Philips Hong Kong Auction Successfully Concludes Patek Philippe Ref. 3450 Sets Record Price Records For Asian Auctions

On December 1, 2015, Phillips held the first Hong Kong luxury watch auction at Four Seasons Hotel. This is the third and last luxury watch auction held by the auction house this year. auctions. This auction brings together the world’s most precious timepieces, with a total turnover of up to $ 15,189,578. One of the Patek Philippe Ref. 3450 watches sold for $ 1,553,000, setting a record price for a single Asian auction.
Patek Philippe Ref. 3450 white gold watch, produced in 1985


   This is a Patek Philippe Ref. 34.5 million calendar white gold watch, equipped with moon phase profit and loss and leap year display functions, and has the original voucher and watch box, very rare and significant.
Estimate before auction: USD 1,000,000-2,000,000
Price: $ 1,553,000
Patek Philippe Observatory Tourbillon Stainless Steel Pocket Watch, 1924


   This Patek Philippe Observatory tourbillon stainless steel pocket watch features an open two-tone dial design with a one-minute tourbillon speed adjustment. On February 3, 1931, the pocket watch won the first prize in the chronometer precision test of the Geneva Observatory. Very rare and historically significant.
Estimate before auction: $ 503,000-1,030,000
Price: $ 624,495
Rolex Ref.1804 ‘M. Kubo’ Day and Day Platinum Watch, manufactured in 1960


   This Rolex Ref. 1804 “M. Kubo” Day-Date Platinum watch features a day-of-the-week display, a black glossy “Swiss” dial, a central seconds hand, diamonds and an original bracelet.
Estimate before auction: $ 56,000-75,000
Price: $ 114,512
Swiss rose gold pocket watch, 19th century


   This Swiss rose gold pocket watch is specially made for the Chinese market. It has an open dial design, decorated with enamel and inlaid with pearls. In addition, it has a minute repeater function, which is extremely rare and unique.
Estimate before auction: $ 44,000-82,000
Price: $ 129,000

Omega Auction Seahorse Aqua Terra Gold Watch

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 007 series ‘Golden Finger’, Omega has specially created a unique seahorse series AquaTerra gold watch. It was sold at a high price of CHF 106,000 at an online charity auction.

Since the release of ‘Golden Eye’ in 1995, the Omega Seamaster series has been an important weapon for James Bond, appearing in each step of the 007 series of movies. When the 007 series ‘Golden Finger’ ‘s 50th birthday came, a word emerged in the minds of Omega designers: gold!

This unique watch, commemorating one of the most popular movies in the world, is made of 18K yellow gold. It won a bid of 106,000 Swiss francs on Wednesday’s online auction, and the winning price was close to 8 times the estimate. The result was the most successful in the auction that night, and it was also the one with the largest difference between the final sale price and the valuation.

This Omega Seamaster AquaTerra gold watch has a delicate 38.5mm case in 18K yellow gold and is accompanied by a matching strap. The dial and hands are also made of 18K yellow gold. The hands are luminous, and the time is still legible in the dark. On the counterweight of the golden second hand, the logo of 007 is specially carved, which subtly pays tribute to this world’s most famous special.

The matching of such a special watch movement is naturally also very important. This watch is equipped with an Omega 8501 coaxial movement, which can be clearly seen through the sapphire crystal of the case back. The rotor is also made of 18K yellow gold. This chronograph mechanical movement has extraordinary performance and accuracy, while being resistant to magnetic fields of approximately 15,000 Gauss. On the bezel of 18K yellow gold, carved: GOLDFINGER (Goldfinger), 50THANNIVERSARY (50th anniversary), UNIQUEPIECE (unique) ANTI-MAGNETIC, & gt; 15,000 GAUSS (anti-magnetic 15,000 Gauss).

The watch will be housed in a special display box inspired by the American vault in Fort Knox. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

Tag Heuer Launches Two Exclusive Manchester United Special Edition Watches

Manchester United and TAG Heuer announced the launch of two uniquely designed special edition sports chronographs to celebrate the cooperation between the two parties. Today, at the event at Old Trafford, TAG Heuer and Manchester United launched the first official club special edition watch.

4 Manchester United players

   TAG Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver and Richard Arnold attended the Manchester United The exclusive event held at the Trafford Stadium Souvenir Mall allows fans gathered here to first witness the launch of an exclusive watch collection.

Mr. Jean-Claude Biver and Richard Arnold

   Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney and main players David de Gea and Ander Herrera warmly welcomed the fans, making the scene more warm, they appeared A specialty store that presents watch collections for the waiting audience. They personally participated in the sale of the first watches with the Manchester United logo, which excited the fans on the spot.

The story behind exclusive watches

   Before the press conference, fans accepted the challenge and participated in the pressure challenge organized by TAG Heuer and Manchester United to get the chance to participate in the final test match. In the end, the four best performing fans were invited to the Old Trafford Stadium to participate in the press conference and compete with the team’s four main players in front of 300 spectators.

