Rm 60-01 Flyback Chronograph With Pierre Yuanhang

The first beloved friend of the navigator brand
Wear RM 60-01 Regatta Flyback Chronograph
Currently using the monohull Marizia II to concentrate on preparing for the 2019 Jacques-Wabri race

 The passion of the son and entrepreneur of the Princess of Monaco who has just passed the age is sailing. As the first navigator of the RICHARD MILLE brand, the young royal member combined his two identities and co-sponsored ‘Sail for a Cause’. In short, such personality is very attractive to RICHARD MILLE.

 This passion for the ocean is by no means accidental. For Pierre Casiraghi, sailing is a second choice. In 2010, all this became the focus of Pierre, thanks to his experience in Tuga. Tuga, the flagship club of the Monaco Yacht Club, is now its vice president. He is an excellent helmsman and has steered many legendary sailing boats:
VOR70, MOD70, IMOCA, GC32, TP 52, Esimit … and won many famous sailing competitions and awards, such as Palermo-Monte Carlo (two awards for the TP 52 model), Giraglia Rolex Cup overseas Ismet Europa Second generation, cape to rio yacht race (this record is still unbreakable today), fast net racing (good third place for doubles) and Mediterranean racing (excellent award).

 In 2016, Pierre formed his own sailing team and purchased a new generation of catamarans to participate in the GC32 race. The ship was named ‘Maria’ (meaning ‘dexterous’), and in the narrative of the fascinating history of the Grimaldi family, the ship represented a frightening bet: ‘Although my teammate Boris Herrmann has no experience driving this type of boat, but we want to set sail immediately and face the challenge. We decided to buy a new ‘flying’ catamaran. This is a very risky bet. ‘However, speak with results More than anything. Since their first regatta on Lake Garda, they have successfully surpassed their opponents by a few straight voyages, leading Franck Cammas, Nathan Outteridge and Ian Ashby. They are all giants in the maritime industry and have the American Cup. Eligibility. The Marizia II is a new generation of 69-foot monohull. Recently, this pair of Monaco duo will be participating in the first race of the Global Series with the Marizia II. To Pierre, he belongs to a new generation of captains and is a gentleman without courage. His current main goal is to form a duo with Borris and use their monohull to compete in the Transat Jacques Vabre doubles. Pierre’s love of adventure, his demanding nature and his pursuit of transcendence all resonate with RICHARD MILLE. ‘I’m really surprised by what Richard has achieved as an entrepreneur; he has succeeded in creating a unique and innovative brand.’

 For the Richard Mille family, Pierre’s addition is an excellent opportunity to test the RM 60-01 Regatta flyback chronograph, and to confirm its complete adaptability, especially for natural navigation conditions and the harshness caused by seawater corrosion environmental impact. Speaking of his watch, Pierre said, ‘I like its construction, besides that, it is the first mechanical watch I have ever seen that has both a moving and orienting compass. There are two moving and orienting compasses. An important navigation tool. ‘Therefore, it is natural for him to sail with this self-winding flyback chronograph, which is simply an advanced watch for sailing. ‘

Updated: 15. May 2021 — 1:35
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