and can even be sold for three times the original price. Price shop negotiable.
Patek Philippe Ref. 5216
传奇 A legendary super complex watch with minute repeater, tourbillon, perpetual calendar, automatic return date and moon phase display. After 18 years of brilliant achievements, it finally ushered in a long-awaited brand new image. The unusually precise design makes the phase display of the moon phase differ from the actual lunar cycle by one day every 122 years and 45 days, which is equivalent to a complete lunar cycle every 3420 years. Price shop negotiable.
Le Méridien Bento series eccentric moon phase watch
系列 This series has an eccentric layout without affecting the harmonious beauty of the watch at all. The new moon phase watch follows this philosophy and reinterprets beautiful complications. The two display plates overlap each other, as if dancing with the moon. In stark contrast to the dial’s sun-brushed, polished finish. The price is 43,000 yuan.
米 Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon Phase Watch
This model not only has all the famous chronograph functions of the Speedmaster series, but also has the moon phase function and the date indicator, equipped with the Omega 1866 movement. This hand-wound chronograph has many modern design features: the wear-resistant sapphire crystal is anti-reflective on both sides; the polished screw-in caseback also features sapphire crystal. The price is 86,900 yuan.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Ultrathin Moonphase Masters
积 In 2011, Jaeger-LeCoultre adhered to its traditional tradition and launched the ultra-thin Moonphase Master Series watches, each detail of which continues the Jaeger-LeCoultre’s exquisite taste and style. The watch is composed of 246 parts, but the thickness can be kept below 4.90 mm. The appearance of the watch demands simplicity and cleanliness, whether it is the classic and timeless dial design, or the case lines carved in stainless steel or rose gold. No exception. The price is 75,000 yuan.
Zenith Commander Big Date Moon Phase Watch
After the sailing timepiece, Xingchen was the sailor’s second companion. By observing the position of the stars in the sky, the latitude of the ship can be calculated. With the two coordinates of longitude and latitude, the captain can accurately locate himself and determine the heading to his destination. Zenith pocket watches have been equipped with the moon phase display function for a long time. The commander series reproduces the new moon cycle, first quarter moon, full moon, and second quarter moon on the dial at night. This function is displayed in the display window at 6 o’clock. The price is 95,000 yuan.
Blancpain Villeret series moon phase table
In the center of the round pearl dial of this women’s moon phase watch, a square tiny track highlights the new idea of ​​the moon pattern. The mother-of-pearl highlights the date indication. The entire moon graphic reflects the harmonious and gentle feminine features. It is a sketch of her style. Blancpain’s watchmakers use moon phases and flower language to express their admiration for women, which is naturally the most romantic and poetic expression of time. Price is negotiable.
Glashütte Women’s Moon Phase Watch
Inspired by the moon to represent women, Glashütte created a women’s moon phase watch, and the elegant mother-of-pearl dial exudes beautiful luster. The price is 154,000 yuan.