All-round cooperation

   Mr. Jean-Claude Biver, the CEO of TAG Heuer and the president of the watchmaking department of Coventry Group, said: ‘Our cooperation with Manchester United is TAG Heuer. An important move towards football. Manchester United is one of the most welcomed clubs in Asia. We are proud and happy to work together this time, which is vital to promote the development of our brand in Asia. We always strive to build a comprehensive Location cooperation. Therefore, in addition to being used as game timing and advertising on the stadium. We will also jointly organize events and rely on special watches specially designed for the club to promote the club and players. In any case, we will work hard to expand both sides The depth and breadth of cooperation. ‘

With Alec Monopoly

   Richard Arnold, Managing Director of Manchester United Group, said: ‘The cooperation between Manchester United and TAG Heuer is perfect, and the two industry-leading brands will work together to build a successful history. Manchester United is proud that the club’s logo can appear on TAG Heuer’s two popular watches. Watches are personal items that everyone wears every day. These two popular watches created by TAG Heuer not only perform well. , Easy to wear, and luxurious and precious, it also connects fans with the club. ‘
   Two special edition watches featuring Manchester United’s black and red keynotes are:

• TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 01 chronograph Manchester United special edition, equipped with the homemade chronograph movement Heuer-01, through the black skeleton dial to see the whole. The red mark of Manchester United is also glorious in this famous watch: the club logo at 9 o’clock, the TAG Heuer shield at 12 o’clock, the hour, minute and central chronograph seconds hand with a red alligator leather strap … makes this watch extraordinary and famous.

• TAG Heuer Formula 1 (F1) quartz chronograph Manchester United Special Edition is also a tribute to Manchester United, but this price is more affordable. It is one of the most cost-effective watches on the market, with high-quality finishes and features, and the Manchester United logo on the 1/10 second counter at 6 o’clock.
   TAG Heuer’s new Manchester United Special Edition will be sold at both the Manchester United Store in Old Trafford and the TAG Heuer flagship store. and will also be available online.

Diving With Breitling

How can a busy work, a monotonous life, and an icy city be restrained? This holiday, go to the beach to enjoy the sun, sand, blue sea and blue sky! Put on a full set of professional diving equipment, dive into the clear blue waters, visit another quiet and clear world, start an adventure adventure challenging the unknown, and enjoy a different kind of freedom.
  Professional diving equipment, how can you get a Breitling professional diving watch: strong and reliable, extraordinary waterproof performance and fearless diving into the deep sea; stable and accurate, automatic winding mechanical movement certified by the Swiss official observatory (COSC), so that time is under control; Excellent function, no matter the precise timing, ratchet-type rotating bezel or super luminous hands, it shows professional style; it is beautiful and dazzling, complementing the colorful and dreamy underwater world. A variety of Breitling diving watches will accompany you to challenge the major leisure diving sites. The same outstanding performance and different styles are definitely your trusted partner. When you tick, connect you with two very different worlds.
Paradise Diving Site: Maldives + Breitling Superocean
 Breitling Super Ocean 42 Watch
 ‘In the wide blue waters of the Indian Ocean, there is a string of green islands surrounded by white sand. This is the’ Lost Paradise ‘of the Maldives Islands. The warm blue waters and visibility of more than 30 meters throughout the year and the colorful fish school are well deserved. ‘Diving Paradise’! The diving threshold in Maldives is extremely low, and even beginners can experience unparalleled surprises and joy; a well-equipped diving center and experienced professional instructors provide you with a variety of diving methods: take a speedboat, snorkeling , Deep dive, night dive, underwater walk & hellip; & hellip; let you explore the clear and colorful underwater world from different depths, and experience the ultimate diving joy.
 Diving in the Maldives, was elected the latest generation of Breitling professional diving watches & mdash; & mdash; Superocean. As early as 1957, the first Breitling Super Ocean Watch, specially designed for professional and military divers, became the world’s most popular diving watch with its premier watchmaking technology. Over the years, every super ocean watch has been proud of its peers and has won countless praises.
 In 2011, Breitling once again launched a new Super Ocean series watch with innovative watchmaking skills. The extraordinary performance and the novel and unique aesthetic design are fused with each other: an ultra-sturdy stainless steel case with a screw-down crown, one-way Ratcheted rotating bezel and thick, double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystals ensure water resistance to 500 meters (1,650 feet), 1,500 meters (5,000 feet), and even 2,000 meters (6,600 feet); rubber die-cut steel groove The bezel, the dynamic digital hour markers embedded on the exquisite dial, Super-LumiNova? Super luminous hands, bright and clever use of colors, all contrast with the black dial, dynamic and innovative design; some models are equipped with safety reduction The pressure valve can balance the pressure inside and outside the case, which is safe and reliable.
 Breitling Super Ocean 42 Watch
 Breitling Super Ocean Series watches include: Breitling Super Ocean 42 watch (Superocean 42); Breitling Super Ocean 44 watch (Superocean 44, 2011 new); Breitling Super Ocean Chronograph 2 (Superocean Chronograph Ⅱ, 2011 new); Breitling Super Ocean World Time Watch (Superocean GMT, new 2011). All models are equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement certified by the Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC). They will lead you in the diving paradise in the Maldives.
Gu Yun Diving Sanctuary: Red Sea + Breitling Super Ocean Culture Watch (Superocean H & eacute; ritage)
 Breitling Super Marine Culture Chronograph
  Between the northeast of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, there is a long and narrow sea area that gathers all the diving elements such as soft sea sand, singular swimming fish, and transparent water. This is the famous Red Sea. The beaches of the Red Sea are exquisite gifts from nature: the sand is washed with water, and the water is filtered with sand, which makes the sea sand extremely soft and delicate, and the sea water is extremely clear and blue. Under the clear water, there are many rare marine life, flower carpet-like coral reefs and colorful and smart fish are waiting for you to discover their secrets. Even more fascinating is the deep history and culture along the Red Sea coast. The east coast is the Arabian Peninsula that gave birth to the Babylonian civilization of Cuba. The west coast is North Africa where the ancient Egyptian civilization was born. The encirclement of the two ancient civilizations adds an incomparable historical charm to the Red Sea, which is deeply deposited under the blue water. Dive into the ancient and mysterious Red Sea, as if traveling through a thousand years, and stepping into the historical tunnel of that long and bright civilization.
 When you come to this ancient and beautiful diving sanctuary, of course, you must wear the most interesting diving watch & mdash; & mdash; Breitling Super Ocean Culture Watch (Superocean H & eacute; ritage). This watch series reproduces the classic Superocean watch from half a century ago. Most of its design inspirations come from historical models and give modern interpretations: the dial is embedded with the classic Breitling brand identity 18K gold capital letter B in the 1950s. Classic triangular luminous hour hand to ensure easy reading in the dark; rich dial color selection, gorgeous and pleasing to the eye; the stainless steel woven bracelet is also deeply inspired by historical models, full of retro charm.
 The retro look does not detract from its superior performance. Thanks to Breitling’s latest cutting-edge technology, it is equipped with a 120-tooth unidirectional ratchet-type rotating bezel with a water-resistant depth of 200 meters (660 feet); thick double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystals and automatic COSC-certified automatic Winding mechanical movement, sturdy and reliable, excellent performance, no fear to dive into the depths of the ocean with you; there are also models with precision timing function optional.
 Breitling Super Marine Culture 42 Watch
 Breitling Super Marine Culture Series watches include: Breitling Super Marine Culture 42 watches (Superocean H & eacute; ritage 42, 2011 new); Breitling Super Marine Culture 46 watches (Superocean H & eacute; ritage 46); Breitling Super Marine Culture Chronograph ( Superocean H & eacute; ritage Chronographe). Visit the Red Sea, an ancient diving destination, the Breitling Super Marine Culture Watch, which is also unique in its charms. It blends into the scenery, as if it resonates with this ocean, and experience the wonderful and thrilling underwater journey that is exclusive to you.

