Pure Love Everlasting Model

‘Keep your hands together and grow old with your sons.’ ——The love vision in the Book of Songs has been postponed to this day, and it has become an eternal pursuit among every intimate couple. Sincere love has been baptized through the years, and it has been transformed into minute-by-minute love and constant blessings. Love, as a symbol of beauty, has become an inexhaustible source of inspiration for writers and musicians. The eternally long poems and music traverse the past and the present, praising the dazzling pearl in this touching crown. Breguet’s purest love is a model of long-lasting timepieces, engraving the tenderness that has passed through the baptism of time in the hands of continuous flow.
Noble and elegant, gentle fragrance
   The Breguet Queen of Naples series 8973, which was born in the limelight, is the best spokesperson for Muse. The noble and gentle temperament comes from Breguet’s meticulous observation of female customers and consistent care. The legendary life born of the 200th anniversary of the first watch and the 10th anniversary of the launch of the Breguet Queen of Naples series adds even more charm to it.

Breguet Queen Naples Reine de Naples 8973

   As an uncompromising automatic chronograph watch, the luxurious and elegant appearance of the 8973 perfectly reflects its complex functions. The chronograph hammer hidden in the dial is tapped twice an hour to make a crisp sound. In order for the watch owner to have the best listening experience, Breguet engineers conducted many rounds of arduous tests in the laboratory to select the tone that is most suitable for the human ear. In addition, the engineer more creatively performed the parts such as the gong. Transformation and adjustment, finally presenting a timepiece with rich sound texture. Press the 2 o’clock position button lightly to stop the ringing function.
   The most striking thing about the dial is the golden delicate rose between 1 and 11 o’clock. The perfectly stretched petals are clear and tangible. Even the green leaves surrounding the flowers are full of vitality and enviable. The winding vines decorate around the watch randomly, echoing the elegant roses on the dial, revealing the 8973 random and soft charming fragrance. The dial is paved with 156 brilliant-cut diamonds weighing approximately 0.42 carats, and carefully matched with 303 brilliant-cut blue sapphires of varying shades weighing approximately 0.84 carats. To make the watch more glorious, the bezel, side and lugs are set with 28 brilliant-cut diamonds weighing approximately 0.89 carats and 27 brilliant-cut blue sapphires weighing approximately 2.77 carats. The crown at 4 o’clock Inlaid with a pear-shaped diamond, all show the distinguished brilliance of the watch. What’s even more amazing is that the watchmaker ingeniously set a heart-shaped diamond on the gold sculpted rose at 12 o’clock on the dial, and cleverly used it to indicate the on / off status of the timekeeping device. The hollow openings at 11 o’clock and 1 o’clock on the dial allow you to appreciate the hammer of the timepiece device and see the exquisite scenery inside. Through the back of the sapphire crystal back cover, the geometric shape of the bridge and the oscillating weight and its gorgeous decoration can be seen. The Mediterranean-style garden pavilion and the first watch’s custom queen Caroline Mullah. The grand palace is just as beautiful. The 8973 is paired with a precious alligator leather strap, and its folding buckle is set with 26 diamonds, which completes its gorgeous temperament. With such a unique ‘rose’ presented to the beauties, thousands of words and thousands of words are condensed into this unique timepiece with no intentions, sincerely know at a glance.
Distinguished temperament
   As one of Breguet’s most representative series, the classic series has always inherited the unique Breguet style, and at the same time continues to innovate, engraving a new era mark. The Breguet Classique 7787 Moon Phase watch is one of the best, presenting the brand’s extraordinary quality with a model.

Breguet Classique 7787 Moon Phase Watch

   The 7787 perfectly inherits Breguet’s exquisite and elegant style. The dial is made of white enamel with big fire burning technology, which is smooth and delicate. Breguet’s original blue-steel hands slowly pass across its surface, showing the watch’s good style. The seemingly random number scale also hides the mystery. The slender and elegant number was created by A.-L. Breguet, the founder of Breguet, and has become a unique symbol of Breguet. one. The minute star-shaped minute scale and five-minute scale iris decoration are inspired by a tribute to the royal family before 1790. The power reserve scale is decorated with chic small arrows, inspired by the dial decoration of the 92nd pocket watch from 1785. In addition to the enamel dial, the 18K silver-plated gold dial is also available. The 36mm and 39mm dials also add a wealth of options to the model. The gold dial is engraved with various patterns by hand. This ancient craft dates back more than two centuries. At that time, watchmakers carved engraved flowers on the dial with superb craftsmanship and rich experience. It also became one of Breguet’s unique signs. . Just like the work at the time, these two models were packaged in expensive Burr elm boxes and sold in pairs. Out of respect for tradition, both models feature enamel dials with Breguet numerals. One of them is set with 96 full-cut diamonds weighing 0.72 carats.
   In addition, the watch uses a more innovative silicon material, which not only reduces the weight of each part of the watch, but also improves the shock resistance of the watch. More importantly, silicon is neither magnetic nor lubricated, which is perfect for timepieces. need. In addition to the central hour, minute and second hands in the center of the dial, two complex designs are added: the moon phase at 12 o’clock clearly shows the moon phase, and the power reserve indicator at 3 o’clock accurately indicates the remaining power time. The Calibre 591 DRL self-winding movement included in the model is only 3.02 millimeters thick, making it the thinnest model in its series. In addition to the models, the gift set also includes a pair of cufflinks and a matching necklace pendant, all carefully crafted to match more options. Timepieces of exceptional quality are complemented by extraordinary lovers.

Updated: 13. July 2020 — 21:53
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