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Taste carefully the tenderness of delicate fabrics when kissing the skin, and experience the precise travel time made in Switzerland firsthand. You can freely choose different styles to let people experience a different style. Swatch 2016 autumn and winter series shouted aloud ‘Please feel free to touch!’, The ultimate luxury at your fingertips, 24 hours non-stop!
   The ‘Architecture Diversity’ series is an absolutely versatile item that everyone can use to match their own story; the ‘Grüezi All!’ Series draws inspiration from Swiss tradition, and every detail is related to azaleas, cypresses, and eye-catching The favorite mountain rescue dogs are inseparable. The ‘Voice of Freedom’ series watches display bold personality through visual effects and sound effects. Words and pictures never lie! And ‘Magic Winter’ warms your entire winter with classic patterns and surprise stories from Swiss landscape postcards. What could be more pleasant than reading by the fire on a winter night? Let ‘also a long time ago’ take you back in time and rediscover childhood memories! The holiday season is coming, and they are going out of their homes to celebrate the carnival. The ‘Dazzling Shining’ series accompanies each ‘Cinderella’ confidently at the prom dress.

Architectural Diversity-July 14, 2016

   Appearance and structure are the ‘voices’ of the building’s unique expression of attitude, and the ‘Architecture Diversity’ series transforms time into emotions and expressions: the variety of styles can be retro and can be avant-garde, but what about everyone’s time? Time also has its own unique characteristics!
   If the eye is the window of the mind, then the watch is the window of thought. What is the person wearing WAVEY DOTS (SUOK118) on his wrist thinking now? Life is inevitably ups and downs, but the calm and tranquility interspersed in it can well regulate the speed of this ‘roller coaster’. GUIMAUVE (GP148) shows the idyllic feminine beauty, while CHESERA (LM141) is full of mysterious temperament unique to women. WHITE GLOVE (SUOW131) Although it looks bland, the low-key gray light effect adds a lot of fun to it. SKELETOR (SUOB134) has a creative open dial, perfect for those who love to show their personality on the wrist. Black bold with bright orange dial, LARANCIO (SUOO103) seems to be saying ‘I am the focus of the audience!’ Those who like to think from different angles must not miss the SECRET NUMBERS (SUOB133), all numbers are ‘divided into two’ , And the back of the monochrome strap also hides the colorful design, which is full of surprises! ALACARLA (YSG145A / B) is small and exquisite. Rose gold and dark gray can show the feminine beauty anytime, anywhere. In addition, SKY NET (SFE109M) is full of mature style. The exquisite Milan style bracelet and the shiny dial make people look full of charm.
   The Swatch metal watch series perfectly combines metal materials with the power of expression, exuding its own unique brilliance. Modern men are sure to love STRICTLY SIL-VER (YGS131) ​​and FOUR THIRTY (YWS416) at first sight, without the need for complicated tie clips or cufflinks. The stylish and classic design fully demonstrates self-confidence. The dial of DESTINATION HAMBURG (YVS432) is minimalist, with a dark brown leather strap and fresh white decoration. DREAMNIGHT ROSE (YCS588G) adds a touch of light pink to the silver color. It’s perfect for traveling with your girlfriend! CLEAR WATER (YCS589G) injects a touch of coolness into the summer with silver and ice blue. The red, white and blue “Three Musketeers” are coming: RED ATTACK (YYS4018AG), WHITE ATTACK (YYS4019AG) and BLUE ATTACK (YYS4017AG) use the detailed design to let you become the focus of the audience, and once again prove that nothing is really ‘ Black and white ‘…

GRÜEZI ALL! – July 14, 2016
   If Heidi lives in modern times, then besides being kind and compassionate, she will not miss another way to express her thoughts: Grüezi All! Is the best way to show the Swiss style.
   UHRLY (GC116) tells you what is called ‘early birds that eat bugs’: the watch is transformed into a fun ‘worm cocoon’, which is not only powerful, but also with a removable Swiss cabin decoration design that matches the bird song The sound can accurately tell the time of the wearer. What are the benefits of getting up early? In the early morning of winter, you are the first person to stand on the ski slopes. Through the strap of T’SCHUSS (SUOW137), you can see the world of white snow and lush green pines, and the beautiful winter scenery is accompanied. It’s time to embrace Saint Bernard in your arms in winter! The St. Bernard dog has also become a Swiss-made symbol. Swatch is fond of Swiss inventions. SCHWIIZITUDE (GR168) zippers, potato peelers, Davos sleds, fonts, the world’s most famous classic sabers, and the world’s most famous Respect for your watch brand. Flowers are a universal language, but edelweiss adds a unique Swiss touch to EDELBLAU (GN412) and ROETLILR129-please note that watching them may make you sing Yodel involuntarily!