Classic: Vacheron Constantin Malte Malta Tourbillon Watch And Moon Phase Power Reserve Watch

Vacheron Constantin’s Malte wine barrel-shaped case may not be the favorite of most people, but it is really special compared to many round watches. From a historical perspective, in 1912 Vacheron Constantin began to create watches with a barrel-shaped case in order to break away from the traditional circular design; then it has evolved into today’s Malta series.

 Because of the barrel-shaped case, the space of the face plate is relatively narrow, which is suitable for simple configuration. For example, the Malte Moon Phase Power Reserve watch does not have too complicated functions, but it can clearly show the beauty of the moon mother. It is equipped with a 1410 AS manual winding movement. Although the thickness of 4.2 mm is not ultra-thin, it is only 10.9 mm thick with the case. With the design of the lugs inwardly curved, it is very comfortable to fit on the wrist. The dial is equipped with a power reserve display, which reminds the wearer of the winding time in a beautiful configuration.

Malte Maltese Moon Phase Power Reserve Watch 18K 5N Rose Gold Case, 36.7 x 48.1 mm, Hour, Minute, Small Seconds, Moon Phase, Power Reserve Display, 1410 AS Manual Winding Movement, Geneva Seal, Power Reserve 40 Hours, sapphire crystal glass and case back, waterproof to 30 meters, Mississippi alligator strap.
 Another tourbillon watch is even more exciting. The most dynamic visual effect presented at 6 o’clock is eye-catching and cannot be ignored. Vacheron Constantin’s tourbillon has the brand’s Maltese cross frame, which has a distinctive image. Appreciating from the surface, you can see the balance of the hairspring during the escapement operation; the tourbillon rotates at a ground speed of 60 seconds, and the seconds can be read with the small rose gold second hand and the outer scale on the frame. If you want to watch the action between the escape wheel and the escapement, in fact, the flip to the case back is more clear, and it is worthy of careful taste. It is equipped with a 2795 manual winding movement, consisting of 246 parts and 27 ruby ​​bearings. The size is 27.37 x 29.30 mm. It is fully developed in accordance with the shape of the case. It is more moving than a universal circular movement.

Malte Tourbillon Malta 18K 5N Rose Gold Case, 38 x 48.24 mm diameter, hours, minutes, small seconds, tourbillon, 2795 manual winding movement, Geneva stamp, 45-hour power reserve, sapphire crystal mirror and Case back, waterproof to 30 meters, Mississippi alligator strap.
 Of course, Vacheron Constantin’s modification of the details also makes people say that the tourbillon bridge alone requires 11 hours of manual processing; the chamfering and polishing of the other parts also show the level of the top brands. The Geneva stamp on the upper plate represents the modification of the details of the parts, which has passed the traditional 12 rules. The Geneva stamp on the case indicates that the watch meets the latest revised standards, including a minimum of 30 meters water resistance, within 1 minute Weekly error value, power reserve in accordance with the label, and so on.

The back of the Malta Tourbillon watch can clearly see the escapement fork and the escapement move one block at a time.

The Maltese tourbillon watch is not only a movement splint, but also a Geneva stamp on the case, which means that the performance of the entire watch has passed rigorous testing.
 Whether it is the moon phase display or the tourbillon, both Maltese watches are made of 18K 5N rose gold, from the case, the hour markers, the brand logo to the hands. Among them, the hour and minute hands are specially polished on both sides with mirror-polished and sandblasted textures, which are highlights in detail processing and are also admirable outside the craftsmanship.

