Personality Is Different Tudor Fastrider Chrono’s Not Taking Unusual Road

Since 2009, Tudor has made drastic reforms to the brand product line. In the past 7 years, in addition to retaining a very small number of Tudor traditional watch series, today’s new styles have defined Tudor to distinguish it from Rolex. A relatively independent brand image. One of the most important points is that Tudor continuously integrates historical design to create modern watch styles with outstanding personality. The Tudor Fastrider Chrono watch (42010N) is the product of the collaboration between Tudor and the famous motorcycle brand Ducati. It pursues the extreme passion, the exaggerated personality color, and makes people full of power.

    In 2015, Ducati released a special model different from Ducati’s main car series-Ducati Scrambler. This model does not have the kind of racing and sports car in Ducati’s main car series. Elements, but return to daily life, highlight the self-characteristics, the concept of seeking freedom, continue to write the legend of the 1962 model. In this release, there are multiple colors, including red, yellow, and green. At the same time, Tudor Watches, as a partner, launched three Fasrtider Chrono watches of the same color. Today, this protagonist is one of them. Classic yellow model.

    Continuing the practical functions of the Tudor Fastrider Chrono series, the watch not only has a water resistance of 150 meters, but also is equipped with a 30-minute, 12-hour cumulative timing function. The calendar display window displays the current date, which is required at the beginning of each big month (except August). Perform a manual calendar adjustment because it will not automatically switch from 30 to 1. Assisting the motorcycle’s sense of speed, the watch is equipped with a speed measuring outer ring, which can measure the average speed within 1 km according to the central chronograph second hand.
Amazing on the wrist

Tudor Fastrider Chrono

    If this watch is different from other Tudor watches, then what I want to say must be the bright yellow tone on the dial. In all previous Tudor models, yellow is rare. At least in the Tudor models I have seen, this one should be the only model with yellow as the main color. Such eye-catching shades only appear in fashion models most of the time, because the main idea of ​​traditional watches is low-key and calm, obviously yellow is too eye-catching.

Ducati Scrambler locomotive yellow

    Of course, if Tudor did not cooperate with Ducati, I don’t think Tudor will push a watch of this color in the short term. The cooperation with Ducati precisely fits the watch with a sense of fashion and a sense of historical classic tone. Ducati Scrambler models follow a comfortable lifestyle. The practicality and fashion of Tudor also express Tudor’s brand values ​​for watches.
Design of pragmatism

Function button design

    The Tudor watch emphasizes the practicality of the product, so it embodies this feature in many aspects. Continuing the design tradition of sporty models, the side of the middle case has been satin-polished to show its solid and durable characteristics. On the case, the watch is equipped with a black PVD steel screw-in winding crown, and two matt black PVD steel chronograph buttons. The 2 o’clock position button is used to start and stop the time, and the 4 o’clock position button is used to The timing is cleared. The black appearance also echoes the hue of the black ceramic bezel of the watch.

Calendar adjustment button

    On the other side of the case, we see a very chic hidden button. This structure is very similar to the traditional helium exhaust valve, but its actual function is to adjust the date of the watch, which requires calendar adjustment. School-specific needle control. In addition, the watch case has a strong sense of layering, sharp edges and corners, and full of personality.

Dense bottom design

    The bottom cover, as always, has a dense bottom style, a screw-in design, and other waterproof structure of the case to achieve the watch’s 150 meters of water resistance, which is a very prominent waterproof performance setting for the chronograph.
Comfortable wearing experience

Rubber strap

    Every Scrambler watch that Tudor cooperates with Ducati has a choice of leather straps and rubber straps. From my personal experience, as a sporty watch, I prefer the rubber strap because it has a more organic feel. The inner lining of the rubber strap has also been made to imitate the texture of Ducati Scrambler locomotive tires, full of dynamic.

Safety folding clasp

    The rubber strap is equipped with a folding buckle with a safety device. Compared with the ordinary folding buckle, it has one more safety protection device. The buckle shape also follows the shield shape of the Tudor logo.

Summary: Tudor Fastrider Chrono allows us to see a completely different Tudor, it is full of personality, bold design, but not completely out of brand history and the principle of practical supremacy that has always been followed. Such a watch, when you wear it on your wrist, is there an urge to ride the Ducati Scrambler and experience an unusual path?