Voice of Freedom-September 8, 2016
   Reveal your unique personality through free collocation, everyone is unique ‘Limited Edition’! The ‘Sound of Freedom’ series lets you experience what is the ‘freedom’ of Swiss life philosophy.
   Clever use of striped design, each watch is unique, like a cute naughty child! Inspired by word games, a number of ‘trilogy’ watches were born — FRITZ (SUOB722) began with the word ‘F’ as an inspiration, and added the ‘Fr’ prefix. Seven days a week, different words every day : Are you friends or Fruits today? The answer is hidden in the date window; 4EVERFEVER (GR404) is like a crystal ball worn on the wrist. She can answer all mysteries with ‘Never’, ‘Ever’ and ‘4Ever’ Unpredictable problems; MULTI COLLAGE (SUOW132) is like a magic color pen, showing different effects of rainbow colors in turn over time. What is the cry of a cat that respects ‘selfishness’? Yes, you can hear the obvious answer from ME-HOW (PNB102), and the baseball cap and sunglasses inject the hip-hop spirit into the cat; ELECTROCHAT (SUOB135) can show the cat-like nature in the blink of an eye. Charming temperament, and WALL PAINT (SUOW133) brought street art into the watch. As long as you want to get it, everything from mushrooms to eyeballs is here to keep you at the forefront of the trend!

Magic Winter – September 8, 2016
   What does winter look like? But it’s not just bonfires and ice cones. Meditate on the curse. The ‘Magic Winter’ series will bring you more fun!
   Now, we introduce the highly respected SIR DOG (SUON120)! It hurriedly moved towards the velvet lounge chair, pushing the audience, the elegant temperament and the majestic interior decoration complement each other, it is definitely a noble no doubt! DUCK-ISSIME (SUON118) replaces ordinary river ponds with Persian rugs, with elegant tartan straps, contrasting with the heroic wild duck feathers.

It’s been a long, long time ago – September 8, 2016
   Paper books are out of date! The ‘story book’ Swatch ‘that can be carried will also tell a fairy tale on your wrist. Don’t worry, the most indispensable place here is the happy ending!
   In spite of the badness, PETIT COCHON (GR169) didn’t care-although this watch is not built like bricks like the house of three pigs, it is beautifully designed with stripes, mosaics and polka dots Decoration, apparently these three little pigs have turned their attention from building houses to interior decoration; Little Red Riding Hood has a beautiful smile in CAPPUCCETTO (GS150), and the wolf dressed as a grandmother is anxious in the distance: if you wear a charming watch Who else will dress up as a grandmother? The strap of JOLIESCOUETTES (LO110) can be wrapped around the wrist two times, like Pippi’s long socks, while the monkey Mr. Nielsen and the white horse form a circle, Pippi’s braids are flying in the air-fairy tale let The world keeps turning. RUSSIAN BEAUTY (SUOB137) tells the story of Vassilisa. Her beautiful face sparkles on the dial, and the strap is rich in embroidery details, showing her extraordinary needlework skills. She has also attracted the attention of the Tsar! UNTRESSE ME (LW151) leads people back to the 17th century to meet the courageous Princess Poca Conti. She will tell you what is the story of peace and love between different cultures. It crosses time and space, and the heart beats tightly. .

Eye-catching shine – October 27, 2016
   It’s another holiday season! The ‘Dazzling Shine’ series uses magic to make every second a feast full of joy and celebration!
   ‘Sparkling vitality’ is an indispensable element of the holiday season’s DNA. Swatch has specially prepared a ‘triple crown for your timepiece’: SNOWSHINE (GE250), NUIT ROSE (GP149) and NUIT DOREE (SUOK122). Great choice-white, pink or gold, choose it! Swatch ultra-thin watch series also joined by two ‘newcomers’, jewelry and timepieces perfectly combined. GOLDEN STREET (SFE106G) metal bracelet is decorated with gorgeous and exquisite geometric diamonds, and the dial is also set with four gems to indicate the direction. Hey, this is not like a ‘night moving animal’ guide?

A story about cloth
   Painters Rembrandt and Rap Cat, Italian architects Giò Ponti and Hamburg, Little Red Riding Hood and Naples Huang, German architects Gropius and Nuit Dorée, Renaissance merchants Barbarigo and Precious Rose, Italian painter Giotto and Hollow movement, what is the relationship between these things and people? The answer is simple: they have the pursuit of quality, loyalty to aesthetic design, persistent research and innovation, and the desire to surprise the public with a history.
   The Swatch 2016 autumn and winter series uniquely combines the high quality made in Switzerland with the international design, and uses an unexpected new sophisticated combination for this purpose: Rubelli fabric-it is the absolute protagonist in ‘Made in Italy’. Absolute guarantee of superior quality.
   A series of interesting, unique, perfect and amazing creative and aesthetic collisions, let us rethink the meaning of ‘hero sees the same’: wonderful ideas can capture the inspiration of thoughts and transform them into what people desire Physical item.

Updated: 12. May 2020 — 4:20
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