An Ethereal And Beautiful Moving Poem

Time seems like a quicksand, but the years will become a glorious time. Nowadays, the development of timepieces makes the display of time increasingly diverse. With a wide range of watch brands, a variety of watch creations are even more impressive for the magical charm of mechanical timepieces. For Van Cleef & Arpels, the challenge is to capture the ephemeral nature without limiting time. Therefore, in the family’s proprietary concept, time is equivalent to an aesthetic poem. The beauty of materials and design is required to better ‘paint’ this gorgeous picture. Therefore, when creating jewelry pieces that show time, the family’s outstanding senior jewelry experts often capture the beauty of the moment in precious and gorgeous ways, and set this ephemeral beauty on the timepiece, so that her short-term beauty becomes a wrist Eternity in time. The craftsmanship compliments the mystery of time, and shows the brilliance of precious gems. Presumably this is the real reason why the world loves Van Cleef & Arpels.

Romantic encounter, interpretation of immortal poems

    In fact, Van Cleef & Arpels was born of a romantic and beautiful marriage: in 1906, the combination of Estelle Arpels and Alfred Van Cleef led to the formation of this jewelry and watch brand. This century-old legendary poem has begun after they set up Van Cleef & Arpels’s first boutique at 22 Fanton Place (Paris Jewelry Box) in France. In each subsequent season, the family will create dreamlike classic timepieces, turning refreshing ideas into endless surprises, which will cause everyone to stop and watch. Each of the beautiful pictures told reflects a poetic outlook on life, the infinite imagination in creation, and highlights the extraordinary craftsmanship and charm of the brand watchmaker. Fairies, butterflies, flowers, adult fairy tales and hidden timepieces all show the brand’s enduring and desirable alternative watch charm, giving the wearer a feast of poetic and ethereal watchmaking.

Fairy ethereal and poetic

Van Cleef & Arpels Extraordinary Object series first work: Automate Fée Ondine
   At the 2017 SIHH Fine Watch Salon, the brand launched this exquisite table clock, combining a long tradition of fine jewelry making with the brand’s fine watchmaking craftsmanship, to compose a new chapter in family craftsmanship. Whether it is a micro-mechanical device that drives the fairy, or a petal that is light enough to randomly oscillate and undulate, it contains the infinite creativity and outstanding craftsmanship of clock makers.

   The ruby ​​ladybug created by the invisible mosaic process will slowly ‘crawl’ (hour hand) over time, indicating the change of time for the observer. At 12 o’clock, the ladybug will return to the far point due to the clock’s ‘flyback’ function and continue another half-day journey.

   This poetic and ethereal clock bears a fairy tale that lasts for 50 seconds and begins to be slowly staged: on the gradient green enamel lotus leaf made of about 60 metal bars, the water lily is undulating Slowly in full bloom with a pleasant bell. At the same time, the fairy carved in 18k white gold also gradually awakened, watching the butterflies dancing above the water lilies, and the fairy then flapped on the wings of stained glass enamel, dancing slowly. After flying, the butterfly stopped in the water lily to rest, and at this time the fairy gradually fell asleep, and the wonderful water lily also stopped. Behind these 50-second movements is the perfect fusion of many difficult techniques and craftsmanships such as enamel, flyback, and so on.

Romantic encounter on the bridge of lovers

Van Cleef & Arpels ‘Lover Bridge’ watch
   Lovers, moonlight, stars, arch bridge, Van Cleef & Arpels depicts the romantic scene of men and women embracing under the bright starry sky among a few pens. Against the backdrop of a sparkling white gold diamond case, this “邂逅” adds a bit of aristocratic elegance, and makes the charm of the enamel dial even more irresistible. When watching the watch, all the worries will be forgotten, leaving only a beautiful love story. The men couldn’t wait to ‘watch’ the minutes on the watch, while the women gradually approached as the hours passed, finally meeting in the center of the bridge. Unlike the hands of a traditional watch, this watch conveys the magical and romantic charm of time to the theme of beautiful and romantic encounters. It is worth noting that the minute indicated by the man is based on the rose on his hand, and the tip of the umbrella is used by the woman. This detailed processing also makes the pattern indicate the time more accurately, making time a ‘romantic story’ More flavor.

Butterfly makes watch more moving

Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Arpels Papillon Automate
   Judging from Van Cleef & Arpels’ works over the years, the colorful butterfly element is one of the essential elements in each new product. Just like this Lady Arpels Papillon Automate watch at the Geneva Watch Fair 2017. The dynamic beauty of butterflies makes people appreciate the passing of time in the picturesque garden of the wrist. On the ‘garden dial’, every corner is full of ethereal and poetic pictures: as the hour and minute hands on the right side of the dial move slowly, the butterfly will flap the wings 1 to 4 times in accordance with the power reserve change. .

   Mother-of-pearl flowers, double-colored painted glass enamel, decorative butterfly wings and infill enamel are dotted with grassy countryside. The curved blades made of curved stained glass enamel are facing the viewer with rich blue-green gradient colors, which are mutually contrasted with dynamic butterflies, making the scene on the dial more three-dimensional and ornamental.

