Roger Dubuis Opens New Boutique In Monaco

In the summer of 2018, a new Roger Dubuis boutique opened in the world-famous Principality of Monaco. Over the past year, the movement of this watchmaker has been accompanied by the roar of Lamborghini engines. It is therefore fitting that Roger Dubuis settled in LeRocher, the iconic luxury shopping destination and the birthplace of the automotive industry.

 This also makes Roger Dubuis closer to its partner Pirelli, and every year Pirelli organizes adrenaline-soaring weekend events for racing enthusiasts, while providing its customers with new exciting experiences.

 The boutique covers an area of ​​27 square meters, and Roger Dubuis laid a beige silk carpet on the concrete floor, highlighting the duality design. The walls are decorated with fine mirrors and mosaic patterns. There are also bookcases made of American walnut and satin-finished. The bookcase was facing the window, letting in the light. Raw materials and pure retouching are a wonderful blend here.

 Stars are a key theme of Roger Dubuis, and they are increasingly becoming a characteristic element of store design. The Monte Carlo boutique takes it a step further, allowing the stars to become the protagonist of the store’s exterior wall and interior decoration. The mirror and star-shaped patterns are combined into the furniture design.

 The boutique’s stylish design salutes space and light and can be completely relocated to fit the decor. Key timepieces and racing series-Excalibur AventadorS and ExcaliburSpiderPirelli will be displayed in boutique windows. A corner of the store is dedicated to displaying women’s watches, and the showcase is set in a bookcase with a red background. The ‘Star’ wall is used to display masterpieces and new creations. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Updated: 11. May 2021 — 0:42
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