Where The Heart Goes Finally, Fiyta Releases Master Series Dunhuang Theme Enamel Watch

The starry sky and artistic aesthetic world can shake our hearts for a long time. ‘Dun, Da Ye; Huang, Sheng Ye.’ Dunhuang, which has a history of more than two thousand years, is a brilliant pearl on the ‘Silk Road’. Eastern and Western civilizations are intertwined and collided here. Numerous devout messengers and artists have come a long way Let Dunhuang reach an unprecedented peak. The miracle of Chinese culture remains behind the door of a cave, revealing the heart of the Oriental people calmly.

  Adhering to the pursuit of professional watchmaking and cultural aesthetics, Fiyta launched the Master Series Dunhuang-themed enamel watch, which combines the handcrafted silk enamel craftsmanship and fine watchmaking essence, and reproduces the extreme piety and imagination of the world for thousands of years. Between square inches, the eternal brilliance of Dunhuang is reproduced.

  Flying watch: the wind is the atmosphere, and the flair has the charm

  Throughout the ages, people have never ceased to yearn for the sky. As a watch brand with many cooperations in the aerospace field, Fiyta has a long history of relationship with the sky. This time, it traces the ancient Feitian culture once again, and it will travel around the world. The magnificent imagination and romantic feelings of the sky are integrated into the art of timepieces.

  Feitian is a heavenly man who supports the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas with songs, dances, and fragrant flowers. It originated from the gods and gods of ancient Indian mythology. They used the flying ribbons to fly in the air, as the most representative image in Dunhuang murals. Flying across ten dynasties, it has become a symbol of auspiciousness.

  Collections in pairs: one left and one right, contrasting each other

  The flying mural ‘Bodhi Tree Double Flying Sky’ in Cave 321 of Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang is famous all over the world. Fiyta presents it on the flying pair of tables, one left and one right, reflecting each other, expressing the beauty of ‘always at your side’ Vision.

  This watch, between square inches, uses a skillful filigree enamel technique to outline the flying shape: or playing the flute with both hands, or holding the lotus lightly with one hand, the figure is light, and the streamer stretches with the wind and slowly falls. The fine details of the craftsmanship, as well as the soft eyebrows of the sky, the gorgeous crown and armbands, are all clearly visible. As the poet of the Tang Dynasty Li Bai chanted: ‘Vegetarian hands hold hibiscus, step into space in imaginary steps. The neon dresses sway wide bands and float to heaven.’

  Unique disk design: ‘eccentric’ and ‘independent needle’

  Around this theme, Fiyta artistically presents two different dials on the Feitian watch:

  It is inevitable to be partial to the things you like. Fiyta ingeniously adjusted the position of the movement to present an asymmetrical ‘eccentric’ disk surface, which is not only unique, but also provides more room for enamel craftsmanship.

  The ‘independent hand’ dial surface creatively transforms the structure of the dial and hands. The entire dial, the minute hand stands out, and the half-moon window at 6 o’clock reveals the Chinese character dial. As time passes, it is displayed for 24 hours; interestingly, Feitian Holding the lotus and bodhi leaf instrument pointed at the position, the number displayed is the current hour. In this way, the hour and minute hands are independent and interdependent, and the reading method is very interesting.

  Hu Xuanwu Watch: When the dance is shocking, the square inch is the world

  ‘Dances turn sharply like the wind, which is commonly known as Huxuan.’ Huxuanwu is one of the most popular dances in the Tang Dynasty. It is preserved in the pens of many literati and writers. Tang poet Bai Juyi once described it as follows: , Returning to the snow and drifting into the flamboyant dance. ‘Today, the world can still think of the magnificent prosperity of the world from the agile dancing posture, and the open and free mind of the big age.

  Hu Xuan Wu watch, selected from the classic scene of Cave 320 at Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang, a Hu Xuan girl with a high head and a collar, a carmine wide skirt, and her left foot standing on a very regional feature On the carpet, holding a long blue and blue scarf around the arm, the skirt is curved due to continuous and rapid rotation, non-stop rotations, unrestrained, unrestrained, and flying belts, condensing the dancer’s momentary posture of rapid rotation.

  Nine-Colored Deer Watch: Deer King Bunsen, Sincerity

  Nine-colored deer king is one of the benevolent beasts and beasts of the Buddha who was reincarnated to do good deeds in the past life of the Buddha. It is the embodiment of beauty, kindness and integrity. It is mysterious and noble, shining with dazzling light and awe-inspiring vigor. The mural ‘Deer Bundesus’ at Dunhuang Cave 257 is a work of art with a strong Buddhist color. It shows the miracle of the Buddha’s reincarnation into the deer king and rescues a drowning man. It reincarnates Buddhist love, good deeds, and karma. And so on. Doctrine runs through it.

  Nine-colored deer watch, carefully selected mineral glaze, showing a fuller and more pure Chinese painting color. On the dial, the three deer live in harmony with the rivers and mountains, and have a beautiful mood. One has a fur color like snow, with white antlers on his head, and a smart ribbon; pure and serene; one with white as the main color, and the green color and flint on the deer to show its nine colors; and the other with flint color The deer’s round body has smooth lines, four hoofs, and strong dynamics.

  Handmade silk enamel: the rareness of the world, the beauty of being handed down

  Enamel is the art of time. Since ancient times, it has been a royal art used by the imperial family. It is one of the ancient craftsmanship of traditional luxury goods. It pays special attention to the many delicate combinations of painting and hand-fired. In the Dunhuang-themed enamel watch, each enamel surface requires 53 processes such as blank making, reeling, point coloring, firing, and polishing. It took 2 months to achieve success.

  First, the master craftsman hand-drawn the pattern, using the 24K gold wire with a diameter of only 0.04 millimeters, to elaborate the complex outlines of Dunhuang murals such as Feitian, Hu Xuanwu, and nine-colored deer among the square inches of the sterling silver floor. The 42-mm dial is filled with dozens of different enamel glazes. Finally, it is glazed layer by layer, dozens of times of calcination and cooling, in the high temperature of 800-900 degrees Celsius, iterates repeatedly, so that the color continues to be intense until it shines dazzlingly.

  The essence of the entire process lies in the subtle control of time and temperature, and even minor deviations and flaws will lead to the abandonment of previous achievements. A perfect enamel dial, nine points is the craftsmanship and experience of the enamel master, and one point is luck, which is rare and hard to find. Fiyta’s Dunhuang-themed enamel watch is limited to 10 pieces each.

  Equipped with modified Swiss mechanical movement: unique ‘Lotus’ pendulum

  The Dunhuang-themed enamel watch, equipped with a modified Swiss mechanical movement, is thin and has an excellent winding feel, with a 42-hour travel time. The movement’s pendulum is more carefully decorated with a lotus pattern composed of bodhi leaf, which symbolizes the lotus bodhi. ‘Immaculate’ represents the supreme honor and has the meaning of ‘all perfection and compassion.’ The transparent bottom cover gives a wonderful overview of the rhythm of the lotus machine.

  More details, keep improving

  The precious case is made of 18K yellow gold and 18K rose gold. Under the reflection of the precious metal luster, the bezel is decorated with delicately carved coin patterns, which are carefully polished to present a unique beauty of light and shadow.

  With a luxurious and rare crocodile leather strap, it adds a sense of dignity. Over time, the crocodile belt will become more shiny and flexible.
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Updated: 1. September 2020 — 10:04
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