Dance of clouds, swallows and butterflies, a combination of secret design and poetry

Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Arpels Ronde des Papillons
   This watch is one of Van Cleef & Arpels’ outstanding examples of watchmaking craftsmanship and art. In addition, the creative design of three hidden butterflies to indicate the minutes and swallows to indicate the hours is also unique, showing the unique timekeeping method of the family. Three butterflies appear one after another on the cloud, indicating the passage of minutes in the form of a relay in the cloud. The swallow on the lower side crossed the hour time mark with one side of the wings. At the end of the 12 hour mark, the watch’s flyback function was used to return to 0 o’clock and spread wings again. Clouds, swallows and butterflies are like a dynamic picture scroll, vivid and beautiful.

   In addition, the module button on the side of the watch is set. As long as you press it lightly, the butterfly air ballet for about ten seconds will be staged in this dreamy cloud, and return to the original track at the end, continue Precise time reporting. This sudden surprise can also be presented as an added value of this ‘hidden’ watch.
Summary: In addition, Van Cleef & Arpels has many unique timepieces to show us the family’s unique watchmaking philosophy. Let the poetic and ethereal beauty moment of nature leap above the watch, make the timeless picture of time more magnificent and beautiful. In addition, the lifelike scene is also perfectly integrated with the surrounding precious metal and gemstone cases, and together they will bring the charm of ‘Van Cleef & Arpels’ to the extreme, attracting more watch enthusiasts to stop and enjoy.

Vacheron Constantin Asia Pacific Director: Why Do Chinese People Buy High-end Watches?

At the 796 Huaihai Middle Road, Shanghai, the home of Vacheron Constantin, Julien Tornare sat opposite and talked. ‘In the future, we will open more brand image stores like Shanghai Vacheron Constantin House,’ he said.
As the new Managing Director of Vacheron Constantin in the Asia Pacific region, Julien Tornare has too much expectation for this hot market in China, and his own actions are equally aspirational. He has led the brand’s US market for 6 years, and his achievements are obvious to all. The Chinese market is undoubtedly a wider stage.

Teach Chinese to fall in love with complex functions
At this year’s Basel Watch Fair, many brands launched simple, ultra-thin watches, which has become the biggest trend of this year’s timepieces. The reason why this cannot be ignored is that Chinese consumers prefer this type of appearance, so the ultra-thin trend is largely to cater to the appetite of Chinese people and pry open Chinese wallets. It is nicknamed ‘Chinese Watch’. But these ultra-thin watches look simple, but they are not simple. As Julien Tornare puts it: ‘It’s not easy to do. It’s very difficult to make. You need to put that multifunctional and parts into such a thin watch. In the shell. ‘
In fact, what we want to say is that under this trend, will Vacheron Constantin produce more simple watches in order to conform to the Chinese market? Because this brand has always been known for its complex watches.
Julien Tornare’s answer is: No. ‘We produce watches not only to please the Chinese market, but to have our own brand philosophy. We will do some positioning for our products according to customer needs, but the core brands will not change, that is, in terms of technology, design, and craftsmanship. In terms of application, the Vacheron Constantin tradition is the mainstay, and it has continued. He added, ‘Each brand is its own DNA. The most important thing is to maintain it, not to modify it arbitrarily according to market demand. For example, some watch brands It is famous for its sports models. One day it suddenly made some ultra-thin and small watches, and the market may not be able to accept it all at once. ‘
As we all know, manufacturing complex-function watches is very difficult technology, but not everyone can understand the profound beauty. More people see not the doorway, but the excitement, and they do n’t know why they need to spend millions. Go buy a complication watch. ‘I think a better way for consumers to understand complex functions is to create interactive opportunities and pass on the knowledge of complex functions to them.’
Taking Vacheron Constantin as an example, they will regularly hold small parties and exchange dinners for VIP customers, and invite watchmakers to demonstrate and introduce complex functions on the spot, such as tourbillons. Masters will introduce how tourbillons are made and their functions in watches. What is it, what are the differences in the production process of each brand. ‘Customers can understand the birth process of high-complexity watches and the story behind it by communicating with the master. This is the most intuitive way to understand the product. Many customers first buy simple models, and then buy slightly more complicated ones. Buying high complexity, this gradual process is also our hope to lead customers to understand the mystery of the watch step by step, so that they know what is the significance behind spending so much money on a watch. ‘

Americans like personality, Chinese prefer identity
Leading the US market for 6 years, Julien Tornare is absolutely familiar with this market, and although it has been only half a year in the Chinese market, it is clearly not unfamiliar. He has been able to sum up the differences between the two markets. ‘This may be because the traditions of the two nations are different.’
First of all, people in the two markets have shown very different interests in the cultural heritage behind the watch brands. Americans are not very cold about this. ‘A lot of people do n’t want to explore and understand more about the products behind them. They buy a product according to their own needs, while the Chinese are completely the opposite. Julien Tornare believes that This has something to do with the long history of the Chinese nation. ‘Chinese consumers are particularly willing to understand the true essence and cultural significance behind a brand through a watch. ‘
Second, consumers in both countries have different preferences for watch types. Americans prefer things with a flamboyant personality, so they prefer large dials, timekeeping functions, and dot sports. They do not have high requirements for materials, such as pink rose gold or any rare metal, and they are not particular about it. ; Chinese people like simple, traditional, especially small round, in the material is more biased towards precious metals, which can represent noble or their own identity.
‘In the Chinese market in the past few months, I have also seen that many Chinese consumers may not be the actual target shopping group of Vacheron Constantin or other high-end watch brands. For example, their spending power is not enough, but their love and sentiment for high-end watches is still Existing, they are willing to spend time and energy to accumulate wealth and wait for one day to buy the products of high-end watch brands. Once owned, this watch is not only for them to wear, but also a status symbol. ‘- –

Within 100,000 Two Jaeger-lecoultre Series Beijing Financial Street Classic Watch Quotes

Jaeger-LeCoultre is a manufacturer of haute horlogerie located in Le Santier, Switzerland. Since its establishment in 1833 in the Vallée de Joux, Switzerland, it has become a significant watch brand in the history of watchmaking. As a pioneer in the top watchmaking industry, Jaeger-LeCoultre not only combines precision timing technology and superb artistic talent, but also makes outstanding contributions to the development of the entire watchmaking industry. The simple lines and elegant appearance set off the outstanding functions: the Master series has always been regarded as a model of classic round watches. Recently, Watch House visited the Jaeger-LeCoultre store in Beijing Financial Street, visited the latest market prices of two Jaeger-LeCoultre watches, and took high-definition pictures for reference and appreciation.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Q1558420 watch

In-store public price: 85000 (collection time October 2014)
Can try on: try on in store
Watch Series: Master Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 39 mm
Details of the watch: The Calendar Master series automatic mechanical watch presents the full calendar display in a harmonious and clear way: the day, month, date and moon phase display. Its design is inspired by the Jaeger-LeCoultre classic calendar watch, which was introduced in 1945. With rich time display functions: pointer date display, week window, month, moon phase and power reserve display. Adhering to the classic aesthetic elements of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Control watches, this model is a refined and simple design that combines excellent technical performance with a slightly reduced size that perfectly fits everyone’s wrist. The sapphire crystal caseback of this timepiece admires the traditional details of the movement.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Q1628430

In-store public price: 71500 (collection time October 2014)
Can try on: try on in store
Watch Series: Master Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 40 mm
Watch details: The quick-set destination time and date are displayed synchronously, and the hollow hands indicate the reference time. The 12/6 o’clock position is presented symmetrically, with a more harmonious appearance and easier to read various function displays: 24-hour display, hour, minute and reference time, small second hand and date display set at 3 o’clock. Jaeger-LeCoultre exclusive technology makes it easier to adjust time when traveling. Turning only the hour hand does not change other settings of the watch. The skeletonized 24-hour hand is unaffected and always shows the time of departure. The use of a variable inertia balance guarantees the stability of Jaeger-LeCoultre watches’ precise travel times. In order to ensure the best shock resistance and excellent reliability, the balance plate is installed on two supports, and the balance spring is laser welded to the balance pin and the shaft tube.

Please consult your dealer for more details:
Availability: Yes
Distributor Name: Hengli World Watch Center Co., Ltd.
Dealer Address: Jijia Store, 1st Floor, Financial Street Shopping Center, 2 Jinchengfang Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
Dealer Phone: 010-66220282

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Where The Heart Goes Finally, Fiyta Releases Master Series Dunhuang Theme Enamel Watch

The starry sky and artistic aesthetic world can shake our hearts for a long time. ‘Dun, Da Ye; Huang, Sheng Ye.’ Dunhuang, which has a history of more than two thousand years, is a brilliant pearl on the ‘Silk Road’. Eastern and Western civilizations are intertwined and collided here. Numerous devout messengers and artists have come a long way Let Dunhuang reach an unprecedented peak. The miracle of Chinese culture remains behind the door of a cave, revealing the heart of the Oriental people calmly.

  Adhering to the pursuit of professional watchmaking and cultural aesthetics, Fiyta launched the Master Series Dunhuang-themed enamel watch, which combines the handcrafted silk enamel craftsmanship and fine watchmaking essence, and reproduces the extreme piety and imagination of the world for thousands of years. Between square inches, the eternal brilliance of Dunhuang is reproduced.

  Flying watch: the wind is the atmosphere, and the flair has the charm

  Throughout the ages, people have never ceased to yearn for the sky. As a watch brand with many cooperations in the aerospace field, Fiyta has a long history of relationship with the sky. This time, it traces the ancient Feitian culture once again, and it will travel around the world. The magnificent imagination and romantic feelings of the sky are integrated into the art of timepieces.

  Feitian is a heavenly man who supports the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas with songs, dances, and fragrant flowers. It originated from the gods and gods of ancient Indian mythology. They used the flying ribbons to fly in the air, as the most representative image in Dunhuang murals. Flying across ten dynasties, it has become a symbol of auspiciousness.

  Collections in pairs: one left and one right, contrasting each other

  The flying mural ‘Bodhi Tree Double Flying Sky’ in Cave 321 of Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang is famous all over the world. Fiyta presents it on the flying pair of tables, one left and one right, reflecting each other, expressing the beauty of ‘always at your side’ Vision.

  This watch, between square inches, uses a skillful filigree enamel technique to outline the flying shape: or playing the flute with both hands, or holding the lotus lightly with one hand, the figure is light, and the streamer stretches with the wind and slowly falls. The fine details of the craftsmanship, as well as the soft eyebrows of the sky, the gorgeous crown and armbands, are all clearly visible. As the poet of the Tang Dynasty Li Bai chanted: ‘Vegetarian hands hold hibiscus, step into space in imaginary steps. The neon dresses sway wide bands and float to heaven.’

  Unique disk design: ‘eccentric’ and ‘independent needle’

  Around this theme, Fiyta artistically presents two different dials on the Feitian watch:

  It is inevitable to be partial to the things you like. Fiyta ingeniously adjusted the position of the movement to present an asymmetrical ‘eccentric’ disk surface, which is not only unique, but also provides more room for enamel craftsmanship.

  The ‘independent hand’ dial surface creatively transforms the structure of the dial and hands. The entire dial, the minute hand stands out, and the half-moon window at 6 o’clock reveals the Chinese character dial. As time passes, it is displayed for 24 hours; interestingly, Feitian Holding the lotus and bodhi leaf instrument pointed at the position, the number displayed is the current hour. In this way, the hour and minute hands are independent and interdependent, and the reading method is very interesting.

  Hu Xuanwu Watch: When the dance is shocking, the square inch is the world

  ‘Dances turn sharply like the wind, which is commonly known as Huxuan.’ Huxuanwu is one of the most popular dances in the Tang Dynasty. It is preserved in the pens of many literati and writers. Tang poet Bai Juyi once described it as follows: , Returning to the snow and drifting into the flamboyant dance. ‘Today, the world can still think of the magnificent prosperity of the world from the agile dancing posture, and the open and free mind of the big age.

  Hu Xuan Wu watch, selected from the classic scene of Cave 320 at Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang, a Hu Xuan girl with a high head and a collar, a carmine wide skirt, and her left foot standing on a very regional feature On the carpet, holding a long blue and blue scarf around the arm, the skirt is curved due to continuous and rapid rotation, non-stop rotations, unrestrained, unrestrained, and flying belts, condensing the dancer’s momentary posture of rapid rotation.

  Nine-Colored Deer Watch: Deer King Bunsen, Sincerity

  Nine-colored deer king is one of the benevolent beasts and beasts of the Buddha who was reincarnated to do good deeds in the past life of the Buddha. It is the embodiment of beauty, kindness and integrity. It is mysterious and noble, shining with dazzling light and awe-inspiring vigor. The mural ‘Deer Bundesus’ at Dunhuang Cave 257 is a work of art with a strong Buddhist color. It shows the miracle of the Buddha’s reincarnation into the deer king and rescues a drowning man. It reincarnates Buddhist love, good deeds, and karma. And so on. Doctrine runs through it.

  Nine-colored deer watch, carefully selected mineral glaze, showing a fuller and more pure Chinese painting color. On the dial, the three deer live in harmony with the rivers and mountains, and have a beautiful mood. One has a fur color like snow, with white antlers on his head, and a smart ribbon; pure and serene; one with white as the main color, and the green color and flint on the deer to show its nine colors; and the other with flint color The deer’s round body has smooth lines, four hoofs, and strong dynamics.

  Handmade silk enamel: the rareness of the world, the beauty of being handed down

  Enamel is the art of time. Since ancient times, it has been a royal art used by the imperial family. It is one of the ancient craftsmanship of traditional luxury goods. It pays special attention to the many delicate combinations of painting and hand-fired. In the Dunhuang-themed enamel watch, each enamel surface requires 53 processes such as blank making, reeling, point coloring, firing, and polishing. It took 2 months to achieve success.

  First, the master craftsman hand-drawn the pattern, using the 24K gold wire with a diameter of only 0.04 millimeters, to elaborate the complex outlines of Dunhuang murals such as Feitian, Hu Xuanwu, and nine-colored deer among the square inches of the sterling silver floor. The 42-mm dial is filled with dozens of different enamel glazes. Finally, it is glazed layer by layer, dozens of times of calcination and cooling, in the high temperature of 800-900 degrees Celsius, iterates repeatedly, so that the color continues to be intense until it shines dazzlingly.

  The essence of the entire process lies in the subtle control of time and temperature, and even minor deviations and flaws will lead to the abandonment of previous achievements. A perfect enamel dial, nine points is the craftsmanship and experience of the enamel master, and one point is luck, which is rare and hard to find. Fiyta’s Dunhuang-themed enamel watch is limited to 10 pieces each.

  Equipped with modified Swiss mechanical movement: unique ‘Lotus’ pendulum

  The Dunhuang-themed enamel watch, equipped with a modified Swiss mechanical movement, is thin and has an excellent winding feel, with a 42-hour travel time. The movement’s pendulum is more carefully decorated with a lotus pattern composed of bodhi leaf, which symbolizes the lotus bodhi. ‘Immaculate’ represents the supreme honor and has the meaning of ‘all perfection and compassion.’ The transparent bottom cover gives a wonderful overview of the rhythm of the lotus machine.

  More details, keep improving

  The precious case is made of 18K yellow gold and 18K rose gold. Under the reflection of the precious metal luster, the bezel is decorated with delicately carved coin patterns, which are carefully polished to present a unique beauty of light and shadow.

  With a luxurious and rare crocodile leather strap, it adds a sense of dignity. Over time, the crocodile belt will become more shiny and flexible.
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Breakfast, Do Not Let The Beard Female Man’s Aura Watch

‘Female man-usually used to describe those girls who are female but have a ‘pure man’ character.’ Of course, this is just an explanation on the Internet. Today’s women are ever-changing and capable, and they have already trained their work and physical and mental abilities. The cool neutral watch can highlight the strong heart of the female than the gorgeous jewelry watch and sweet candy-colored watch.

 Not long ago, a Russian photo named Julia Vins became popular online. The female man in the photo has a delicate face, but the muscles are quite developed. The sturdy arms and developed biceps muscles are very amazing for netizens. They are called ‘the most adorable female man’.

 The term female man is more and more widely used, which also reflects the increasing status and ability of women in society. A watch with an atmosphere of design is worn on the hand of a female man, which can better set off the handsome style of the female man.

 Hublot Big Bang Women’s Watch

 In 2007, the first Hublot Big Bang specially designed for female friends made its grand debut, and every innovation since then can be called the gospel of fashionable women. With more choices of colors and more complicated craftsmanship, the Hublot women’s watch series is equally exciting.

 In 2009, the million-dollar black caviar won the ‘Best Jewellery Watch Award’ at the ‘Geneva Haute Horlogerie’. In 2012, the famous black caviar series has a new color! Midnight blue, bright purple, red rhyme, apple, lemon … bring more personality and trendy choices to the trendy women who love Hublot.

 These bright colors come from colored gems such as sapphire, amethyst, red spinel, green tsavorite or citrine set on the bezel, while the strap with colored gemstones is the same color with platinum in leather ‘Good reputation alligator. The inside of the strap is Hublot’s signature material, natural rubber. Multicolor alligator leather and black natural rubber are perfectly stitched. In addition, the crown, dial, and case back are still made of ceramic materials: ceramic is 30% lighter than stainless steel, which can prevent rust and scratches. It is not good for friends with sensitive skin. Can be allergic.

 J12 White 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Phantom Watch

 In 2000, Chanel entered the door of high-end watches with J12 and became one of the representative brands of precision ceramic watches. Three years later, Chanel introduced the white ceramic J12 White to the world, and re-examined the white application on watches. Visibility. The J12 White 10th Anniversary Limited Edition launched this year is named the Phantom. As the name suggests, in addition to the all-white case strap, the hour markers and scales on the dial are presented in white, revealing a ghostly pure white charm.

 The J12 White Phantom is available in two sizes, 33mm and 38mm. It is equipped with a quartz movement and a self-winding movement. The stainless steel case back is engraved with the words ‘J12 WHITE 10TH ANNIVERSARY LIMITED EDITION’. Each size is limited to 2,000 pieces.

 Zenith Pilot’s Type 20 Women’s Watch

 The Zenith Pilot Collection draws inspiration from its watches and flight instruments manufactured at the beginning of the aeronautical industry, sublimates the heights again, and launches the first women’s watch: the Zenith Pilot Series ‘Type 20’ Women’s Watch. This timepiece pays tribute to the greatest aviation adventure elegance that Zenith has participated in, condensing into an era of advocating freedom and opening up a whole new realm.

 The silver dial of the Pilot’s Type 20 women’s watch is equipped with rail-shaped hour-markers and diamonds (approximately 0.95 carats). The large original Arabic numerals are engraved, and the superluminova material is coated on it to ensure it is clear and easy to read in the most extreme use environment. At this time, the waterproof depth of the meter is 100 meters, and it contains the Elite 681 automatic movement, and the small second hand is set at 9 o’clock.

 Dior VIII Women’s Black Ceramic Snowflake Diamond Inlay

 The tapered faceted bracelet links harmoniously with the Lady Dior classic Cannage rattan stitching handbag designed in 1995; high-tech precision ceramics and silk, taffeta and other precision fabrics often used in the brand’s high fashion work in the same way. Eternal light; As for eternal black, Christian Dior wrote in his ‘Fashion Dictionary’: ‘Black is suitable for all occasions and ages. About black, I can write a whole book’; diamond or gem decoration The fixed appearance on the dial, bezel, or even the inverted automatic tourbillon makes Dior lady more glamorous during the day, and it is more brilliant at cocktail parties and parties.

 Thanks to the ‘Dior inverse’ movement of the automatic invertor, the Vietnamese black mother-of-pearl dial, the diamond-set bezel and the black ceramic ring complement each other. A total of 203 diamonds with a total weight of 0.89 carats are set on the bezel and the dial center ring. The fineness is F, G grade, and the clarity is V.V.S. The case diameter is 38mm. It has a power reserve of 42 hours, is water-resistant to 50 meters, and is limited to 88 pieces.

 Roger Dubuis Excalibur 42mm

 The Excalibur 42mm precious dial automatic winding watch is intended to re-examine the basic aesthetic elements of the Excalibur classic series for aestheticists: bold lines, resolute personality and simple and powerful design. The mother-of-pearl dial is set off in a 42mm diameter rose gold case, complemented by a black alligator strap and a rose gold folding clasp, which together create a watch that will fall in love with you at first sight. Limited edition of 188.

 Breitling Super Ocean 42 Watch Pure White

 Breitling has launched the new Superocean 42 with its unique pioneering spirit. From the strap, the bezel to the dial, all are made of pure white for exterior design. Suitable for women who like mix and match style, performance-oriented, bold and pursuit of excellence.

 With a sturdy case, strong sports style and stunning 1500m water resistance, the new watch with steel-like characteristics brings users a superb wearing experience and establishes its status as the world’s most trusted diving watch.

 Superocean 42 White Water is suitable for women who like to mix and match style, performance-oriented, bold and pursuit of excellence. This model is exclusively sold in Breitling boutiques, with a fresh and original design, equipped with a Breitling self-winding movement certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC). White rubber die-cut unidirectional rotating bezel and outstanding dial with dynamic digital hour markers. The thick sapphire crystal has a double-sided anti-glare treatment; the side reinforcements provide strong protection for the screw-in crown. At the same time, the built-in safety pressure reducing valve can effectively balance the pressure inside and outside the case.

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